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    Computer System Security Assignment Help

    Computer System Security Assignment Help


    The use of network technology is rapidly increased in the high school network. High school system in the case study uses network-based applications for providing better service to their patients. The main goal of this study is to develop skill in the field of innovations as well as analyse the network security problems that are generally occurred. This study includes a literature review, current developments of the high school network, and the importance of security as well as security threats that are occurred on the high school network. This study also includes the possible solution of network threats in the high school network.
    2. Literature Review:
    With the help of the information security system, they can find out the riding threat about security. It is an important part to find out the effective threats by which they can provide effective solutions about the technical and non-technical approaches. Technical and non-technical methods play an effective role in finding rising problems. In this case, it is also observed that. Information security approaches are treated as valuable approaches. In this way, these approaches can provide effective information about the method of using other approaches that provide effective facilities for the security system.  According to Soomro et al. (2016), with the help of a few effective research, it is observed that various issues are able to play an effective role in the changing nature of cyber threats. This function is conducted with the help of proper and effective attack tactics that can comprise the whole cyber-attack strategy.in this way itis important to provide specific education about cyber threats, with the help of these cyber threats it is easy to find out the threats and create proper solutions against these kinds of threats. In this way, it is also observed that internet security is important for solving the complication, in this way it is also observed that this factor able to leave an effective impact on the security system. It is observed that almost every high school uses a variation of virtual learning environments by which they can provide effective methods. The main target of this method is to keep children safe in education. This factor plays an effective role in the improvisation of the security system. In this case, it is also observed that Microsoft office provides a huge number of facilities that can improvise the entire security system.
    Routers are used in the high school network to connect multiple high school networks as well as forward packets to its own network. The router consists of 3 layers, the first layer of the router forward the information in the network as well as specifically on the destination IP address (Ahmad et al. 2019).
    In the high school network, switches are used as a networks connection point for hosts on the network edge. Switches are also used to connect multiple switches between networks.
    In the network, the server is used to share multiple resources. In high school network, server works on the client-server method.  The server takes the request from workstations (client) and gives permission to client to access the data that are stored in the server.
    Firewall plays an important role to prevent unauthorized access of a private network. In high school network, firewall analyses the data which are coming from unsecured sources and prevent attacks on the network (Alqudah and A.M 2019).
    High school network field is changing fast. Various technologies are developed that put good impacts on high school network that are described below:
    Wi-Fi 6:
    It is the current and upgraded Wi-Fi that has the highest speed Wi-Fi protocol in wide use. The advantage of this Wi-Fi in the health care network is it increases the density of the devices that are connected in a single space.
    For the better performance of WAN, SD-WAN are developed for the network. SD-WAN allows high school network to route traffic based on managed roles and rules (Bhuiyan et al. 2017). It also provides full security of entry and exit points of the traffic in the network.
    Machine Learning:
    In managing of modern high school network machine learning plays an important role. Based on machine learning Artificial Intelligence is applied in high school network management. Artificial intelligence applications help to rectify the activities that break the pattern of the network (Mai et al. 2019).
    Compliance and Security become necessary for the high school network, some reasons are described below.
    In the high school network, various data are stored in the server; any type of server attack can leak all information of the patients. Falling of effective security can provide all essential information to hackers and it will be a disservice for the patients. 
    For verifying deployment and maintaining the high school process, security audits are necessary for the high school network.
    To prevent Cyber security threats as well as the compliance landscape for high school network. 
    High school network security is also necessary to prevent any types of data loss as well as stole of data.
    To prevent unauthorized access of patient information the importance of security is very high in the high school network.
    3. Case Study Introduction
    Some of the cyber-attacks need technical knowledge of internal operation of the particular system. The risks are costly for security researchers use side channel analysis in order to determine vulnerability of the commercial circuits. They are simply side effect of working the uses for performing reverse engineering the side channel analysis and channel attack. Izu and Takagi (2002) stated that as the side-channel attack are relied on relationship between information that are emitted through side channel as well as secret information, it is required to take effective methods and countermeasures for security. These are divided into two major categories. In addition, physical enclosures can minimize risks of the surreptitious installation of the microphones in order to counter acoustic attacks as well as different devices of micro-monitoring. 
    The strategies as well as systems are used in the assaults for ruinous impacts of making counting properness. In addition, it is required to have analysis of the public interest on the cryptographic security model. The security in computing as well as system of communication need to develop substantial research that is devoted for addressing the process. Cryptographic algorithm includes systematic ciphers and public key ciphers as well as hash functions. Thus, it can be helpful to set the primitives, which can be used as security mechanism.  Confidentiality as well as integrity of the communicated data. There are various cryptosystems in the standards selected in the key length of ECC presently selected in RSA as well as ElGamal-type cryptosystems.  The improvement technique helps to make pre-computed that helps to achieve the table efficiently. The special class of elliptic curves can improve scalar multiplication. Space assumption within predicted of contribution of non-targeted the bits. Guess space assumption helps to predict the value of the targeted that needs caring of the bits. Time space assumptions help to get power consumption that depends the value of targeted except handled. m. 
