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    CASE ANALYSIS Assignment Help

    CASE ANALYSIS Assignment Help

    Executive Summary
    The report aims to highlight and rectify the policies to be followed in the Recruitment, Selection, and Induction of the employees. A recruitment process also ensures that the HRM Department select the right candidate for the desired position. The adopted policies and procedures have been designed to include things that are better and more innovative than the usual ones adopted by other companies. This would make the company unique from its competitors. It is expected that, the new improved and updated procedure and policies of Recruitment and Selection would become beneficial for the Company and the new employees alike.
    The HR Manual of a Company speaks volume about the work environment and human rights policies it follows. The HRM Policy of a company would collaborate with the prevailing laws of the concerned country. The following report aims to highlight and rectify the policies to be followed in the Recruitment, Selection, and Induction of the employees.
    Critical Analysis of Strategic and Operational Plan and Policies
    As per Albrecht et al. (2015, p.31), the main parameter that the HR department looks for during recruitment is if the candidate is meeting the desired criteria of the job. A company should not discriminate among the candidates on the basis of non-relevant characteristics (Jackson et al. 2014, p.47). The newly recruited persons should go through a proper induction process before joining as an employee so that the chance to know the company beforehand increases. The company should inform all the candidates about the basic rules and regulations that the company abides by during the working hours, in order to avoid any confusion later in the process (Stone et al. 2015, p.221).
    Policies and Procedures for Recruitment, Selection, and Induction
    According to Deery and Jago (2015, p.465), the policy and procedure of the recruitment, selection, and induction of an organization should exhibit the organization’s objective to provide the employees a friendly working atmosphere. According to Gilson et al. (2015, p.1330), it is very important for the employer to give the candidates a proper Job Description which might include the primary duties they need to execute and also the core necessities they need to follow up. It is better if the Company is sure of the main Selection Criteria even before the job is advertised in the media. The organization keeps in mind the special limitations of the Specially Able Candidates before selecting them on the basis of those key criteria (Paillé et al. 2014, p.456). Considering the merit of such candidates the company can think of relaxing the regulations.
    Related Legislation
    The recruitment process of VTI Group closely goes by with the following laws and acts:
    Employment Act, Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Equal Pay Act, Illinois, Human Rights Act, Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA), Pregnancy Discrimination Act of 1978 and The Civil Rights Act of the country.
    Procedure Related to Recruitment, Selection, and Induction
    VTI Group recruits the candidates based on a Three-tier Recruitment System. At the First stage, the candidates get emails from the Company asking them to appear for the interview on the venue of the Office. The provisionally selected candidates have to come again for a final interview with the required personal details at the second stage of the Recruitment Process. After the selection, the Unsuccessful Letter will be sent to the abortive candidates in due time. The successful candidates will be sent the Successful Letter, mentioning the Job Description, Remunerations, and other details. VTI Group strictly follows a set of work ethics, Leave policy and Release Policy which are mandatory for an employee to follow. For the first three months, the employee will go through a training period and hence no increment will be provided to the person for spectacular performances. A new employee is not allowed to take long-leave during the training period.
    Need for Recruitment
    During the growth of the company and even after the ultimate growth of the company, it hires people as its employee. Quigley and Hambrick (2015, p.826) opine that the company should follow a proper and transparent recruitment process so that the Hiring Process goes along smoothly. A recruitment process also ensures that the HRM Department select the right candidate for the desired position. Such transparency is beneficial for both of the parties so that the employees can be sure of the tasks that are expected from them and the employee can expect the candidate to deliver on those requirements (Wright et al. 2014, p.365). A prosperous company would likely to employ a number of candidates twice a year, depending on its requirement.
    Obtaining Support from Senior Manager
    It is to let you know that the new revised procedure and Policies for Recruitment, Selection, and Induction of candidates are prepared to be followed in the next Recruitment Process.
    Please consider the documents which are attached to this mail for further improvement. Therefore, it is being requested to you to allow a procedure to examine whether these policies and procedures are up to the Mark.
    For the convenience of the HRM department, the recruitment process will consist of three stages. All the candidates will know the outcomes of the interview via emails. The candidates will also be given an induction session of two working days for the better understanding of the Job profile. The employees will also be encouraged to keep a clean attendance by a decent incentive of $300.
    Always feel free to give instruction for further modifications in the rules and regulation, which will be readily welcomed.
    Thanking you,
    Yours sincerely,
    HRM Department,
    VTI Group
    Necessary Adjustment on the Trial of the Forms and the Policies
    As per the Recommendation provided by the Senior Manager on the backdrop of the trial of the new forms and policies, the successful candidates will be called by the mail sent by VTI Group. This is to make sure that the candidates are informed properly about the final interview.
    Positions Descriptions for the Four Posts
    a) Administration Manager
    The profile of the Administration Manager will require the employee look into the administration of the company. They need to see that there is a considerable flow of information among the employees. They will also look into the support system of the company. The Administrative Officer should have an excellent communication skill as he or she needs to work with a large number of people (Nyberg et al. 2014, p.332). The person finds out the flaws and loopholes of the rules and regulation and will suggest appropriate remedies.
    b) Marketing Manager
    A Marketing Manager is required to produce, enact and execute the marketing strategies of a Company. The person also requires aligning those strategies with the customized objectives of the Organization. The person should have the capability to attract the probable customers for the organization. According to Baron et al. (2016, p.751), the Marketing Manager needs to apply proper strategies to innovate new ways retaining the existing customers.  
    c) Training Manager
    The Training Manager composes and executes training programme for the newly recruited employees of the Organization. The person should also identify the persons among the existing employee pool who require special purpose training. The person is responsible for providing them with proper training programmes. As per Al Ariss et al. (2014, p.176), the Training Manager will have to be always updated about the new skills and technologies that are coming into the job market, so that the person can include those updates in the current training programme.
    d) Finance Manager
    The Finance Manager holds an important position in the operation of an organization. They are expected to maintain the health of the Company's investments in all the sectors. As recently all the process of remuneration financial payment is getting automated, the company depends largely on the Finance Manager for the Smooth Functioning of these processes (Ployhart et al. 2014, p.352).
    Advertisement for each of the Positions
    a) Administration Manager
    VTI Group offers an attractive opportunity for talented and experienced candidates for joining the post of Administration Manager.  The candidate should have the ability to work with a large number of people. Preferably the candidate should be fluent in Spanish apart from English. Priority would be given to candidates having a good knowledge of Accounting, MS Excel, and SAP software. 
    b) Marketing Manager
    VTI Group presents a fantastic opportunity for the skilled personnel for the post of Marketing Manager. The job requires responding to the inquiries of the visitors at the company office and websites. The person should be able to talk to people in an easy manner. The manager also has to review and customize the marketing strategies on a daily basis. Remuneration is attractive and as per to the responsibilities, seniority, and qualification. 
    c) Training Manager
    Persons having the ability to compose training programmes for the newly recruited employees can join as Training Manager. Experienced candidates will be preferred for higher designations and responsibilities with lucrative salary. The person will be engaged in nurturing and maximizing the talents of the employees. Joining will immediately follow the selection.
    d) Finance manager
    VTI Group presents a fantastic job opportunity for the experienced people in the sector of finance on an immediate basis. The post of Finance Manager will be based on managing the finance team of the company. The person will also maintain a strong relationship with all the shareholders of the company. A person with knowledge in accounting and budget management are suggested to join immediately on a high salary.
    Specialists in HR Process
    For the smooth functioning of the recruitment process, three persons of higher authority of the company might be present on the interview panel. The persons can be consulted by the HRM department for the better understanding of the profiles of the candidates. They will also be allowed to put their valuable suggestions for the betterment of the process.
    Advertising to Two Other Colleagues
    The HRM department has decided to advertise the jobs to two colleagues possessing suitable requirements with the permission of the Board of Directors. This is to check the response of the persons on the quality of the job descriptions. This will also help to understand whether the Remunerations structure provided in the descriptions match up the expectation level of the probable candidates.
    Forms of Training and Ongoing Support
    VTI Group will provide three-month training for all the selected candidates on their respective fields. In the first month, the employees would have to go through an intensive training programme especially designed by the Training Team of the company. A thorough evaluation process will follow to test whether the candidates have achieved the desired objectives of the programme or not. The unsuccessful candidates will be followed up with another course of training so they can catch up with the advanced learners later.
    Questions to be Asked in the Interview
    4 General Questions
    Tell us little about yourself that is not mentioned in your CV?
    Among all the candidates why should we hire you?
    Where do you want to see yourself in five years?
    Tell us about your strengths and weaknesses?
    6 Subjective Questions
    What are main principles need to be followed by a Marketing manager for the Company’s betterment?
    How would you administer the execution of a newly acquired project by the company?
    How would you manage the grievance of the subordinates working under you?
    Tell us little about the goals of VTI Group?
    What would be your contribution as a manager in VTI?
    What do you think is the strong benefits of working in an MNC?
    Template for the Unsuccessful Letter
    Dear Mr. /Ms.  ___,
    This is in reference to the interview you had with VTI Group last week. We regret to inform you that you have not been selected as a successful candidate for the post of ___.

