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    Computing Project Assignment Help

    Computing Project Assignment Help

    Computing Project Assignment Help

    The purpose of this form is to ensure that the investigation you are commencing is appropriate in terms of scope and ethics. Before submitting please ensure that you have read Arden University Ethics Policy and the Guidelines for Completing the Student Research Proposal Form.

    Under no circumstances should the recruitment of participants begin until written approval (usually by email) is received from the Arden Ethics Panel. Failure to obtain ethical approval will result in you being unable to submit your work.

    By submitting this form you are confirming that.

    (a) You have read Arden University’s Policy on Ethics.

    (b) You have read the Guidelines for Completing the Student Research Proposal Form.

    (c) You have completed this form fully and appropriately.

    (d) You have the necessary skills and competencies to carry out the investigation.

    (e) You have the necessary consent from any relevant organisation or agency (e.g., their employer) to carry out this investigation.

    Your name on this form and subsequent submission will be regarded as your electronic signature.

    If your investigation involves the use of human participants, you MUST append at the end of this file:

    (a) Participant Information Sheet and Consent Form.

    (b) Any materials used (see later section).

    (c) Debrief Sheet

    Where no external contract exists, Arden University asserts ownership of primary data generated in the course of research undertaken by researchers in its employment and by registered students.Where research is carried out under a grant or contract, the terms of the agreement will determine ownership and rights to exploit the data.

    Project Summary

    Cloud Computingforms an attractive research field and there have been a tremendous growth in the number of educational institutions all over the world which have either adopted or are considering migration to cloud computing. However, there have been many concerns and reservations about undertaking conventional or public cloud based solutions. A new pattern of cloud based solution is the private cloud based solutions, which becomes an attractive choice to educational institutions. This paper project presents the adjustment and implementation of private-based cloud solution for multi-campus educational institution, namely.

    Research Method

    The methodology is based on Cloud Computing which plays a big role in E-learning and relies on Information and Communication Technology (ICT). It provides a better solution, higher performance, applications, educational tools, instant software updates, providing low cost solutions, educational tools and applications.

    Various types of cloud computing services that can be implemented are inclusive of DaaS, SaaS, ITaaS, PaaS, IaaS, server hardware and cloud environment. Different forms of Cloud Computing are public Cloud, Private Cloud and Hybrid Cloud. It has been recognized that Cloud Computing is well suited for multi-campus educational institutions; as it provides high availability, scalability, higher performance, up-to date hardware, instant software updates, and a wide access to different academic resources, applications, and educational tools. It also provides cost-effective solution to the learning process, more agility, and foster development by improving collaboration between students and educators, more efficient administration and less expenditure on operation, maintenance and management. Furthermore, Cloud computing opens a new era and improves the quality and effectiveness of social applications in universities, such as a cloud-based storage of social academic networks between members of higher education: professors, students and researchers. They can share common conference interests, peer review relationships, joint publications and locate academic library resources effectively.

    In this paragraph say how will you do secondary research to find most optimal cloud solution that you will implement then for the small-sized university.

    Data collection method

    Scientific and standardized management can be used to integrate the information resources and integration, forming a unified user management, resources management and unified access control system, building a housing for the school, virtual university transcend time and space.

    Digitized campus can be interpreted as a digital intelligent, organic combination of the new type of education, digital campus network, digital, intelligent, learning, communication and research platform for the school. Data collection is to build an automated office, computer aided technology, modern computerized culture at the heart of the core. This is based on the modern network technology, advanced technology, strong extension capabilities, the webmaster who does the networking covers all the major campuses, the learning platform for the various types of PC workstations, terminal instruments and local area network (LAN) for interconnection, access to various information resources on the internet, and establishment of teaching methodologies, scientific research and management ethics, the hardware and software environment required for the school, teachers and students for providing proper network information service.

    Sampling method

    Questions about sampling are in fact necessary to get informataiaization education from different angles and levels to explore, from the point of view of angle of hardware, university education information belongs to the development of information infrastructure, from the software standpoint, relevant regulations and systems, development of teaching resources and platform and development of talent groups etc., software and hardware interaction, mutual interconnection and promoting each other Questions on these aspects can be framed.

    Research Outcomes

    The consolidated study presents a migration approach in one of the papers, namely, phase-based migration approach, for a multi-campus university from using distributed data-center at all the campuses to private cloud based solution. Movement to private cloud makes reducereduces the IT administration of universities, software licensing costs and maintenance, while protecting private, personal and sensitive information of universities at the same time.

    The development and consolidation of resources into a successful private cloud opens the way for providing ITaaS for all types of campuses. These experiences and views open-up a methodology to how to migrate to implement a shared configurable private infrastructure services across a multi-campus university or a consortium of universities.

    At present, the digital campus assembly of different universities is already under consideration. The use of information technology and the development opportunities should be promoted for the construction of the building of college education informatization.


    If you typed YES in Box A then please complete all sections of this form.

    If you typed YES in Box B then answer question 4b and submit the form, do NOT complete any other sections.

    If you typed YES in Box C then submit the form as it is and do NOT complete any other sections.

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