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    Consumer Centered Mental Health Nursing Assignment Help

    Consumer Centered Mental Health Nursing Assignment Help

    Practice with Experts by Experience on Consumer-centered mental health nursing practice


    The nurses and consumers must work in partnership to generate effective mental healthcare treatment to the patients. A collaborative approach must work between the nurses and the consumers so that a working relationship is established efficiently that can treat the consumers who have experience of mental disorder. The assignment outlines the importance of a collaborative approach that defines consumers' attainment of the target and their well-being. A detailed discussion is represented in the study that defines the shared participation of consumers and nurses to attain social and psychological well-being.


    Significance of developing a collaborative nurse-consumer relationship

    There is a general notation of the collaborative approach that is used by the healthcare practitioners to provide adequate medical care services to the patients. Collaboration is represented as an illustrative approach of shifting the healthcare treatment from authoritative and paternalistic ways to a mutually understandable person-centric care. This is associated with the knowledge and efficiency hold by the partners in the mutually depended relationship. Akther et al. (2019) revealed that in Australia, it is expected that consumers effectively contribute to service delivery and influence planning and policy system that promotes collaboration and participation. Additionally, Sipe et al. (2015) stated that consumers are considered as active agents, who align with the recovery-based and rehabilitation journeys. 
    They do not belong to the category of the passive recipients included under clinical interventions.  In comparison to this, Chou et al. (2017) revealed that in the UK, the people who are in use of mental healthcare services are considered as an equal partner in every level. Mental health consumers are motivated and encouraged are to work in partnership and collaboratively with the physicians and clinicians. Moreover, they are encouraged to engage themselves in the decision-making process across a broad range of treatment, policy development, and service delivery.  The mental health nurses are expected to maintain a collaborative approach that reflects in the medical care services provided to the patients. 
    The nurses are specially trained so that their job roles reflect the value of a consultative and collaborative outlook to care. In the context of mental health rehabilitation, nurses are expected to work closely with the consumers to assist them in identifying and appreciating their challenges and strengths. This will help them to identify the goals and choices and to generate and apply strategies to attain, restore or maintain the social and psychological functioning of the consumers. Penney et al. (2018) revealed that in recovery-depended mental health services, the mental health nurses can aid the individuals to undertake the tasks related to the recovery of generating a positive identity.  This helps in self-managing of the mental illness so that social roles are valued. On the contrary, numerous issues have been identified as effective impeding collaboration or impairing between mental health nurses and consumers. 
    A lack of coherence about the collaboration can lead to problems associated with the practical conduction of the collaboration process. The term collaboration is often associated with the descriptive use of government healthcare services and policies. However, the actual process of achieving collaboration is not clearly mentioned in the government policies or standards. In this regard, Happell et al. (2016) stated that treatment and care of consumers are controlled by the legislative affairs and thus, misunderstandings are likely to occur. It is related to the working of the collaborative body that consists of contradictory ad mandatory relationships and denotes the confusion about the kind of collaboration. On the other hand, it is always not clear about the kind of issue the consumers are interested to collaborate. Moreover, confusion still exists about their eagerness to undertake collaborative decisions or their needs to collaborate. In this regard, the nurses are indecisive about the extent of their collaboration with the consumers. This develops more complexities between the mental healthcare nurses and the consumers.
    Nurses have understood that consumer collaboration was developed within the working relationship consisting of specific roils, definite boundaries and unique expectations. The relationship was supported by a therapeutic infrastructure that was inclined towards the development of the social and psychological well-being of the consumers. Additionally, Stanton et al. (2015) stated that the main purpose was to achieve the individual goals of every individual customer. The therapeutic relationship demanded the exposure of the nurse-consumer relationship to honesty, respect, and trust. Moreover, the nurses have understood that effective interaction and communication with consumers is an integral phase of the collaborative process. This led to the effective recognition of the beliefs and feelings of the customers through the discussion and listening phase of the therapeutic session.
    McInnes et al. (2015) stated that consumers have appreciated the collaborative approach to work with the nurses and they were in favor of one to one relationships. Moreover, they have realized that a collaborative relationship is much more than the physical presence of two people.  The consumers valued collaboration with the nurses, as they have understood that it is a broad spectrum of communication with different medical care professionals. As per the belief of the consumers, collaboration is mainly focused on assisting consumers to return to healthy community life. Additionally, the consumers have realized that performing individual tasks through mitigating the issues and challenges. Hence, through the implementation of effective ideas, complex problems can be solved efficiently. Happell et al. (2016) revealed that consumers believe that collaboration can be denoted as a democratic process where interaction must remain open, truthful, respectful and fair, where consumers can put forward their requirements. 

