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    Cost Accounting Assignment Help

    Cost Accounting Assignment Help


    Write clearly your name on the cover page.

     1.      This assignment holds 100% of your total mark.

    2.      Deadline Assignment 26/10/2020.

    3.        Bring hard copy to the admission office.

    4.      Pages:50 pages).

    5.  Your word count should not include your reference list or appendices. You should

    provide      your word count also at the end of your report


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    Times New Roman.

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    Page Layout/Orientation: Portrait

      Printing: Single side A4 paper size

    Assignment for Management &Cost Accounting

     1)     Discuss cost accounting. differ from financial accounting? Explain its importance and limitations.

     2)     A good system of costing must place the same emphasis on cost control as on cost ascertainment. Comment on this statement.

     3)     Cost accounting is a system of foresight like pre-natal care, but financial accounting is just a post-mortem examination. Critically examine this statement.

    4)     Cost accounting has become an essential tool of management. Comment and state the steps to be taken while installing system in a manufacturing concern.

     5)      Understand progress payments and how to reduce problems in changing the contractors’ scope of work.


    ·         Introduction: (maximum 2 pages) – 15 Marks

     An introduction gives your reader a way in to your essay. It is like consulting the map before starting on a journey; it situates the journey in the surrounding landscape, and it identifies the main route.


    You can think of an introduction as covering what / why / how:

    ·         What the question is about explain your interpretation of the question and what it is asking you to do.

    ·         Why the question is important put the question into context and identify the main issues that are raised by the question.

     ·         How you are going to answer it let the reader know what you are going to cover in your essay in order to answer the question


    Body of the essay (minimum 40 Pages) - 60 Marks

     In the main body of your essay, you will be developing the ideas and arguments you have outlined in your introduction. You need to integrate your own ideas with evidence from your reading and other research, and critical analysis.

    It's better to discuss fewer things in more depth. Organize your writing in three or four groups of related arguments to keep your overall argument coherent and under control.

    Write in paragraphs and think of each one as a mini-essay with its own introductory sentence (what this paragraph is about) and concluding sentence (what was said in this paragraph).


    Make it clear how your arguments and evidence relate to the essay title and be ruthless in discarding anything that isn't relevant. Irrelevant information can actively lose you marks!

     Conclusion (Maximum 2 pages) – 15 Marks

      Reading a conclusion should be like looking at a photograph after coming back from the journey; it should capture the essence of the journey and allow people to reflect on where they have been.

      You will need to summaries the main points of your argument, relate these points back to the question, and show the answer you have reached. Think about what your reader knows now that they didn't know at the beginning.

     It is good practice not to introduce any new information in a conclusion, as the main task here is to close the framework of your discussion by referring back to the questions opened up in your introduction. However it is sometimes appropriate to look forwards and speculate about future developments or trends. In many disciplines the speculative paragraph comes just before the conclusion.

      Your conclusion should leave the reader with a clear picture of your main argument, and also leave them feeling positive about your ideas.


    (e) Citations and References (10) Marks

      Harvard-style reference system with in-text and end text referencing list.

     Have a minimum of 8 references 

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