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    Contemporary Marketing Assignment Help

    Contemporary Marketing Assignment Help

    Contemporary Marketing

    The study has focused on the Gorkha beer of Nepal which has contributed AUD 115 million of revenue. Different marketing strategies have been adopted by the organization to focus on the current market share and improve the business for the long run. Nepal is one of the beautiful tourist spots is located in South Asia with 26.4 million estimated population. The increased demand for beer has been analyzed in the study.
    Executive summary
    Background of the company 
    Gorkha beer is one of the famous brands of beer in Nepal. The organization focuses on premium quality beer which is brewed by Gorkha Brewery Ltd. The organization launched its first product in May 2006. In 1989, The organization was established with the joint collaboration between Nepal business house and Danish multinational company Carlsberg (Maskey, 2018). Since then the organization has continued to develop the business and expand it with single foreign investment headquartered in Nepal. The alcohol content in the bear has been labeled to 0.5% and the collaboration with Carlsberg has improved the business among the Nepalese Ketan group. Gorkha Brewery changed the Nepali beer industry forever and has become the market leader holding more than 80% and share of the beer market in Nepal (Ale, 2019). 
    Situational analysis
    The situation analysis is derived from the pestle analysis of Gorkha beer of Nepal. It is a type of tool tomorrow as well as analyze the Macro environmental factors. it is used by the marketers. This tool was invented by the famous professor named Francis Aguilar in 1967. The Gorkha beer has adopted the tool known as PESTEL analysis for impacting the Macro environmental factors. Gorkha beer is a political democratic region.
    Figure 1: PESTEL analysis.
    The organization has few issues in the political where is due to Federal Republic Federation of the government. The political instability of the organization has created a problem for the foreign trade in India which has increased the amount of tax and decreased the revenue of the organization. The recent rise in populism across Nepal has increased the greater instability in the market.
    Economical: The exchange rate has violated the impact of Gorkha beer in the investment plan with short term growth. This has created a problem in the long run for expanding the business specializing in the developing country India. The organization has quickly focused on the core infrastructure for improving the business which has removed the barrier for conducting the business with India (Rincon, et al. 2017)
    Access to essential social services have created a huge benefit for different organizations. The organization has already adopted a few technological changes in the organization but has lacked in adopting social media for improving the business efficiency and promotional activities. Besides this, the organisation has adopted different Concept for supporting the gender roles in the society of Nepal by employing more women in the operational work and male in the sales and supply chain work.
    The organisation is now improving and is focusing on the innovation implemented by the different competitors in the market. The adoption of enhancing the experience for the consumer through Technology has helped to increase the production of the organisation. The development of mobile technology has transformed customer expectation in the consumer sector. The organisation is now planning to focus on mobile applications through which the consumers can order the different products of the organisation with a good discount (Lagoudakis, et al. 2019). The technological changes have helped the organisation to improve in the supply chain by bringing more flexibility to meet the needs of the customer and improved in the cost structure. 
    The organization has recently focused on the waste management system which has increased the brand. It is also focused on different campaigns and donation to the NGOs by meeting the needs and structure of legal standards. This has improved the responsibility among the stakeholders of the community and the organisation. Along with this, the environmental and the weather of Nepal have improved the business which has improved in the cost of operation. Regular scrutiny by the different environmental agencies of Nepal has provided subsidies to the investment in the renewable sector (Li, & Alexander, 2017)
    Legal: The business law procedure of Nepal collaborates with the world trading organisation. On the other hand, the organisation has also met environmental laws and Guides. This has increased the employment law of the country which could expand it in the international market.
    Along with this, the organization has also focused:
    SWOT analysis
    It is a strategic planning tool which was adopted in Gorkha brewer for understanding improvements in the business. The swot analysis has been designed by the organisation to facilitate the growth of the organisation and focus on strength and weakness. Along with this, it has also identified opportunities and threats by focusing on the real-life context.
    Figure 2: SWOT analysis
    Target market and Positioning
    STP analysis is important to identify the brand and product of the organisation in the market. The organisation has already expanded its business in the developing market of India however it is focusing on expanding the business more in the international market.
    The target of the organisation is to expand the business in the urban cities of Nepal as well as in India. The organisation has already increased the production in Kathmandu and in the southern and northern part of India. To overcome the challenges the organisation has targeted young consumers through different discount strategies in the wine shops.
    The organisation has opted for premium beer in Nepal. It's is focusing on the shift of in urban consumers which spend on quality and taste. Also, it is producing a portfolio with new year's segments at several price points (Maskey, 2018)
    Marketing mix analysis
    The marketing mix model has helped the organisation to improve sales and has estimated the impact of various marketing Tractors. This model has helped the organisation to optimise advertisement makes and promotional Tech tips to increase the revenue and profit. The theory was developed with the 4ps initially and then has expanded to 7ps which was developed in the 1990s. The organisation has adopted a marketing mix to improve the production services in Nepal and have expanded the business in the neighbor countries. This will help to improve the financial position of the organisation as well as will contribute the growth in the GDP of the state.
