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    computer system Assignment Help

    computer system Assignment Help

     P1. Explain using examples how numeric and alphanumeric data can be coded within a computer system 

    What is numeric data?  
    Numerical information will be data which something that is measurable. Numerical information is gathered in numbers form, despite the fact that there are different sorts of information that can show up in like number form. A case of numerical information would be the number of student that has gone to class over a course of a month.
    What is alphanumeric data? 
    Alphanumeric information has a blend of numbers, letters and images. A case of this would be a postcode e.g. SW1 3AF or even vehicles registration number. Alphanumeric information isn't vital need to contain a mix of numbers and letters it can simply be basically as a content case a name of a man 'Mohamud Abukar’
    Character Encoding
    A character encoding advises the PC how to translate raw zeroes and ones into genuine characters. It typically does this by combination numbers with characters. Words and sentences in content are made from characters and these characters are gathered into a character set. There are a wide range of sorts of character encodings floating around at introduce, however the ones we deal most often with are ASCII, 8-bit encodings, & Unicode-based encodings. 
    A character encoding the PC deciphers zeroes and ones into genuine characters. This strategy is finished by pairing numbers with characters. Words and sentence in content are produced using characters and these characters and participate to a character set. The most well-known sort of character encoding is ASCII that utilizations 8-bit encodings and Unicode. The ASCII code speaks to English characters as numbers and each letter assigned number from 0 to 127 
    The Unicode is a standard that characterizes the web content coding framework in PCs. Unicode supports characters for every modern languages..
    P2. Explain using examples how different types of data can be converted and stored in computer system.
    A pixel is a smallest component of digital image, which is a colour point of digital image. An image should be made up of many pixels
    Joint Photographic Experts Group is the organization of decision for most all photos on that is on the web arrange for putting away and transmitting photographs. JPEG gives you great quality even at rather high pressure settings.
    Compact Network Graphics is a raster designs record arrange that backings lossless information pressure. This is for the most part utilized as a part of Microsoft paint when you spare it on paint default setting is png however you can change the organization also.
    Bit Rate
    Bit rate is the quantity of bits every second that can be transmitted along a computerized organize. For instance, a headphone has two sides left and appropriate for this we have to store two arrangements of tests, one for every ear stereo.
    Sample rate
    Consequently, to compute the bit rate for CD audio, you can increase our sample rate (44,100) by 2 (
    OR— on of the term (or both) will be in the returned document. (Broadens the search)
    P6. Explain the different types of memory that can be attached to a processor
     A hard circle drive (HDD) or Hard Drive is information stockpiling gadget that utilizations attractive capacity to store and recover computerized data utilizing at least one turning circles platters covered with attractive material. 
    Hard Drive stores: Documents, Photos and Music, perpetual capacity, records remain secure.
    Hard Disk Drives (HDD) utilize at least one turning circles and depend on attractive capacity, unbending plate is made with non-attractive material covered with a thin layer of attractive material an attractive head mounted on a moving arm is utilized to peruse and compose information. It has 7,200 rpm (revolutions every moment) it influences the murmuring to clamor of PC. Hard Disk is extremely strong and can be utilized for a long time yet it can fall flat. Issues that can happen is head crash is the point at which the attractive head scratches the attractive film you can lose information from harmed attractive film.
    P7. Explain how polling and interrupts are used to allow communication between processor and peripherals
    Polling and Interrupts
    Polling & interrupts are utilized to permit correspondence between the processor and peripherals. The processor can perform one thing at a time, despite the fact that it does things rapidly . There are large number of peripherals associated with the PC – console, mouse, monitor, USB drive, HDD & scanner, printer & sound card so forth. These require consideration from the CPU yet it can't be anticipated when. The CPU needs to stop what is performing & give the peripheral. A way is required for the CPU to discover when these peripherals require consideration so it can stop & give the consideration they require.
    “Polling resembles getting your telephone at regular intervals to check whether you have a call. Interrupts resemble like waiting for the telephone to ring." 
    Polling is a strategy utilized by a program to verify the status of a I/O device, console, mouse, screen peripheral & also verify whether it is prepared to send or get information (e.g. a key press from keyboard. It ceaselessly polls the I/O gadget then information is prepared to be transmitted. This isn't productive as the CPU is kept occupied while polls. It bound the CPU and prevents the PC from having the capacity to do whatever else. The one preferred standpoint of polling is that it enables the PC to react rapidly to the changed status of the I/O gadget as it is doing not anything else except for holding up and asking and holding up & asking. It is ok if the CPU does not have to do whatever else, for example, a single utilize gadget (e.g. a computerized digital timer). 
    A interrupt is a method for motioning to the CPU that a peripheral wants its consideration with the goal that the CPU can do different things separated from holding up & asking, holding up and inquiring. Every peripheral gadget interfaces with the CPU utilizing an uncommon wire – called an intruptline it us flag the processor. PCs consist fifteen lines. At the point when the equipment intrude on ask for (IRQ) originates from the gadget along the wire, it is managed by the 'interfere with controller'.  Intruder on controller signs to the CPU that an interrupts from a peripherals has happened. Interfere with controller doles out needs to the intrude on so the CPU can deal with concurrent interferes. Lower need interferes with take more time to benefit. The CPU at that point dispatches an 'interfere with handler'. The CPU suspends what is perform & jump to the intrude on handler. At the point where interrupt is taken care of then the CPU resumes what it is performing. The preferred standpoint is that the CPU can do other work in the middle of interferes. The drawbacks are that it doesn't react as fast when peripheral is polling.