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    Cloud privacy security Assignment Help

    Cloud privacy security Assignment Help

    Cloud privacy and security

    1. Develop a Privacy strategy proposal for the charity. The strategy should include the following  teams:

    1. Management of personal information

    The management works on developing the internal security functions that are important for the charity home. The security protection features add extra layers to the data management system that enhances the possibility availing un-penetrated database. The management is looking for the most appropriate system, which has the potential to protect the personal information, which is related to the internal environment of the charity home. In this regard, the primary objective of the company is finding the most efficient system designers who can protect the internal information of the charity home by keeping the data secret. In this regard, they are going to emphasise ore on the PI (personal information), DI (digital information). To be more specific the organization is going to accumulate and manage the PI, using and disclosing the PI, using the DI, securing the PI, Control the PI and many others (Oaic.gov.au, 2018).

    Some guidelines are important to be followed by the charity organization to keep the transparency. The organization has to follow these aspects to have good practices. The failure in supervision of personal data management is going to affect the administration in a negative manner. The personal information disclosure is something important for the charity, because it includes the information of them and the stakeholders. The PI management is significant for the organization because it has the risk of breaching the data of the organisation and leakage of these data is going to affect the market share of the charity.

    The charity organization only gathers the Personal Information, which are necessary to deliver the compulsory services to the clients of the organization. This is going to reduce the overloading possibility that is potent to have negative effects on the database management system. It is going to increase the accuracy of the management’s approach and in this manner; they are going to have a good grip over the market. Providing reasonable and supervised access to the database of the system is going to reduce the chances of facing unneeded issues related to information leak, which is one of the major threats for the organization (Oaic.gov.au, 2018). This personal information management will also portray that the information technology related service providers are totally safe and efficient.

    Keeping the guidelines into consideration the management is going to have a better reputation in the market. Management is going to have a better system that will minimises the possibility of data breaching and a security of PI will evolve with no loopholes to be used for unprofessional security breaching.

    2. Collection and management of solicited personal information,

    The strategy also has information related to incorporation of the data for different purposes. It is seen that the management of other organization use such information for competitive advantages, which is a wrong practice from the professional perspective. The most of the times it is seen that the requirements of an organization’s security is dependent on the severity of an information and in this regard if the information is sensitive then the management takes even more adequate steps that are related to meet the purposes. Management needs to have better type of data breaching related security services that are the most important for the organization to give protection to the stakeholders. The management of data needs to be precise from the organizational aspect. The purpose of soliciting the data needs to be given to the security ensuring group because this ensures proper bonding between them. The clients will be surer of the data transferring, they will have a better bond among them and this is going to ensure better service in other ventures. An important aspect of data transfer is authorisation, the authorisation provides full opportunity to use the data but not for malicious purposes (Oaic.gov.au, 2018). The team who is collecting the data has to be abided by several factors to be ethical in every aspect. The laws related to cyber crime and data protection, should be followed by the authorities properly, to ensure that they are not getting caught for any crime related to these. These are going to be the regulating factors that are needed for the organizations to follow in their every step. Managing the solicited information is a delicate job, which needs a good monitoring and approach strategy (Carnall, 2018). This ensures a good possibility of un-breached and unbiased data protection system designing for different organizations.

    3. Use and disclosure of personal information

    Using and disclosing the data of one organization needs to be very adequate so that the recipient organization must not be harmed in any circumstances. The most of the times, it is seen that the disclosure of the data brings issues related to information leaking. In this aspect, the charity must be aware of the facts about which data they are disclosing to the market. They must not give any unimportant data to the developers who are going to provide them the necessary services related to security system designing (Office of the Australian Information Commissioner, 2018). The unneeded data is going to increase the load on the system and the service may get affected in a negative manner. The developers must bar third party access to the system in order to create a safe environment for the management of the charity organization. The personal information often carries financial detail, staff detail and many other important facts that are necessary to be kept in a secured place (Oaic.gov.au, 2018). The developers can use the data to manipulate the performance of the charity both in negative and positive manner.

    4. Use and security of digital identities

    The digital identity for the employees of an organization includes different factors that are related to their professional life. It is seen that the management of an organization keeps the record of every employee’s performance in an adequate manner to have a track of performance improvement needs. The username, password, biometry and many other digital factors are included in this part and the management has to make sure that the security improvers are taking these factors into consideration as well. These can be used for checking the attendance, efficiency and other aspects, which are related to performance evaluation of an employee. The security of the employees will fall prey to the third party if these factors are disclosed with malicious intent. With the help of the information, any malicious intention possessor can black mail an individuals. Therefore, protecting the factors with different security layers is highly essential for the management, which is seeking for help from the security developers. 