    Figure 3: Marketing mix of the organisation.
    The Organisation was registered in the eye of government in the year 1986, It started brewing and marketing Sam Miguel beer in order with the license agreement with San Miguel Brewing International Limited, Philippines since 2004. The organisation has grown to become one of the biggest market leader holding 89% market share in Nepal which has changed the beer industry of Nepal forever. The organisation brews and market the products like Beer, Tuborg Beer, San Miguel Beer, Royal Danish Tuborg Strong Beer and Gorkha local Beer. In respect to the different products offered by the organisation, the company has become an integral part of Nepalese brewing industries as well as Nepalese lives and has contributed 7.8% GDP growth since 2000 in Nepal (Chaisuwan, et al. 2019)
    The goods and services flow from producers to consumers automatically. Thus, a certain place is very necessary to handle the goods and improve the storing and transportation. The beer market in Nepal has contributed a use expansion at the greater than it because of the higher volume of consumption amongst consumers. Gorkha brewery has started the operation in Kathmandu which is situated in Nepal. The operation is traded at an estimate at 140 market area in Kathmandu which focuses on selling the products not only within Nepal but also outside Nepal. It has numerous outlets for providing the products to the consumers. This has engaged the distributors for efficient and fast result with the quality production of beer (Maskey, 2018). The different products of the organisation have improved the brand value across Nepal and took different breweries under the acquisition policy. 
    The organisation has projected the premium price strategy for mild beer products. It has kept the pricing policy open and reasonable which has attracted many customers. It has also provided the premium and qualitative product according to the prices that are set. Most of the consumers depend on this beer because of the reasonable and quality products. If someone focuses on the perspective of the buyer, the prices of the beer are slightly on the higher side but the free samples, discounts, and coupons have made the beer reasonable and the tactics of the organisation have kept down the prices compared to the competitors (Nieuwenkamp, 2018) The organisation has also kept the prices for different varieties and for the international image the organisation is adopting different pricing strategies which have focused on the higher section of the society.
    Promotion is one of the major variables which has increased the marketing manager work and has helped to communicate between the sellers and buyers. This has helped to change the attitude and behavior of the organization and focus on different promotional activities for improving the revenue of the business. Gorkha beer has an outstanding presence in Nepal and has undertaken excellent branding and Advertising policies of the different products organisation adopts (Chaisuwan, et al. 2019). However, recently the organisation suffered a huge loss due to a ban in the deceptive advertisement. After the loss, the organisation has focused on meaningful advertisement by focusing on the positive impact of the bear which has again increased the sales of the products. It has focused on introducing the products into televisions, magazines, and hoardings. Though the company has not yet utilized social media for gaining maximum coverage.  
    Physical evidence:
    The organisation has adopted millions of Bottles And cans for distributing in the different parts of Nepal. The beer is red in the bottle and can which has an innovative partnership with key packaging suppliers. It has aimed and re-thinking the design and production of packaging material for minimizing the waste and optimizing for reuse and recycling. According to the different beer sold in Nepal the test of the product is very smooth and light which has increased the demand for the product (Brezinová, et al. 2019)
    The system of processing or delivering the product to the customer is Tom does the process marketing mix. The process of the organisation focuses on exporting the products into a larger part of the country. The production of the organisation focuses on the developing country like India where it gains a lot of popularity and revenue. The organisation also donates a huge amount of money e in different NGOs yearly. 
    Most of the people in Nepal focus on the Healthy lifestyle while enjoying a social beer while enjoying the exquisite party. 50% of the people in Nepal like the taste of the beer which is produced by the organization (Rincon, et al. 2017). It has focused on retaining the quality, taste, and flavor with the demand of the people. The organisation has employed 1250 staffs. The staffs are included for the operation work as well as for looking after sales department. The staff of the organisation has improved the efficiency of the production which has contributed 2.5% revenue in 2018.
    The different promotional mix of the organisation has helped different barriers like entering into the new market and doing business with India. This has stabilized the income introduction of the organisation and focused on public relation. Along with this, the organisation has also focused on doing advertisement for fulfilling the wants of the customers and improving in the products of the beer (Pečarič, 2019)
    Recommendation for improving the business:
    In respect to the different barriers for improving the business in the international market and marketing mix in Nepal few recommendations can be drawn.
    As digital technologies have created a huge impact in today's world so it is very important for the organisation to adopt social media like Facebook, Instagram, etc to promote their business.
    10% discount should be adopted for introducing into the new market (Chlebicka, et al. 2018)
    Launching a market event in the local community for the production of new services.
    Clearing and simple marketing positioning and brand image by improving the logo.
    Influencer purchasing decision of the buyers.
    The study has concluded about the importance of pestel analysis and SWOT analysis which has contributed significant research on the current situation and different problems faced by the Gorkha beer in Nepal. It has also focused on STP to introduce their product into the international market like China which is the neighboring country. Along with this marketing mix has been derived for the achievements of the organization and few recommendations have been drawn with respect to the problems.