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    Conceptual Design Assignment Help

    Conceptual Design Assignment Help


     Executive Summary

    In this study conceptual design of proposed automobile unit was illustrated. This study gives information about site location and surrounding of site location. Along with this this study also gives information about sustainability strategy that can be implemented in the structure. Furthermore this study evaluates plan permission and health safety required in this construction work. Proposed building uses 305 x 165 x 40 UB grade S75 and 356 x 171 x 51 UB grade S275 as required beam section and 254 x 254 x 73 UC of steel grade S355 and 203 x 133 x 30 UC of steel grade S355 as required column section. 


    Automobile manufacturing needs to construct in different phases which require detailed knowledge and understanding of some aspect of the scientific and engineering principles. This study gives information about the reason behind selecting any particular site for this construction. Furthermore, this study illustrates the layout of the beam and column based on Euro codes. In addition, this study gives information about multiple buildability required in this project.  

    Part A

    Site selection with justification

    Location plan for construction work

    Figure given above evident site selected for initiation of construction is Shepcote Lane, S9 1TN in Brown-field. In addition to this construction site is near Skye edge Avenue which directly drives to the center of this city. 

    Description of a construction site

    companies and people of the city. From a constructional perspective selected site is good because selected site do not have any habitant present. Along with this selected site is very close to the national highway through which transportation of material can be easily conducted. 

    This created layout gives information that the entire manufacturing unit consists of 6 types of building for the completion of the entire manufacturing process. Assembly area 2 is the largest building in the manufacturing plan on another side 3 storey office is smallest building from dimension perspective in an entire manufacturing unit. Along with this drawing give information that net area allocated of construction of the industry is 2704 m sq. 

    Design 3 storied building which has a capacity to produce 4,000 vehicles per month and after 10 years a capacity of 6,000 vehicles per month. 

    Investigation thoroughly 

    The method chosen for construction in the early stages is modified and now the building is created with the help of a steel frame and surrounded by clay bricks and concrete.

    Consider stage 

    Clearly, storage or working space needs to be created for future expansion on the other side for earliest completion it is necessary to create a strong pad foundation so that construction of superstructure can be initiated. In order to achieve this objective daily material supplies for many parts of the work are needed for a large part of the contract period.  

    Consider access

    Construction access is arranged through two sides so that construction work may get delay 

    Simplify construction

    For simplification of construction entire construction is completed in a sequential manner initiating from collection of material to finishing of constructed super-structure.

    Communication early 

    At client request, a special arrangement in the drawing is made for future expansion. Along with contractor chooses the scale and general method of presentation of a building. For increasing communication on-site wireless communication system was installed on every floor. 

    Sustainability strategy

    The sustainability strategy for any building depends on various factors such as environment, temperature, and cost. In this case, sustainability strategy that can be implemented are given below 

    Storm water management: Site location faced remarkable amount of water which can be collected and used in various form 

    Green building material and finish: Reduce carbon footprint and increases sustainability (Lazar and Chithra, 2020)

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