    Identification of self practices on the department of nursing and relevant practices that needs to be improved

    As per the perception by Filipova (2018), nursing practices help the health centers to maintain the decorum of the health care section, which reflects through the support of good relationship carried by the nurses. Therefore, I too believe that being a nurse; I should also come forward to keep a genial relationship with consumers and patients of the health care sectors.  However, this has been perceived that due to different situation, nurse including me has undergone issues which somewhere presents the inefficiency. Notably, the practices on the part of nurses should be genial and pleasant to make the patients feel comfortable. I have been subjected to some of the hurdles that have put me into difficult situations and affected the peace of the health care sectors. Thus, it can be stated that the implication of relevant skills and behaviour is needed to establish in terms of maintaining the ethics of the health care sectors (Lindquist et al., 2018).  

    In case of the looking the patients who belong to the group of mental ailment needs to take care with more concentration and specifically. I have attended classes regarding the dealing and tackling the situation with the patients who are psycho. This has been projected by Zugai et al. (2015), the implication of evolutionary techniques generally provides a helping hand towards the collaboration of better comprehension of the situation in case of nursing for the mental health patients. The presence of therapeutic alliance will help to make a better situation in terms of taking care of the mental health patients.  At very first, I have been facing the issues on the part of managing the mental health patients because this is not possible every time to have a peaceful mind. Therefore, several times, I have loosened my temperament dealing with mental health patients and I honestly admit that I need to improve my behaviour in such cases. Thus, it can validate that it is very important to improve the skills and behaviour to conduct the mental health patients and this will help to maintain the decorum of the health care sectors in a much well mannered (Wand et al., 2015). 

    This has been observed the interrogation of various skills that help to develop the performance capability of the nurses in tackling mental health, which has been stated by Isobel and Delgado (2018) in health care sectors.  In our health care sectors, the senior management has provided the classes related to Trauma Informed Care (TIC) that helps to conduct and manage the mental health patients. On the other hand, void of Trauma informed care (ITC) creates additional hurdles among the psychological aspects of the mental health patients. Therefore, I have got to know that it is beneficiary to gain the concept of TIC in terms of explanation of trauma and its effect on the consumers. This program can be put through the support of communication skills that will help to present the viewpoint backed by the adjudication with the consumers (Press et al., 2017). Additionally, I have learned the importance of communication skills that support to make better situations and increase the level of geniality with the consumers.
    Through the support of communication skills will guide the relevance of the workshop for resolving the issue of mental health patients. I have attended the classes that demonstrate the subject of TIC through the involvement of therapeutically maintaining the relationship between the nurses and patients and consumers.  This has been observed that has led to the demonstration by Isobel and Delgado (2018) that communication skills assessment to develop the interpersonal traits to maintain the relationship that exists between the nurses and consumers. This comes up with the support of interactions on the part of therapeutics.
    As stated by Cashin et al. (2015), various types of practices will help to develop the scenario of the health care sectors and this is possible through the possibilities of the good skills on the part of the nurses especially, mental health nurses.  Therefore, I have gained the knowledge based on the prior experiences that need to be improving on my part so that it will become easier for me to manage and tackle the situations with mental health patients.
    I have got to know my weak areas that need to be enhanced through the support of some of the practices. The impoverishment of the personality traits, skills and behaviour will help to conduct a good and genial relationship with consumers of the health care sectors.  I need to improve my knowledge through the support of evolutionary techniques that are comprised of adjudication with the consumers.    This helps to prevent the worst cases and I should develop my skills in communication skills. This will help to adjust my influencing mechanism to the patients.   


    From the study, it can be said that most of the nurses have understood the importance of a collaborative approach with the consumers. The nurses were confused about the efficacy of the collaborative process but the consumers stated that a collaborative approach could be advantageous to deal with a healthy life. However, the study revealed that nurses have realized the importance of a collaborative process that aligns with the quality, desire ad tie to work effectively with the consumers. A collaborative approach in the mental healthcare treatment is thought to be effective to provide accurate care to the mentally unstable patients.

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