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    The team performance on the organizational landscape is considered as one of the efficient methods for achieving the goal of an organization. This review explores the importance of team communication and performance. Moreover this review extends the literature in two ways. Firstly, task complexity and team member diversity are the mediators of performance relationship and team communication. Secondly, the profile of team communication is explored by investigating the limits to which impacts of team and tasks explain the variance  in team communication measures, recognizing whether reliable team communication exists and examining whether these communication is related to team performance or not. 

    Communication is the mode through which a team reaches the appropriate decision and generates solution to the encountered problems. It has been seen that a team occupy an unquestioned place in organizational reforms but without getting the continuous proof to support their widespread applications. All team members need to interact in order to achieve particular goals. For decision-making team it has been suggested that type of communication that takes place in the team is one of the important factor for determining the success of decision-making. It has been found that the factors like team size and demography have more encouraging role than the communicative factors. The literature also provides a bit consensus about the impact of communication on performance. A unique structure of this thesis is the use of developed team to examine the relation of team performance and communication. 
    The thesis statement of the study will explores the link and relationship between the team effectiveness and its performance. 
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    Figure 1: Leadership performance comparison in the previous era with that of present one
    (Source: Russ et al. 2013, p.221)
    Main body
    Russ et al. (2013, p.174) has mentioned that communication is a process of mutual interaction in order to exchange information or to express thoughts, ideas or feelings by using words, signs or symbols, behaviors and sounds. It has been highlighted with some of the key discoveries in the field of team performance over the last 50 years especially that is reflected in the pages of human factors.  There has been a characterized progress in the field in view of eight discoveries and five challenges. 
    The discoveries affect to the importance of shared cognition, the computation of shared cognition, team training advancement, various use of synthetic task environment for research, and the features encouraging team effectiveness. The challenges that are being faced in the coming decades focus on increase emphasis on team cognition, adaptive teams, multicultural influences and the requirement of naturalistic study and superior measurement. On the other hand, Ford et al. (2013, p.114) has contradicted that communication is a process of sending information to people using technology and gadgets. Different organization are using electronic channel of communication which allows business to reach customers and help to interact internally through the use of fax, emails and texts but every team member should be aware of both advantages and disadvantages of using electronic tools in the workplace. 
    Team effectiveness can be improved by delegating responsibility to all the team members, by knowing the strength and weakness of each employee. Everyone has his or her strength and weakness at work. The more the team leader knows about the team member, the easier will be for the leader to appoint certain task to that particular member. For example, if a team has a team member who likes to think out of the box then let them allow bringing new ideas to the client. This may increase the productivity and effectively of the team. The business world is constantly modifying so effective team communication also allows the team to keep up with the evolving workplace information. The source that a team requires to adapt to the business changes reaches every team member quickly in a proper communication structure. Each member of the team will be able to understand each other when that team tries to communicate effectively. 
    This will help the team to fulfill their specified task. When there is a lack of effective communication in a certain workplace then confusion and conflict may arise. Some employees think that their manager said one thing, and other think that the manager told something that is completely different. Therefore, in this case it is impossible to work together for the same motive and increase the productivity. It is important to have a good communication system so that everyone can understand the goals and objectives and can work together. For example, if a team creates a promotional techniques using twitter for a company, then the team manager should clearly communicate and them understand about the main goal of the project. If they do not have a clear idea about what they should actually do like posting, sharing, liking and so on then the project will end up with a failure.
    Communication may be verbal or nonverbal communication in a team. Every member in a team should communicate with all the team members (MUJUMDAR, & SANTOS, 2014, p.116). When the team is not active in their communication then their work will be at stake. Another process by which the communication improves the productivity is with the help of empowerment and transparency. If the team has sufficient information, they would feel more qualified and empowered to complete their job with confidence and interest. Moreover, the team members who have more information about how to complete them will get motivation to complete their work effectively. Wellez & Boyd (2014, p.963) has commented that the companies which are transparent and teams have more empowerment give productive results. One of the key elements for developing a standard team is good communication. Development of effective team communication can be done when all the team members understand how communication affects teamwork positively and negatively. This understanding will help every team to practice good communication. 
