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    Customer experience management is a prime need for running any business. Positive experience gained by the customer poses effect on staffs well being and motivate them to yield better service. This essay would focus on negative and positive experience gained by the same customer after buying two different products from a famous retail house in Australia David Jones. The two products is sports shoe of famous brand country road and winter jacket. This essay is going to explore the positive and negative experience gained by customers, represent the proto persona diagram with descriptions of pain, and touch points. Finally, this essay would make clear compare and contrast of the experience and would relate it to personal perception of the customers.
    Proto persona diagram (poor experience):
    Pain points:
    After buying two products such as winter jacket and sports shoe from famous Australian retail hub, David Jones, Emma has faced different experience. Winter Jacket that was delivered to Emma was quite different from as it was shown on the online site .the color was different and the quality of cloth was not good at all. Emma would decide to return it and exchange with a good one. However, she faced severe difficulties to exchange the jacket such as miscommunication by staffs, a harsh behavior of customer relationship executive.
    Pain points experienced by Emma:
    Experience poor communication by staffs
    Staffs of David Jones in customer relationship department was highly unsupportive
    Face high level of mismanagement from  staffs
    Poor network management between customer and customer relationships staffs
    Unsatisfactory delivery and poor post-delivery service

    CEM concepts:
    Providing proper post delivery service:
    As stated by Homburg, Jozić & Kuehnl (2017), customer satisfaction is the prime aspect of any organization, to retain long-term customer satisfaction and to expand their business. Emma faced a high level of supportive approach from customer care executive staffs of David Jones when she wanted to exchange her new jacket with a good one. According to Holland & Ramanathan (2016), customer-oriented service would be more relevant, flexible and supportive which would ensure high-quality delivery and post-delivery service. As an HR manager, in her organization, Emma always poses on the customer needs and preference and she expects the same from here sales. However, the pain points experienced by Emma during exchanging her jacket makes a poor image of David Jones and she gets really disappointed and uninterested reading the product and service quality of this famous retail company.
    Supportive communication with a customer:
    For maintaining proper customer-oriented service, it is important to communicate with them in a well-organized manner (Marchesani, Piccoli & Lui, 2017). Harsh and rude behavior and communication not only discourage customer for making a further deal with the company but also make negative perception on product quality and service of the company. In this context, Emma has face poorer communication with staffs of David and Jones, which make her disappointed and frustrated regarding product delivery and service of David Jones. Customer care executive of David Jones is adamant and arrogant and do not listen to Emma's point of view regarding her experience.
    Customer satisfaction:
    As per Grønholdt et al. (2015), prime needs of any organization are to rectify and fulfill the requirement of customers and to focus on the customer satisfaction. Whereas Emma faced highly dissatisfactory service of David Jones Which changes her perception regarding the quality of product and service of this company. Another jacket that Emma got after exchanging the previous one was also not good and it forced her to eliminate the names of David Jones from a shopping list, as it cannot stand on her expectation. Furthermore, the quality of the cloth of jacket is very poor and the staffs ignored that. This unsupportive behavior of staffs makes Emma forced to select an alternative option other than David one for winter clothes.
    Touch and pain points:
    Another product bought by Emma from David and Jones is sports shoe. However, the size of the shoe was different from what was ordered by Emma. However, the post-delivery service experience by Emma was relatively supportive and effective. The customer care executive receives the complaints of Emma regarding the size of products and delivers the right one within 2 weeks. The touch and pain points experienced by Emma are as follows:
    Supportive approach of customer care executive
    Sooner delivery of exchanged product
    Customer care manager make  proper communication with Emma to resolve the problem
    Online buying system needs proper feedback process through customer
    Team coordination was good among staffs and they made proper assistance.
    CEM concept:
    Here Emma experience positive approach and supportive nature of customer care staffs of David Jones. As stated by Marchesani, Piccoli & Lui (2015), it is important for the organization to keep proper track of customer behavior. This would make marketers realize that if their organization is able to fulfill customer requirement. Emma experienced well-organized communication with customer relationship manager and delivery staffs, which discard the chances of a type of misunderstanding.
