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    Executive summary

    Financial statement analysis is incredibly necessary for understanding the monetary performance of a corporation. Here, primarily 3 monetary statements are analyzed for 2 firms Longtable cluster restricted and Elders restricted. Analyzing the monetary performance of the 2 firms on the idea of the statement of economic position, statement of alternative comprehensive financial gain and income statement, it's been known that the businesses have used a lot of equity capital within the capital structure and Longtable cluster restricted has sturdy income position. However, the businesses have to be compelled to show the statement of alternative comprehensive financial gain on an individual basis.


    Financial statements of a corporation facilitate to grasp the monetary performance of that company during a explicit year. Analyzing data on the market within the monetary statements the stakeholders will perceive however the corporate is performing arts within the marketplace. during this study, the monetary statements of 2 Australian Security Exchange listed firms are analyzed. These 2 firms area unit - Longtable cluster restricted and Elders restricted. The monetary statements like, record statement, income statements and also the alternative comprehensive profit-and-loss statement are going to be analyzed for 3 monetary years.

    wners’ Equity

    i. List every item of equity and write understanding of every item. Discuss any changes in every item of equity for your companies over the past year

    Longtable cluster restricted

    The higher than table is showing the equity things of Longtable cluster restricted for the years2015, 2016 and 2017. If the amounts within the higher than table for every equity item area unit thought-about, it are often known that the quantity of issued equity capital has hyperbolic from 2015 to 2017. within the year 2015 the quantity of issued equity capital was $16099980000, that hyperbolic to $19250887000 in 2016 and once more it hyperbolic in 2017 and reached to $37157513000. this can be indicating that the corporate has hyperbolic the quantity of equity capital within the last 3 years. Similarly, the quantity of reserves has conjointly hyperbolic throughout these 3 years. during this context, it's necessary to notice that tho' the quantity of liquid capital of the business has hyperbolic, the accumulated losses of the corporate have conjointly hyperbolic. However, if the equity position of the corporate is taken into account, it'll be clear that the performance normal of the corporate has improved from owners’ equity purpose of read. this can be conjointly indicating that within the capital structure of the corporate the quantity of equity capital has hyperbolic and also the risk level has controlled (Longtablegroup.com, 2018)