    4. Common Threats in School
    At present, information security is one of the important factors to an organization in order to protect information as well as conduct their business and personal usage. As stated by Warner and Afifi (2014), deploying cryptography in the organization solve security issues. Hence, it is important to take security steps that can be able to minimize the security issues and enable control over online computing. 
    Lack of skills:
    Lack of strong cloud computing skill is one of the main issues in online computing. Hence, it is required to fulfil the gaps. In addition, they need to follow the steps according to the guidelines of cyber security professional. 
    Cloud automation and orchestration:
    The particular techniques are considered as antithetical to the security. Cloud computing has tendency to go hand-in-hand with the agile development and DevOps orchestration (Feng & Harwood, 2015). On the other hand, the step is designed in order to accelerate delivery of application and maximizing the performance of design rather than give enough security protection along with oversight. However, as the organization is only responsible for upgrade and maintenance of tool and database system, this is considered as disadvantage for the organization. Moreover, there are various legal reasons that may preclude the utilization off-premise data storage.
    Non alignment with platforms of cloud: 
    The traditional security needs to monitor and control aligned with SDDC as well as cloud (Andersson, 2016). The controls are designed for residing on the networks as well as servers in order to investigate packets ad identify anomalous activities along with blocking actions based upon the set of rules. According to many security advisors, there is various security challenges that are occurred in the high school network such are described below:
    The security mechanisms are being complete security solutions. Interesting analogy is drawn between strong cryptographic algorithm as well as highly secured lock on front door. The security attacks on cryptographic system helps to get algorithm allows the attackers develop the system for attempting to break windows.  
    High school ransom ware is one of the major challenges in the high school network. High school operates an interconnected series of various services over the network. Through this interlocking network communication is done but ransom ware or any other malware attacks this network (Manoj et al. 2020). Ransom ware and malware may become from any side such as through online, mobile devices as well from any files also. Many times it can happen that an employee of the hospital inadvertently downloads malware in the file and ransom ware can lock entire files of the hospital and prevent providers to access the files. Many Security advisors stated that ransom ware attack forced the hospital to close their door for new patients as well as treatments of the existing patients are also interrupted because of failing in accession of patients records. According to Oh et al. (2018), there are five times ransom ware are detected in the last year.
    Phishing is one type of social engineering attacks that are used to steal log in credential data, user data as well as credit card numbers. Phishing occurs when an attacker masquerade is self as a trusted entity and dupes a victim through via opening an instant message, text message or an email. A malicious link was provided on email or messages when the recipient clicks on the link it leads the installation of malware and whole data of the device was transferred to the attacker. According to Patel et al. (2016), 70% of malware was initiated through an email attachment. Malware can be continued through phishing. Phishing texts and emails are threats to personal data. The National Health Information Sharing and Analyzing centre report that high school network stays in the risk of email fraudulent.  According to Salehi et al. (2016), 98% of health care providers did not take any steps to prevent phishing.
    Internet-enabled high school attacks (IoT Devices): 
    High school embraced internet-connected devices to improve patient outcomes.  Medical IoT devices offer various new ways to monitor patients and equipments in lower costs but these smart devices has unknown security protections. Various medical devices that are connected through Wi-Fi increase the chances of attack. Online information share among the IoT devices also increases the chances of malware attack. Various apps like openAps that are used to optimize the data-driven in insulin delivery system (Satpathy et al. 2018). Several IoT devices aggregate personal data and stored in a cloud repository. Various security issues such as DDoS attacks can occur at any time. These types of potential threats can interrupt the patient treatment. Most of the hospital did not have network segmentation of IoT from any other devices and as a result security problems are occurred in the network.
    5.  Responses to the Threats
    Ransom ware is generally fraudulent process and it travels through emails. There are various steps to prevent a ransom ware attack in the high school network are given below:
    Continuous Backups of System:
    The first step to prevent ransom ware is regularly backed up of the system. It is necessary because it keeps the information in a safe area where hackers are cannot access the information easily. If an attack occurs in the system it will be repaired through backup files no data loss will occur. Failure of the backup system creates irreparable damage to the system (Singh et al. 2016). Cloud backup solution protects the entire information of the network. Data that are stored in the cloud will be safe from the attack of ransom ware. Cloud backups also provide extra layer protection on the stored data that provide advantages to prevent a ransom ware attack.
    Segment Network Access: 
    Segment network access helps to prevent ransom ware attacks in the network. Through the help of dynamic control access limit of data access for the outside user can be implemented. This limit accession of data helps the network to prevent any types of attacks as well as ensure the network that security is not compromised in a single attack (Verma and Chahal 2017).
    Early Threat Detection System:
    Installation of ransom ware protection software helps to recognize ransom ware in the system. Unified thread management programs of software find intrusions as well as prevent them. Installation of Firewall also helps to prevent unauthorized access of the network. Email security practice is a good choice for preventing ransom ware. Spam filtering should be done to show unwanted attachments in the email inbox.
    Run Frequent Scheduled Security Scans:
    All the security software is not working properly if the scan is not performed regularly (Satpathy et al. 2018). Scans are the second defense of security in the network and it can detect the threats that are real-time checker not able to detect.