    Compare and contrast:
    In case of first product, Emma faced a high level of unsatisfactory service due to poor communication, coordination among staffs of David Jones. In this aspect, Emma experiences a high level of unsupportive and harsh behavior of delivery boy and customer relationship manager. On the contrary, another product would pose positive experience with high; level of customer care and support by staffs. Emma can get proper support from the delivery boy and can justify her complaints regarding the size of shoe. In this time customer care manager listen to her opinions and make sooner delivery of a second product.
    This essay confused the fact that customer support and customer care are the important factors for running any business. If a customer has good experience regarding any product or service it would encourage the staffs to perform better service. Unsatisfactory service and harsh behavior not only damage customer perception regarding the service of that company but also makes the buyers to choose alternative, which can shrink consumer market of the company.
    Executive Summary
    The study will focus on the management of the customers. It will provide the report of the review of the customers. In order to analyse the report, the venture, David Jones has been chosen. It is the retail industry. The name of founder of David Jones is David Jones. I would provide the strategy of holding the number 1 position in the market. It will also emphasise on the managing system of the customers as they feel satisfied using the service of the venture. The positive impact of the customers helps the venture to hold their reputation in the contemporary market.
    Positive experience of the customers helps to bring success for venture in the competitive market. Therefore, the management of customer experience is the important matter for holding the reputation in the contemporary market. In order to analyse the report, the venture, David Jones has been chosen. It is the retail industry. The name of founder of David Jones is David Jones. They offer the products like cosmetics, cloths, home wares and many others. Their revenue is around AUD 170 million as per the report of 2016 (shop.davidjones.com.au, 2017). The competitors of the David Jones are Myer and Woolworths. Hence, the motto of David 
    Table 5: Proto persona diagram (poor experience)

    Customer interview:
    Three sections of customers of David Jones such as satisfied, dissatisfied and neutral, are interviewed with five open-ended questions on their experience regarding shopping from David Jones.
    Q1. Do you have good experience with David Jones?
    According to the satisfied customers, they chose David Jones due to its reliable service and sooner delivery service. As stated by (0, delivery service and post delivery services are two vital points which make the customer decide whether why would stick to the existing company or would choose another alternative. As per satisfactory customers, behavior and approach of customer relationship managers of David Jones are highly appreciative and well organized. Their clothes such as women garments, men's garments, and sports shoes are highly comfortable and user-friendly. On the contrary, unsatisfied customer faced severe unsupportive and harsh behavior of customer relationship executives and managers. They face poor communication service with managers and delayed delivery. Neutral customers do not make any answer regarding the service.
    Q 2. DO you think that service of David Jones is one of the high-quality services?
    As per satisfied customers, service of David Jones is definitely a high-quality service which deals with customer satisfaction and customer needs. They stated that managers and staffs are highly supportive of this company and their post delivery service is equally strong which the main reason for choosing this company is. The process of communicating with customer relationship manager is highly user-friendly which can make customer's ability to solve their any type of queries. Furthermore, they also stated that there is a high level of coordination among all the staffs of David Jones, which makes the customer, forms the trustworthy relationship with them. On the contrary, unsatisfied customer makes a negative statement regarding the aspects. According to them, after delivery of any product customer relationship executive’s s do not pick up the phones of customers and they do not even talk to them politely. In many cases, they stated that the product sent by the company is different from was represented in an online shopping site. Neutral customers cannot make any type of valuable comments.
    Q3. Are there any needs of communication management among staffs of David Jones to maintain proper customer care service?
    Satisfied customer stated that David Jones is one of the reputed and high-value retail organizations in Australia, which is known for its customer support product quality and service quality. According to the service quality, improvement is important for all organization for better service delivery and combat rival challenges. As per unsatisfied customers, David Jones definitely need better communication management system, which would make staffs to manage a large number of customers and to make better post-delivery service.  Furthermore, they stated that customer relationship manager should know how to communicate with customers with showing polite and supportive approach.
