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    Consumer Behaviour Assignment Help UK

    Consumer Behaviour Assignment Help UK

    Consumer Behaviour Assignment Help UK


    The proposed new product introduced by JOJO Ice is Ice-Cream. The basic characteristics and attributes can be detailed as below: -


          The multi-process filtering of the water in making the Ice-Cream is the specialty of JOJO Ice that other close competitors Medifast and Vitafoods in the USA haven’t (Zhu, 2016). As no other Ice company uses a multi-process filtering of water in the USA. All product lines will be available in four variants including chocolate, milk, vanilla, and strawberry. The product lines will be introduced in two types, including Cone Ice-Cream and Cup Ice-Cream.


          JOJO Ice will show the characteristics through its television advertisements and by putting videos in its official website www.jojoice.inc  and the social media websites. The most important attribute that differs its products from the others is its multi-process filtering production process, which will be healthier than others. JOJO Ice will promote its products by showing the bacteria free and long lasting features through its advertising activities. As the cone and cup Ice-Creams are more popular in the market, customers will get their wished Ice-Cream with health benefits and long lasting feature from JOJO Ice to receive more value than that of other Ice-Cream products.


    The Ice-Cream market in the USA is very large and competitive (Davis, Balyney, Yen, & Cooper, 2009). With many years of experience, JOJO Ice has experienced the market in the USA closely. From boosting its business activities from the Volcan City to the entire USA, JOJO Ice has gone through different business circumstances. Its experience has given the confidence to enter into the Ice-Cream market. In its early days of business, JOJO Ice will introduce Cup and Cone Ice-Creams with chocolate, vanilla, milk and strawberry flavors. JOJO Ice will target the consumers of all segments to achieve the sales revenue. It has focused on introducing the products at comparatively less price than the competitors with same quality. In making the Ice-Cream the company has used multi-process filtering of the water to make the water bacteria free by adding minerals into it. This quality concern of the Ice-Cream makes it special than the other competitors as due to the process the product could last longer than other Ice-Cream products of competitor companies.  JOJO Ice has aimed to focus its existing marketplace on attracting the attention of more audience. Being a new product, the advertising activities will include television advertisements, print media, attaining occasional exhibitions and presence at social media websites by uploading photos and videos. As JOJO Ice has a successful business experience, it hopes to reach the consumer by understanding their behavior efficiently. The business success of an organization depends upon a number of factors including market research activities, understanding consumer behavior and ability to satisfy the consumers with appropriate products. JOJO Ice is trying to grow its business by adding new customers segment and expanding its consumer market in the USA. It has added Ice-Cream to its product lines.

    Analyzing consumer behavior and organizational behavior

    To analyze the consumer behavior efficiently, an organization needs to set the customer segment and competitor targets. As a market researcher with an experience of a couple of years in researching different markets and studying the consumer behavior; I have followed different consumer behavior Analysis methods. To analyze the situation of JOJO Ice, I had reviewed the article by (Bhasin, 2016). The author had suggested 12 simple questions understand the buying behavior of consumers. The 12 questions with answers can be discussed as below: -

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    ·        Who would buy the products: families, sports fans, office staffs, party celebrations and restaurants.

    ·        Who made the decision to buy the product: All the individuals who want to satisfy their needs with Ice Cubes in the market of USA.

    ·        Who influences the buying decision: The environmental factors, occasions, and interests of the consumers.

    ·        How is the purchase decision made: JOJO Ice will adapt interest creating attributes by television advertisements, less price, a multi-step purifying process in making the Ice-Creams and regular paper advertisements to attract the purchase decision of people.

    ·        Why does the customer buy: As Ice-Cream is an occasional product, so the consumers will buy it to satisfy their occasional needs. The summer season would also be a reason that could motivate the customers to buy Ice-Cream.

    ·        Preference of brand over others: JOJO Ice has planned to introduce its Ice-Cream products at comparatively less price than the others, which will be an advantage to increase its brand value. Its past record of quality Ice products has also an established brand name which will help the company to stay ahead than the others.

    ·        Where the customers would buy the product: The product will be available at all cold drinks stores, grocery stores, pizza shops, restaurants, and occasional festive places.

    ·        When do the customers buy the product: In occasional festive seasons, summer seasons, birthday parties, functions, and special occasions.

    ·        What's the product's perception:  In comparison to the money the money a customer pays to buy an Ice-Cream product of JOJO Ice, he will get more value and satisfaction as the company has decreased the profit by lessening the price. No company adopts multi-process filtering in making the Ice-Creams like JOJO Ice, so it will create a positive perception in the mind of Consumers.

    ·        Influential socio-economic factors: The social status of the people, income level, lifestyle, food habit and market situations will influence the buying decision of the consumers.

    ·        Consumers' lifestyle on the buying decision: The proposed Ice-Cream will suit the adult and young population of the USA market. The cup Ice-Cream can be a good option to use in occasions and party functions.

    ·        The role of personal and demographic factors in the consumer buying decision: The selling of the product is mostly depending upon the personal interests and demographic situations including age, income level, family beliefs, and education level.

    Potential Overview as a Consumer

    After studying thoroughly the units 1 & 2 of the book ‘Marketing Management’ (Winer & Dhar, 2010), I understood the consumer behavior patterns clearly. Before taking the buying decision, I would consider a number of factors to satisfy my demand. In purchasing the Ice-Cream products of JOJO Ice; I will focus on the variety, price, quality pattern, availability, and the taste factors mostly. I will look into the advertisements done by the company and the videos & photos available in the social media websites & Youtube to study the product details. As the Ice-Cream is available in cone and cup packets, so I would prefer to purchase in small quantity from the retail shops for myself, my family, my relatives and my friends. I use to buy the Ice-Cream impulsively as it is not a regular food for my daily living. Mostly, the foods which are not important for my daily living come under my potential buying list. To develop my consumer behavior I would study more products’ details before making my purchase decisions. Regular interaction in the social media websites could also increase my knowledge about the products.


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