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    Cosmetic Management Assignment Help

    Cosmetic Management Assignment Help


     A project management plan is an official document that defines the process of completing a specific project that includes, activities, duration, milestones, baselines, and techniques for attaining set targets in a defined time. Its main objective is to design a strategy that can direct every employee of a company towards a corrective path so that they can accomplish their assigned responsibilities for goal attainment (Wysocki, 2011). Therefore, the main objective of this report is to design a project of a company by considering the necessary elements of a project management plan for controlling the probabilities of minutes’ errors. Along with this, the report will outline the project life cycle and distinct phases that need to be considered for attaining a set target in a given duration. Furthermore, the assignment will throw some lights on the project work breakdown structure and schedule a plan for assisting employees with their work.

    1- Selection of Project 

    Edible Beauty Australia is a cosmetic organization who believes in offering pure beauty items with full of natural components and botanical materials for creating a vibrant skin of youth. Main objective of this association is to bring awareness amongst society about the significance of organic ingredients and its effectiveness for skin enhancement (Edible Beauty Australia, 2020).

    Figure 1- Edible Beauty Australia

     Edible Beauty is passionate about internal skin transformation instead of only external attractiveness. One of the major projects of an organization is to bring “NATURAL BEAUTY TEA” amongst the youth group which is full of natural ingredients for reducing their stress from the hectic schedule. Therefore, the slogan for this project is “Cheers to sipping away stress, drinking in youthful radiance and saying good-bye to skin scums”. As per this slogan, Edible Beauty wants to say that sipping of natural tea helps in reducing the stress level through which a person can give farewell to skin impurities.

    2- Background of the case project       

     Edible Beauty Australia is involved in producing natural or organic products for beauty purposes with the use of botanical materials so that youth can enhance their skin in this polluted environment. Beauty teas of a company will not provide only sensory delightful for just enjoyment whereas every cup of tea is containing a medicinal herb with therapeutic influence for helping in a beauty enhancement as well as well-being. However, this product is a multi-tasker and used for solving distinct issues related to skin such as; accomplish wellness objectives, acting as natural collagen support, detoxification, for complexion glow, enhancement of sleep or anti-aging actions. Along with this, the company also making it delicious so that youngsters will not face any difficulty while drinking and drink without any problem regarding taste. It’s the best method of incorporating beauty supplements into the life of youngsters for improving the internal glow (Marchbanks and Owens, 2011). Some of the major materials which are used in the manufacturing of Natural tea is-

    Figure 2- Edible Beauty Brands Nourishing Your Body From the Inside Out


    According to this project, the manufacturer is using only therapeutic grade herbs and tisanes which is used by an organization are 100% pure tea with almost 95% organic with full of herbs materials that help in controlling intrinsic impurities and support in the cleaning of the human body. 


    Edible Beauty company does not design those goods which are good in taste and sound whereas the firm is having a passionate steward towards traditional herbal knowledge and using creative tea organic materials that are full of evidence-based. It supports every age of people in enhancing their health and able to glow till centuries (SARA PULL, 2018)

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    Consequently, the main objective of this project is to offer organic or natural tea to the entire community for reducing the possibilities of health issues by enhancing the body internally through a healthy team. However, tea is the most important product for an overall world which is used by every individual compulsory in the morning and evening whereas some are addicted to it. Therefore, natural tea is a great project for Edible Beauty Australia company as it helps in increasing their profit level and establishing positive goodwill of a firm in the international marketplace. Along with this, a firm can also improve their position in the cosmetic industry by increasing the sale of “NATURAL TEA” across the globe (Heagney, 2016). Although, a company can easily maximize their profit level with their creativity of organic product still manager of this have set a target for employees that is; increasing the sales of “NATURAL TEA” by 20% in next 3 months through the modern technology of promotion such as; social media and mobile advertisement.


    3. Project charter of case project

    In project management, the project chart consists of objectives, vision, and participants for providing a preliminary delineation of roles and responsibilities which outlines the key targets by identifying the major stakeholders as well as explain the authority of the project manager. This help Edible Beauty Australia in clarifying the roles and obligation of an enterprise in a short form for making things understand to other staff members. Thus, the project charter of “NATURAL TEA” project is described as follows-

    Reason for undertaking the project-

    “Promoting Natural products across the national and international marketplace for improving the skin problems of youngsters”

    Defining the vision and mission-

    “Main vision is to encourage consumers to use natural herbal beauty products for glowing skin by overcoming internal issues too”

    “Mission of this project is to maximize the business sales by almost 20% in next three months”

    Objectives and constraints-

    The main target of an enterprise is to convert the usage of consumers from artificial beauty products to natural ones by grabbing the attention of domestic as well as foreign consumers. But still, the company is facing some constraints in accomplishing their business activities such as; modernization of world enforces whole society to cut the herbal plants and organic trees which create a problem for the company in acquiring natural materials for manufacturing their “NATURAL TEA” (Leach, 2014) (Rosenau and Githens, 2011).