    The service providing authority has to make sure that their data protection system is performing well to provide the necessary service to the help seekers. The security system developers must consider factors oriented with breach of digital identity in this case. Prioritising the necessities will ensure a proper development of the scenario and the possibility of the facing data loss will diminish in an extravagant manner (Oaic.gov.au, 2018).

    The developers of the security system must focus more on the aspects that are related with digital service providing. Taking the factors under consideration, it is going to be an unbiased venture where all the loopholes of the existing security system of the charity will be found but not be used with malicious intent. The possibility of having some issues related with the digital identity of the charity service providers are not low and the security system developers have to make sure that they have the potential to nullify the possible threats that might affect the development of the charity drastically (Hatakeda, 2014).

    5. Security of personal information

    Personal information of any individual has the potential to cause him major threat from the third parties who have malicious intent. In this regard the bank details, security card information, house location, personal life related information of the employees, medical condition and many other aspects fall into this segment. In this context, it is necessary to understand that the security service providers have to ensure proper safe guards for these things. There are many possible ways in which one’s personal data can be breached and the security service providing organization has to identify the sections first and add adequate measures to it (Oaic.gov.au, 2018).

    One employee must be aware of the possibility that are related with security service breaching and the extent to which they can get affected from it. The security system developers must ensure that they are giving proper guidelines to the management employees to keep that personal information safe. The unnecessary disclosure of the information is not needed and the management employees have to include these things in the training methods for the employees. There are many aspects, which have to be covered from the employees’ end to nullify the chances of facing issues, which are related to personal data breaching. The service providing authority has to be assured of the APP policies that are related with personal information protection (Oaic.gov.au, 2018). According to the policy it is important for the management to keep the employee information in a safe place. After that maintaining the data, the security feature is also a role, which they have to perform, but in this case help is being outsourced where a possibility of data breaching is present. The outsider organization is bound by legal terms to abide by their business ethics. According to the code of conduct, they cannot disclose or use the data for theuir personal purposes. There might be some loopholes that are potent enough to stumble the progress of the organization and working on those, aspects are necessary for the security checkers to ensure proper quality work.

    6. Access to personal information

    Access to the personal information of one person is strictly prohibited by the government of Austalia. The management of any organization has to have some strict rules related to this. There are many possible processes, which one organization can utilise to have a limnited access to the information related to one individual’s personal life. In accordance with the App 12 the management, in this case the charity has to take permission from the person. The security service providers have to make sure that they are following the same rules. The personal information contains highly confidential data of one individual’s life and in this regard they have to be abided by the FOI Act also.

    The organization must not give authority to anyone to have a check on the personal data sources of one individual. It is a delicate process where the charity has to take permission of the individual and monitor the access of the security providers in a proper manner. The FOI has given authority to the security service providers to check the personal documents of an individual but with the presence of that person. The approach will be limited and the service providing authority needs to be abided by the terms. The management has to give a proper notice to the individual before accessing tothe files (Oaic.gov.au, 2018). There are important aspects, which are important to be taken into consideration, and one of them is the refusal of the individual whose data is going to be checked.

    From the given information it can be stated that the individual has the sole authority to say no to any personal information alteration. The update of data, information alteration must be done under his strict supervisin. Therefore, the data security providers have to be abided by the necessary aspects, which are related to personal data security and detailed in the FOI Act. Therefore it can be stated that the management must be adhered by the policies that are related with personal information alteration in the professional fields. It is a confidential matter, which needs to be supervised by the most elegant employees of the management. In this manner a proper type of security structure will develop that will ensure safety to all individuals’ data properly. Giving rights to the security service providers lies on the hands of the individual but to have a safer medium, the individual should give it to the security service providers.

    7. Quality and correction of personal information.

    The information that is being preserved by the management of the charity has to be accurate otherwise; the individual will be charged for providing false identity to the management. The quality assurance of the data depends on the initial stage of data collection, because the derived data in that phase is going to make a difference in the development of a strong foundation related employee database management. However, it is important for the management to develop their system of checking collected data because a false identity can lead towards misleading idea related to an employee. The employees and the management both have to make sure that they are performing adequately and following the rules given in the APP 10 to ensure the quality of the data related to personal information.

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