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    Executive summary
    Hospitality industry mainly lies between the guest and the host which also includes the location or venue and also shows the various ways to entertain the guests by giving the beast best quality services for the hospitality purpose. In the UK hospitality industry has changed in many different ways this is because the hotel business in the UK wants to develop the economic growth of their hotels as well as the country. This has been seen that from millions of people visits the UK every year and with the passing time the number of tourists is increasing. As the industry is increasing rapidly there is also certain rules and regulation coming on their way in order to maintain the safety of the tourist. This research will mainly focus on the scope, diversity and scales of UK's hospitality industry. There are several professional bodies that play major roles in this industry like the British Hospital Association and Springboard of UK these organisation keen close eyes on every activity of the UK's hospitality industry and also playing an important role to brighten up the future of this industry.
    In recent time hospitality industry is considered as one of the most successful and emerging industries that produce huge amounts of profits and a huge amount of revenue. As opined by Radojevic et al. (2015), the huge amount of revenue which is generated by the hostel industry has become one of the most important economic generators for various countries of the world. Hospitality is considered as one of the most crucial or important elements for the hotel industry of the world. 
    The aim of this report is to provide brief descriptions of the current scale, diversity and scope of hospitality industry this will help to convince the potential investors in order to invest in the hospitality industry. This report will also foster the organisational structure of various hospitality organisation of the UK like the Dorchester & the Savoy along with also assess the roles of the hospitality for this organisation and the professional bodies. This report will mainly focus on the analysis of the hospitality industry or sectors, recent developments, and mainly on the potential trends that are affecting the hospitality sectors.
    1.1 Analyzing current diversity, scope and scale of hospitality industry
    UK's hospitality industry is ranked as the fourth largest hospitality industry in the world that almost deliver around 53 billion great Britain pound (GBP) annually that gets added to the gross value of the economy. As opined by Kandampully et al. (2015), this sector has the huge impact on the society of UK in the positive way as this sector employs around 10% of the total workforce of UK. That is in the UK around 2.7 billion of people are working in this sector. As stated by Jones et al.  (2016), as per the analysis of the growth and tends of this sector the Associations of British hospitality (BHA) has come to a conclusion and predicted that by the year of 2020 this sector will offer nearly 3000,000 new and fresh jobs. As per the demographic of UK maximum of the female workers dominate the workforce of hospitality sector this is because almost 58% of female workers work in this sector. 
    The maximum of the workers are young as per the report made on this industry by business hospital association of UK around 45% of workers are under the age of 30 years Around 54% of the workers working in this industry works full time and 20% of the employees are the migrant workers where remaining 8% are self-employed. There are many big players in this hospitality sectors, for example, The Dorchester, The Savoy and many more. Apart from this big shots, there are also many small-scale business enterprises and medium scale business enterprises as well. As opined by Wang (2014), in recent times the hospitality industry of UK is actually going through the challenging face as the economy of this industry is of sluggish nature. Even after facing the problems like slow growth and the cautious spending of the customers the potentiality of this industry is outstanding in the future for example in the year of 2017 around 129,0000 tourists visited the United Kingdom from the Japan which is considered to be double compared to other countries like Australia, China, Sweden many others. 
    1.2 Discussing organisational structure by considering The Dorchester, & the Savoy
    In UK hospitality sector organisations are structured in order to fulfill some aims that are 
    Maximize the revenue
    Offer and provide safer quality services
    Enjoy the competitive edge compared to the competitors or over the competitors in the market
    The organisational structure is defined as the arrangement which sets role and communication modes for making decisions. Taking the example of The Dorchester, & The Savoy, the structure of the hospitality industry can be
    Commercial or Service Sector
    It is important that both the hotels that are The Dorchester & the Savoy should have hospitality be their main aim and they must ensure that this aim is motivating enough for the business. In accordance to Šerić (2014), if both the hotels follow the aims and are affirmative to follow it then it considered being commercial operations. Otherwise, they may exist just because a number of citizens are residing or learning or doing the job there. This is the way for the service function.
