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    Contemporary Management Assignment Help

    Contemporary Management Assignment Help

    1. Introduction

    The report will provide a reflection of Contemporary Management Capabilities which should be indulged in the Board of an organization to perform several roles in management. With the changing era of business and organizational structure, it is must for the Board of directors to consist the Contemporary Management Capabilities to deal with unexpected incident occurred in the management team. In this report, the key personal competencies of the Board from the perspective of leadership have been considered which are used to assess the circumstances of an incident. These capabilities and leadership skills of the Board have been discussed in the report by considering the given case in which the CEO of the company is accused of sexually harassing the employees of his previous organization. In the further part of the report, the Important Competencies for Function Leaders and their relevancy in the management issues have been discussed.


    This part of the report shows how and in which circumstance the management skills and Contemporary Management Capabilities are used in the assessment of a management issue. For imposing the relevant management techniques on the given incident of management, it is pre-required to understand the Contemporary Management Capabilities and its relevancy and also to evaluate the issue that occurred in the given incident.

    2.1 Contemporay Management Capabilities &Functions

    It involves the capabilities in the context of planning, organizing, leading and controlling the functions and operations to achieve the goal of the organization. The management of an organization has the responsibility to procure the available resources effectively to get the best outcomes for the business of the organization. These resources also cover the employees and managers of the company who are also employed in the organization after an appropriate evaluation i.e. the individual skills and experience are considered and assessed for meeting the requirement of the task for which he is going to hire in the organization. Hence the major function of contemporary management capabilities covers to select and hire the best individual as an employee, to provide training and rewards to employees as per their proficiency and to assess and improve the performance of employees (Breznik, & Lahovnik, 2016). While selecting an individual for the management of the organization, the management has the following tasks to consider:

    To evaluate the skills of an individual whether hard or soft skills.

    To analyze the skills concerning management effectiveness in the context of contemporary business      (Griffiths,   2019).

    To consider the personal efficiency of an individual and management skills, evidence-based communication shall be made.

    To develop an integrated apprehension of roles of management personnel as coach and mentor.

    To examine the personal reflection of an individual in a critical way to mark long run career plans (Van  Diepen, Katz, Albert, Henry, Jacobs, Kapur, & Thiele, 2017).

    2.2Importance of Contemporary Management Capabilities

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    These capabilities ensure that the managers employed in the management of an organization have expertise in dealing with the processes and people both. Thus they have effective leadership and assessment skill which also enables them to handle and solve the disputes occurred in the company. In addition to that, the mangers could build better planning skills which they use to prepare strategic and operational plans for the growth of the organization. The Board has the responsibility to develop plans for every stage of the organization such as recruitment plans, growth plans, functional plans, conflict resolution plans, and others. Similarly, it enables the managers to build management expertise in assessing and evaluating the skills and experience of individuals to appoint them in the management of the organization. By proper evaluation of their skills and past experiences, the management could select the best employee for their organization. Apart from that, the major skills which are covered under the Contemporary Management Capabilities are leadership which is a must for the managers to deal with the uneven and unexpected events in the organization (Shang, Chen, & Li, 2019).


    2.3Key Contemporary Leadership Skills

    The leadership skill represents the caliber or ability of an individual to control and lead a team or group of personals who are performing for an organizational purpose under the supervision of him. These skills cover the way or manner to deal with the subordinates and team members while satisfying the interest of them as well as the organization. Also, a good leader needs to have sound dispute resolution and assessment skills.The necessary leadership skills are bifurcated in five major groups which are:

    1. Self-Management:

    These skills include the skills which are related to personal skill development and their management. A manager should develop his skills first to manage the entire team or organization. It involves integrity, communication skills, flexibility, problem-solving and interpersonal skills which makes an individual a good leader. Therefore a manager should behave honestly and ethically to show the consistency in his words and actions. Also, he should have better communication skills to convey his messages to the team members effectively (Skarmeas, Lisboa, & Saridakis, 2016).

    2. Project Management: The managers have the responsibility to lead the projects under the organization which needs the skills of team building, accountability, technical expertise, negotiation skills, and Decisiveness. All these skills involved in the behavior of the manager decide the success of a project. For instance, the manager who has better knowledge of the technique which is used in the project could enhance the chances of success of the project. Hence the leadership qualities of the manager play an important role in the success of a project.

    3. People Management: This group of leadership skills involves the ability of a manager to deal with the conflicts incurred among the employees, to consider the social interest and to manage the human capital of the organization. The resolution of the conflict is considered an important aspect in an organization that needs special attention of management hence the managers should consist of the ability and knowledge to assess the circumstance of an incident and to decide the outcome of actions of individuals (Brathwaite, 2018).

    4. Function Management: 

    To manage the programs and function of the organization needs relevant skills and knowledge in the managers. Financial management, technology management, partnering, political management, and innovation are several skills that are necessary to manage the functions of an organization.

    5. Leading Organization: 

    An organization works with a major purpose to become a leading organization by competing with others for which the entire management performs with its full capacity. To make the organization leading in the market or industry, the managers involved in the management should have the skills to assess the external environment, to think strategically and entrepreneurship skills (Lewin, & Teece, 2019).

    2.4 Summary of incident 


    The CEO of an organization has been accused of sexual harassment by two subordinates in his previous organization where he was the COO of the company. However, the CEO denies the charges imposed on him but the news of his accusation has been viral in the media and online platforms. Here the major concern of the organization is to find out whether the CEO is guilty of the accusation charged on him or the stories are irrelevant (Haber-Curran, 2018). 


    2.5 Resolutions of dispute

    In the given incident, the circumstances could be evaluated by considering the behavior of the CEO in his previous organization. However, the subordinates who raised the charges on CEO have submitted their claims separately but the details of harassment given by them are unique and consistent. To resolve this dispute, an assessment of the experience of the accused which he experienced while working in the previous organization shall be done. While evaluating his prior experience, it would be seen whether he has any record of harassment or any kind of misconduct in his serving period (Mengel, 2017). Also to verify the truthfulness of subordinates who raised the charges, an inquiry negotiation could be initiated separately and their views and answers can be cross-checked for assessing their viability. This negotiation will also be conducted to investigate the actions of the CEO. While making the investigating negotiation, the manager should also consider the behavior of the subordinates and CEO because the human behavior and body language of human says a lot about their fairness. Therefore to assess the circumstances and to initiate the measures to solve the case, several skills are needed in a manager such as critical assessment skills, dispute solving skills, human management skills, negotiation skills, and decision-making skills (Onyusheva, 2018).


    It could be inferred in the end that to evaluate the entire incident and to get the outcome of the assessment, various skills of managers shall be used. In the above-discussed resolution process, the assessment abilities of the manager are needed to assess the relevant facts of the incident. Similarly, human behavioral knowledge is required to evaluate and judge the behavior of the people in conflict. To negotiate and make investigation communication, effective communication and negotiation skills are needed. Apart from that to make a final decision in the context of the incident, sound decision-making skills are must so that the manager could deliver the best and fair decision on the conflict addressed to him. Also, the manager must have the ability to deal with the CEO if he found guilty and to find the replacement of him to avoid business suffering.

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