    Training of employees:
      It is necessary to provide training to the employees of the hospital about the attacks of ransom ware. An individual employee of the hospital becomes the victim of ransom ware only because of lack of education and training. Employees should ken the sign of ransom ware attack and it is necessary to keep update the employees about ransom ware attack as well as various cyber-attacks (Salehi et al. 2016). It must be known by the employees that not be clicked on unknown links. This steps can only be achieved through is only possible through the proper training of employees and it will be helpful for high school network to prevent network issues.
    6. Risk Analysis
    It is observed that information systems provide facilities for the long-range of public industries.  Lai (2017) stated that for that it is important to improve this entire system day by day. This factor plays an effective role in data loss and other cyber-attacks. At the same time, it is also observed that the educational industry is the easy target of the attackers, in this way it is also observed that this factor increases day by day. For that, it is important to provide the entire security system by which they can collect information about the attacker's plan and strategy. This factor can control cyber-attacks. With the help of effective surveys, it is observed that in 2017 the educational industry attacked more than any other system.  With the statistics, it is clear that there are too many risks in the school system. In every moment attackers are treated undetected. For that, it is important to provide an effective security system by which attacks should be detected. This factor plays an effective role in the performance of the security system (Spanos and Angelis 2016). These factors are treated as risk factors in the security system. In this way, few hackers use this schooling system for valuable effectiveness and the presence of important information. This information can play an effective role in the strategy of the. This factor is treated as an effective risk of the security system. In this way, stakeholders of the security system can comprise the entire system, by which they can control the increasing of the risk in the security system. By attacking the schooling system hackers able to collect all efficient research papers and other sensitive papers by which they can increase the difficulties of the entire schooling system; these factors are treated as a risk of the schooling computer security system.
    A side channel attack breaks cryptography utilising information leaked by cryptography like monitoring the electromagnetic field radiation through computer screen in order to view information before encrypted in a van Eck phreaking attack, aka Transient Electromagnetic pulse emanation Standard. In computer security, a side channel attack is considered as any attack based on the data obtained from deployment of a computer system compared to weakness in the deployed algorithm such as cryptanalysis as well as software bugs. On the other hand, timing information, power consumption and electromagnetic leaks sound also that can give additional source of information that can be exploited. 
    Some of the side-channel attacks need technical knowledge of internal operation of the particular system. However, differential power analysis are considered as effective as black-box attacks. On the other side, the rise of Web 2.0 applications along with software-as-a-service has significantly raised possibility of the side channel attacks on internet. There are powerful side-channel attacks for breaking cryptosystem through deceiving people with the legitimate access, which are considered as side channel attacks in social engineering as well as rubber-hose cryptanalysis.
    7. Cryptography and their Application
     It is observed that this Cryptography normally plays an effective role in providing effective techniques for secure communication in the presence of adversaries. This factor plays an effective role in the entire cryptography system. According to Jacobsson et al. (2016), in this way, this cryptography can produce effective protocol by which they can control data loss. In this way, cryptography plays an effective role in the prevention of cyber-attacks. Despite this, this factor plays an effective role in user authentication. With the help of these features, cryptography can provide an effective security system. Firstly this process is normally used in encryption. However, now this process plays an effective role in the security system by using mathematical theories and computer science practices. Cryptography method effectively used in secured communication (Naehrig and Renes 2019). This process can encrypt communication between many systems, for that process is commonly used in the communication fields. In this way, this method plays an effective role in the communication between the email client and the email server, web browser, and web server and client program and client-server. In this way, this method can control the misuse of the facilities by which they can control information also. After that many effective techniques are used to improvise the system.  In this way, cryptography also plays an effective role in end-to-end encryption (Jaiyeola and Smarandache 2018). Cryptography methods play an effective role in storing data. With the help of this cryptography, it is easy to keep safe a large amount of informative and normal data. It is observed that every operating system uses this method and at the same time during the setting of the password this method is used increasingly.
    8. Critically evaluate legal, social and ethical issues of secure systems
    Analysing the data can be helpful to get results. In all of cases underlying principle has physical effects that can be caused or modular information regarding secrets in the system. The cryptographic key makes partial state information and partial plaintexts (Yarom & Falkner, 2014). Applications change and upgrade the sudden software update. In addition, inherent risks and security are concerned for adoption of the strategy. There are few security challenges faced by the organization, which can deploy hybrid cloud strategy. It Includes security management as well as poorly constructed service level agreements. Hence, managing the kinds of deployment is complicated for the organization. Fluctuation in the present system produces radio waves. It enables the attacks, which can be analysed measurements of the electronic emanations.
    Cyber-attack is one of the forms of reverse engineering. In addition, electronic circuits generate emissions as by-products, which makes possible for processing. Heats as well as electronic emissions are viable sources of information for the attackers.  The utilization of performing reverse engineering earned the side channel analysis as well side channel attack. 
    9. Conclusion
    This study analyses various information regarding high school network such as developments of the high school network, the importance of network security and literature review of the high school network. This study also analyses the various network issues that are occurred in the high school network as well as provide solutions to prevent these types of cyber-attacks. This study will help to understand the high school security issues as well as provide various ideas to prevent security threats.