    Revenue generation or the operation of the financial plan
    In the opinion of Kang and Lee (2014), the main hospitality function of The Dorchester, & The Savoy requires to generate revenue, however, there are many hotels who diner they only focus on maintaining the definite budget. For example, the local cafeterias made the financial plan where they thought of keeping the food charges for 75 p for each and every meal for each day. In the workplaces as per the financial plan, the dining hall functions must be cheap where the expensive launch must encourage doing the job there that will act as the occupational bonus.
    Constrained clients released to common community  
    In accordance to Kang and Lee (2014), maximum of the hospitality procedures can be shown in the market and that to anybody but only are few limited for the promotions of the community but to the tiny fraction.
    1.3 Assessment of the roles of professional bodies and hospitality related organisations by following up certain examples
    In order to assess the various different roles of hospitality organisations and the professional bodies let take example of 2 organizations the British hospitality association and the springboard of UK
    British Hospital Association: It is considered as one of the major organisations of hospital industry or sector and one of the important professional bodies. The British Hospital Association plays major roles in order to promote the operators interest brands and also the owners across the hotels, food services, restaurants, clubs, service apartments and various places for the visitor's attractions. In accordance to Tsai et al. (2015), the British Hospital Association structures the future of the hospitality industries where British Hospital Association plays the major role for catalyzing the worldwide competitiveness, career scopes and financial growth in order to ensure the hotel industry of UK always top the charts internationally. British Hospital Association has around 400000 restaurants, hotels, clubs, attractions, food services, organisations for the leisure activities and various service apartments.  
    Being the leader of the hospitality industry British Hospital Association thought for the leadership which will help to know the markets intelligence and the expertise. In accordance to Brandon-Jones et al. (2016), this leadership will also help to analyse that does the representation of the strong point of view with respect to the government do offering strategic support to the business or not. Working with the government is also the another function of British Hospital Association, they also come up with some new and unique campaigns where the British Hospital Association tries to inspire the new generations with "Big hospitality Conversation" in order to facilitate the success, this will also help to drive the competitiveness and have responsible hospitality.
    Springboard of UK
    The main duty or responsibility of this board is to support the young and unemployed candidates those who are in the position of less advantage. As opined by Boella and Goss-Turner (2013), Springboard of UK supports this candidate in order to motivate them to start their career in the hospitality industry which is considered as one of the significant opportunity for the unemployed candidates to initiate their career. The springboard of UK plays the major role to promote the hospitality industry by showing the costiveness of this industry to the candidates and proving them that it the best place to work in and also inspires the candidates to have various types of jobs. 
    2.1 Assessment of staffing requirements of hospitality industry 
    The requirements of staffing for the various different industries are completely unique in nature especially for the sub-industry where this recruitment is already done. Because of the intangible service nature which is mainly tendered by customers to the industry, the importance of employees fitment skill sets for the hospitality industry is very much concerned with. Therefore the process and the requirements of the hospitality industry are the recruitments and that too in the unique process. In accordance to Carlile et al. (2013), the process of staffing is managed in the hospital industry in order to cater the wide range of services. In the hotels, the staffs are required for managing the hotel, spas, casinos, conventional facilities, services and for many other responsibilities.  Some of the most important positions in the hospitality industry are listed below. For these positions, the staffing process is required in different hotels and hotel industries.
    Restaurant Managers
    Stewards & Captains
    Cooks & Chefs
    Front Office
    Guest relations
    General Managers
    Mangers of F & B
    General Managers
    Accounts & Finance
    Department heads
    House Keepers
    Engineering & Maintenance
    Marketing & Sales
    Room boys
    Travel services
    There are certain aspects which are required to keep in mind at the time of finalizing the requirements of staffing process for the hospitality industries are as follows
    It is important to design good and eye-catching advertisements for the recruitment of the new staff in the hotels
    While taking the interviews it is required to have questioning techniques in the behavioral factors for recruiting new and skilled employees in the hotels.