    Main stakeholders-

    Edible Beauty Australia is designing their products according to employees, investors and most important youngsters group from large number of consumers. They are designing the item by acquiring opinion from young groups and professionals whose are fall under the age of 22 to 45.


    Edible Beauty Australia is a medium size enterprise but still tries to come up with creative items in favour of society. Therefore, almost 10,000 AUS Dollar is a estimated fund for completing the entire project

    Enterprise standards, regulation and provisions-

    Legal bodies have enacted various business provisions for companies whose are manufacturing natural beauty items such as; testing is required before introducing the product, goods need to be approved by advisory bodies, ethical consideration, follow forest rules while acquiring herbs or natural materials of plants from forest regions, don’t harm any insects or animals and so on.


    4. Literature review describing and discussing different classification of project life cycles and associated phases            

    According to the project management plan, an effective and outstanding project follows the phases of project life cycles for reducing the probabilities of minute errors. However, the project of “NATURAL TEA” is a very responsible assignment of an organization because the goodwill of a firm is entirely depending upon their creativity. Thus, managers of an organization need to follow the necessary steps and direct employees towards the right path. Mainly, the project life cycle is a kind of sequence phase in which thinks are followed from initiation to its closure but in a proper systematic manner (Roberts, 2011)

    Initiation phase- In this stage, the manager of the project is designing the project charter by documenting the initial requirements such as; vision, mission, measurable targets, description of NATURAL TEA project, name of a sponsor, involved stakeholders, risk and various aspects related to the project formation. 

    Planning phase- Manager of an organization who is handling the project of NATURAL TEA is now involved in a detailed strategy by explaining the important things such as; how the project is going to performed and how it will be successful. It consists of two major parts such as; strategic planning and implementation. Strategic planning covers the entire frameworks which are used by the company for developing the project whereas implementation covers the tool which is used for executing those decisions (Papke-Shields, Beise and Quan, 2010)

     Execution phase- Now in this stage, a manager is going to implement the plan strategies, decisions by considering necessary elements such as; employees are involving in doing experiments on herbs and testing its effectiveness on animals for final approval. However, the main responsibility of the manager is to assist the project and protect it from various errors that might take place during the execution process. Moreover, this procedure is also known as monitoring and controlling in which loopholes are identified by supervisors for modifying the things accordingly. Furthermore, after getting satisfied with users, sponsors, and stakeholders, the manager is now moving towards the next step (De Bakker, Boonstra and Wortmann, 2010)

    Termination phase- It’s the last stage where official disclosure of the project has been announced for any reason. But a team of NATURAL TEA doesn’t want to end the project as they want to continue it for long-lasting by grabbing the trust or loyalty of end-users. 

               Therefore, the above three phases are followed by EDIBLE BEAUTY AUSTRALIA of the project life cycle because the company wants to manufacture natural tea for a longer period so that they can provide a healthy drinking material for skin enhancement (Fleming and Koppelman, 2016).

    5  Work break down structre of case project




     6- Schedule Plan including durations, sequencing , milestones, deliverables and network diagrom         

     Project of EDIBLE BEAUTY AUSTRALIA is a very long lasting because product is entirely based on natural items and tea with organic materials is preferred by almost millions of customers for healthy body. Therefore, number of activities are available that increases the responsibility of staff members with maximum time period (Kerzner, 2017).

     Network diagram

    3- Network diagram Chart

                Cosmetic assignment help

    The whole project will take approximately around 11months to develop and the above chart displays the timeline for each part of the work needed to complete the entire project. Each activity has it’s own time duration for the work to get completed. 

     Thus, significant job role and activities of various department of business are discussed as follows-

    S. NO.






    Selection of project





    Strategy designing





    Production plan





    Budget estimation





    Advertisement for employee





    Selecting eligible candidate amongst larger pool










    Interview process





    Finalising the list










    Sharing of project objectives





    Briefing of project





    Identification of resources





    Convincing stakeholders





    Acquiring funds from sources





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