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    Communication Styles Differ Culture Assignment Help

    Communication Styles Differ Culture Assignment Help



    Communication is most important term which affects an individual life directly or indirectly and style of communication vary culture to culture. The way of interaction with coworkers and family members are totally different. It can be a high level contextual communication or a low level. Means a culture play vital role in changing style of communication and is core function to enhance the personal and professional life style of an individual. The whole bibliography has been prepared on variation of communication in different culture.  

    Article 1 

    This resource explains about the fundamental patterns of communication style which vary culture to culture. Here E. DuPraw, M. and Axner states that everyone communication to each other all time whether it is home or workplaces. Varying in culture creates communication challenges and influences how we consider the problem and how we involve in participation with communities. E. DuPraw, M. and Axner also states that culture is a very typical concept with many variations of communication styles and definition. But the culture is most important part of human life as it refers to a group or a community where we participate and share valuable or non valuable thoughts to shape the style to understand the world. The world includes the culture where we born, gender in or national origin and the group that we select to enhance or personal and professional skills. E. DuPraw, M. and Axner also defined that importance of culture as “culture provides us a lens by which we see the world with logically to make sense.” The fundamental patterns of culture is different style of communication, conflict because of attitude and different strategies for task completion, different style for making a decision, attitude for disclosure and style to knowing. E. DuPraw, M. and Axner also provides guideline to deal with different type of culture like learning from the culture generalization and store it in knowledge house to effectively understand feelings of other human beings. Other rule that is specified is doing more practice to perform better in different culture. They also suggested that don’t make any assumptions for communication as it is a single way, try to make a question in right way to communicate effectively. 

    Article 2

    This article has been written by Vijai N. Giri in context of culture and communication style where he detail about the how communication and culture related to each other and has huge influence on each other. He defines that according to time change social and economical status of people also changing continuously. Changing in culture directly reflect to behavior of communication of people like the thing that has been happened, perceptions and the background of culture significantly affect the communication style of people. Vijai N. Giri also explain that culture also to shape style of communication by consider the question how would a person have to react on what on other person say. The whole research is contributed toward the relationship of culture and variation of communication style including its review by considering the question as how culture and communication styles are connected with each other. When a person born in a culture where his/her family member participates to shape knowledge and socialized him/her. Means a culture where an individual socialized directly affect the way of communication and the style in which people react shape the culture. In different culture member with specific knowledge about behavior for different situation and interpret for behavior that is done by other in any specific situations. He considers an example of Hall where culture is communication and communication is a culture. Member of a culture relatively define and share views for different knowledge in different culture like when a person is at home, treat like a family member and talk to enhance social knowledge and when a person is in office then talk to enhance professional skills and collaborate to effectively shape the objective of work that has to be deliver. 

    Article 3

    This resource has been contributed to different cultural communication style where the author Belinda Tucker explains about different type of communication style in different culture. He considers understanding the communication styles value because the world becomes smaller because international business agenda and political affect distribute actively by verbal and non verbal communication approach. A culture expectations and communication style depends on eye contact, time orientation and also on direct and indirect style of communication. He also states about what is difference in between direct and indirect communication styles. Belinda Tucker provides detail explanation as the culture where a person get value of communication quickly without improving in words is called direct communication. Within this type of communication the truth factor is considered with a concern people feelings. The direct communication strategy allow to communication with confidence and not afraid to use criticism while indirect communication value the process to save the face and maintain harmony. Tucker also considers some countries to detail about the communication style like African, American and North European are uses direct communication style. The author also explains about cultural etiquette consideration in social and businesses. Eye contact and touch play vital role dramatically in different culture. While Asian culture don’t believe in eye contact and touching to communicate. Here a direct eye contact considered as lack of respect. 

    Article 4

    The resource cross cultural communication style in context of high and low has been to contributed how the people communication in culture to culture . Matthew Machlachlan explain about variation of communication in different state of society and explain the variation on what the information has been transmitted and what has been understand by actual or implied in context. The author explains that the high context tends to lot or high level of unspoken information has been transmitted to other during the communication. People who lives in gulf countries prefer understand importance of high context culture and affect on long term relationships. They also understand that the high context culture can enhance the loyalty in different culture like family, society and even in work place while low context communication style tends to exchange of information by communication channels and rarely information hidden. People who live in UK prefer low level context of communication to have short term relations, go through rules and in common term they are straight forward.

    As per this resource when a personal understand about the culture whether it is country domain or foreign based in low or high context then it help to easily adopt a communication style and imply a powerful network with them. This type of communication technique is provided during special training session to manage cross cultural program or managing international terms. The training session which is provide for any specific culture like doing a business in Australia or Living in United Kingdom can also be considered by the explained low and high context of communication. Author of this resource specified problem that an individual face during doing a business in western countries are misunderstanding, lack of impression in communication, transformation of knowledge in non verbal way and going through long term loyalty. Apart all of this when a person use low context can configure pure information and can communicate in more verbal form. 

    Article 5

    Different cultures, different languages; Interculturality and communication. (1991). International Journal of Intercultural Relations, [online] 15(2), p.260. Available at: 

    The resource is based on variation of communication style in different cultures. In this resource it is explain that an individual spent maximum time in communication but the question is how well other understands because sometime it is typical to explain or capture. This resource states that communication at different level of culture directly influences on communication styles. The author addresses diversities available in culture in many ways. The common term to define culture in different pattern are thinking, reacting and feeling to a specific people and information transmit by using symbols or face expression.  The other definition for culture is it acts as a function of interconnected communication systems which includes environment, resources and the place like institutions, norm and roles. Means it is quite efficient to say that it is a combination of subjective and objective elements. This resource is mainly focus on two approaches of communication that are widely used and accepted by everyone in different context of culture. The author explicitly explains about different dimension of culture and its value where an individual interact with different culture in work place, in different area and also in cultural programs. 


    Communication style directly and indirectly affects on personal and professional life of an individual. It vary on changing of environment of work, situation and on reaction of people. The assessment play important role to enhance skills and taught in detail about the communication strategies that may vary in different culture and the possible way of communication in different culture. 

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