    2.2 Qualification, Role and responsibility of hospitality staff
    Qualification, Role and responsibility 
    Train the employees 
    Overseeing the operations
    Manage and order inventory
    Excellent communication skill
    Provide entry level job for the new candidates those have the knowledge of business management
    Qualification, Role and responsibility 
    Analyse the sales of the hotels and then plan the profits accordingly
    Maintain the hotel standards
    Motivate and train the employees and also hire new employees as per the requirement
    Degree in business management
    Interpersonal and organizational skills
    Must be willing to relocate
    Good skills in communication and administrative
    Management Trainee
    Qualification, Role and responsibility 
    Assist daily responsibilities
    Take training
    Cross train in various different departments
    Certified in business management or related degrees
    Interpersonal and organizational skills
    Good skills in communication and administrative
    3.1 Analyzing the legislative, managerial and operations issues that are affecting the development of hospitality industry along with the cons and pros to the businesses
    Food allergens regulations and legislation
    Allergy for the food is health hazards which can be badly detrimental to life. As the demand for processed food is increasing along with the food quality expansion regarding the international trade which is associated with the food products then came national and international regulatory administration for food allergens. Allergen towards food is considered a global issue for the food regulations. As stated by Kandampully et al. (2015), Food and Agriculture Organisation and World Health Organisation are demanding for the professional advice in order to determine the food ingredients that must have their own declaration for the food labels each time with the relation to allergenic properties.
    Banning of smoking from the public places (indoor)
    Prohibition for smoking is required in order to provide the clear and healthy environment for the public and also to safeguard their life from the negative effects of the smoke. As opined by Radojevic et al. (2015), if an individual found smoking in the indoor public places in those places where the smoking is strictly prohibited then he/she will be considered as violating the law.
    3.2 Brief description on Current Image of Hospitality industry in UK
    In all the industry of the world hospitality industry is the most entertaining and interesting place to work in. As per the analysis, made on UK hospitality industry it has been seen that the hospitality industry of UK has seen huge downfall and slow economic rate in spite of this negative impact this industry there is a gradual increase in the growth of this sector from both the inbound and outbound tourism. This industry has seen and faced the trends of globalization from the last centuries and thus much and many tourists can now travel all over the world without much barriers and restrictions. As opined by Boella (2017), for this reason, the hotels are facing the problems of terrorism, robberies, and kidnappings and are also facing many other threats and disasters. Currently, the hospitality industry is working hard on the weak sections to make this industry one of the most successful and top sector in the world economy. 
    4.1 Estimating the potential trends and the development of the hospitality
    The future developments and trends that are expected from the hospitality industry are in steady growth. As per the report made in the hospitality industry of UK, it can be said that in the near future the hospitality sectors of UK will have unlimited growth that which will flourish in the near future. The main reason for the unlimited growth is the strong appetite from the investors and also the creative convenience along with capital sources flexibility. As opined by Boella, and Goss-Turner (2013), this is the reason this industry will lead the hotel acquisitions trends as result will increase the demand for this industry. The lodging market which is still now has been dormant for this industry are expected to have profitable traction because the groups of the investors are now searching for the opportunities in order to gain the higher returns from the emerging submarkets and also from the secondary locations.
    4.2 Impact analysis of predicted developments and predicated trends. Analysis of implications to the businesses
    As per the predicted development and trends for the hospitality industry, it can be said that the customer's preferences are changing with the passing time and mainly changing with the advent of new sets of the customers. The teenagers are more likely interested to discover and enjoy new experiences and for this, they are willing to pay any amount.  As opined by Armstrong and Matters, (2017), the teenagers are finding a unique and novel experience which as result is changing the command of this industry.  The new technology is also having a positive impact on the hospitality industry which is allowing to streamlining the process of those companies which are used by the customers to gather information. There are also many customers who prefer to use and enjoy the benefits of new technology in the hotels like The Dorchester, & The Savoy. 
    This research shows that hospitality industry is made up of two different factors that are sustenance and accommodation. Thus it can be concluded that accommodation is an important sector for the hospitality industry. This research shows that there are millions of people visits the UK every year, therefore, the hotels of the UK required to accommodate thousands of tourists who are visiting there. This shows that it is beneficial and price worthy to invest in the hospitality industry of UK. In All total this research proves that hospitality industry has a huge contribution to the economic growth of UK hence the relevance of the hospitality industry of UK has incurred a lot in the passing years. However, this industry has also seen the slow economic rate due to the economic recession but in total this industry is actually warming up the unique as well as new development and growth.