    Q 4. What is your experience regarding behavior and service of David Jones staffs:
    A satisfied customer is happy with the service made by customer care staffs of David Jones. According to the staff are supportive and provide proper respect and assistance to customers. Furthermore, these customers stated that staff of David Jones is helpful to solve any type of queries of customers at any time. Whereas according to unsatisfactory customers staffs are unsupportive, they event not know how to behave with a customer. They should respect and valued customers decisions and ideas. According to these customers, staffs to communicate with a customer after a product are delivered even if the customers face some problems regarding the product.
    Q5. Do you face any negative experiences regarding service of David Jones?
    As stated by satisfactory customers, they do not face any negative experience. Staffs are always friendly and supportive to them and assist them in each step of shopping. On the contrary, dissatisfied customers face experience of negative approach, unsupportive attitudes and harsh behavior of staffs of David Jones. Neutral customers cannot make any type of valuable comments.
    From the above answers, it can be stated that, positive experiences is very important to enhance customer willingness and preference to buy the product of particular organization. David Jones should enhance the efficiency of their customer service therefore would improve customer care communication service. Delayed product delivery and low quality service and harsh attitudes of staffs not only discourage customers to buy product from that particular company but also make them force to tom chose another company for fulfilling their requirement. Therefore, customer service must be prime factor for all company. 

    Existing customer data:
    In case of existing customer’s data, it has been seen that there are three types of customers such as satisfactory, unsatisfactory and neutral. Satisfactory customers are highly impressed with the service and product of David Jones. The customers are highly impressed with the designer clothes, shoes, and handbags.  They look for highly designed and fashionable product, which they can get from David Jones.
    On the other hand, unsatisfied customers are highly unconventional and seek trendy clothes. They are not satisfied with highly fashionable clothes of David Jones.
    In case of neutral customers, they prefer both trendy and fashionable products.
    Customer Journey:
    Satisfied customers first chose the product through window-shopping and then choose any product according to their preference. If there is any, type of queries the maker through communication with customer care executive. After delivery of product, they use it and share their experience with marketers through customer feedback process. If there is any type of dissatisfaction regarding the delivery, customers would return it and get exchanged one.
     In case of an unsatisfied customer, they chose the product through online shopping and then place an order. After getting delivery, they find out that the product is not same as shown in the online site. The product is returned and they face some kind of unsupportive and harsh attitudes customer care staffs. Finally, they get their product and gain some kind of negative perception regarding product and service of David Jones 

    Competitor analysis
    In order to hold position in the market, different ventures have followed different strategies. As mentioned by Morgan (2013), the strategy of product differentiation assists to hold their uniqueness in the contemporary venture. In case of David Jones, for holding their position in the market, they follow the strategy of preparing unique design of cloths. In time of preparing the cloths, the authority of David Jones can research on the market for providing satisfaction to their customers. 
    On the contrary, Homburg, Jozić & Kuehnl (2017) stated that, price-skimming strategy helps to compete with the other ventures in the contemporary market.  In case of Woolworths, they try to provide products to the customers in the reasonable price. For example, it is seen that, the customers prefer to purchase the high quality products in the low price. Hence, the Woolworth tries to provide the products to their customers in reasonable price.  
    In order to compete with Woolworth and Myer, David Jones recruits experienced business analyst for getting effective outcome. As the motto of David Jones is to be the number 1 in the market, they try to improve their product quality as the customers feel satisfied using their products. They have introduced new products for attracting the customers.
    On the other hand, Homburg, Jozic & Kühnl (2013) commented that, the market development is the effective way for developing the sale of the enterprise. Myer has followed the above-mentioned strategy in the effective way. 
    However, as the aim of David Jones is to hold the top position in the market, they provide advertisement in the media for attracting many customers at a time. They set reasonable price for earning customer satisfaction in the contemporary competitive market. The role of customer management executive helps to bring success in this genre. 
    Summarisation of result of research:
    The customer experience management helps to run the business in the effective way. The review of the customers assists the authority of venture to develop their products. In order to hold the number 1 position in the market, David Jones brings improvement in their product’s quality. They set reasonable price for providing satisfaction to their customers. The positive impact of the customers helps the venture to hold their reputation in the contemporary market. Therefore, the customer care executive needs to behave in the polite to their customers as the customers feel satisfied using their products.