    A team that waste its time in misinterpreting information will not be able to be a productive unit. Developing a strong system of communication will cut down all the possibility of conflicts. All the team members should be motivated by their leader to complete a particular task. Maslow hierarchy of needs theory says that to satisfy and fulfill the needs, each and every people get motivated to do their respective job properly in an organization. Team leadership model explains the importance to team leadership capacity in achieving team effectiveness. This model says that the leaders who share the team leadership role should be able to determine the team issues and problems. Russ et al. (2013, p.789) has stated that business leadership should be practice in every business to be successful.  Every team should have a leader who can assist them to do a job effectively. Leaders are tasked with guiding organizational goal achievement so that all the team members can produce the desired outputs. The leaders motivate the workforce to achieve success by giving proper training and coaching. Training takes a bit time, effort and money but  this provide framework to the team member to contribute to the company’s strategy and meet the desired goal(Mitchell et al. 2015, p.7). 
    For examples, leaders may prepare strategic relevant to the results of the performance coaching. 
    One of the most important functions of the leaders is to effective the vision and develops opportunity for the team member to grow. While doing so, the leaders understand the company’s heartbeat and produce effective ways to encourage team members to perform at highest level of goal achievement. Valentine et al. (2015, p.415) has mentioned that the leader is responsible to build the team spirit which help the team to know each other. They motivate and inspire their team to fulfill the result. Therefore, every organization should recruit effective leaders as they help to train the whole team to achieve success.
    Parush et al. (2014, p.445) has stated that organizational ethics are an important part of employment. The organization which follow some business ethics have the better place of survival compared to that company whose only motive is to earn profit by using any process. Recently the cases of scandals, fraud in different organizations has led to ethics in the work zone to comeback. Training in ethics also helps to build a powerful team that increases the productivity. Ethical teams develop trust in their workplace relationship; they allow people to open up to them and exchange the private information and feel to communicate among them. Gaining of trust from the team members can also increase the productivity, which helps the other team member to communicate and work in the workplace.
    Being an ethical worker makes that person a better team member always giving positive contribution and never obstructing the progress. The organization, which has ethical issues, should create an internal communication crusade because this contains a collection of messages focused on the same issue. Workplace ethics provide a healthy environment in a workplace. Bannister et al. (2014, p.635) has mentioned that ethical communication is very important in a workplace. It enhances human worth and dignity by promoting truthfulness, dignity, responsibility. Moreover, unethical communication can destroy the quality of all the communication. If any unethical activity done by any employee is found in an office then, the leader of that team member should take major step against that worker.
    A work ethics training programmers should be organized in the workplace because this enhance teamwork and build trust with the co-workers. This also promotes of sharing of commitment to a purpose. For example, if a manager implements a Monday morning meeting in which the team members make a work routine for the week, which may include promoting a new product. Then as a team, everyone can concentrate on that particular direction. Many businesses have failed due to the scandals and fraud the team member has done with the organization. Weller & Boyd (2014, p.321) has stated that Small-scale business needs to maintain the work ethics very strongly in order to avoid any kind of impropriety. As per the professional service source, every company should take care to build a strong venture, which is not related to any scandal. 
    Proper training in ethical communication is required in a workplace to make sure that everyone is aware of maintaining certain rules of professionalism to continue their employment.  For example, an ethical workplace should not tolerate any kind of theft, harassment and immoral behavior and the business owner should terminate such employee if caught doing any unethical activities. The ethical commitment from the team members has an effect on team performance. Many organizations have started to introduce a high value on diverse people, background and ideas. While doing a work in a group or team, the entire employee should cooperate with each other and the leader should assist the team in a right way to achieve success. 
    From the overall study, it is cleared that teamwork is a very crucial part for every workplace as it helps in adding huge efficiency to the tasks. A team of student should listen to each other, exchange their ideas and use proper criticism to be effective. This is also an opportunity to make new friends and talk with others. Moreover, students working in team also become experts in active learning, increasing their own knowledge as they help each other to learn the course material. Teamwork will also help the students to deal with diversity and conflict that are the skills, which will help them in workplace later. 
    In order to work effectively team needs to communicate with each other and with the company’s management. Management of the organization should make every effort to give accurate time and information to the team about the organization’s goals, plans, strategies and accomplishment. It is also important for the team management to encourage, support and identify the team’s effort. Leaders should motivate their team member by organizing different trainings and development. This also helps to have a mutual conversation with every team member.  If the team members get motivation from their leaders then they will work efficiently which will help in the progress of their team. Leaders should not make any discrimination among the team members as these may led to the conflict in the workplace.