    We wish you all the best in all your future endeavours.

    Thanking You,
    HRM Department,
    VTI Group.

    Template for the Successful Letter

    Dear Mr. /Ms. ___,

    This is in reference to the interview you had with VTI Group last week. We take immense pleasure to inform you that you have successfully cracked all the stages of the three-tire interview process with the company.

    Congratulations to you for being selected for the post of ___ ___ under the ___ Department of VTI Group. Please go through with the attachment for Further details of the job.
    As you were informed, your remuneration will be $___ per month with an added incentive of $___, that will be applicable from the 4th month onwards. Your working hours will be from __ to __, from Monday to Friday.
    Thanking You,
    HRM Department,
    VTI Group.

    Staff Induction Policy
    The HRM at VTI Group understands the importance of a proper induction for the new employee. The thoroughly designed Induction policy will certainly help the new employees to settle down with the work culture of the company. During the two-day induction session, the HR Managers will direct the employees about the procedures of check in and check out of the new job. They will also answer all their queries about the job and the Company. On the second day, they will have a mock job session so that they do not feel uncomfortable from the next working day. This would also include the knowledge of security, leave and remuneration policies of the company that would be communicated to the employees. 
    Staff Induction and the Orientation Checklist
    Whether the session was overloading or not?2-day session   
    Presence of techniques.Use of Company Software.   
    About the Job.Queries were answered.   
    About the Company.Queries were answered. 

    Table 1: Staff induction and Orientation checklist
    (Source: Created by Learner)
    Feedback on Induction
    Although 90% of the new employees enjoyed the session, for some the two-day session was a little bit overloading. However, everybody was excited about the new job profile and asking various relevant questions. The staffs were energetic as a number of senior colleagues were present in the session to share their experiences with them. According to the staff, the handbook was sufficient to make them aware of the job position and its responsibilities. The new staffs were pleased to know the Health and safety policies adopted by VTI Group as per the law. 
    Refinement in Induction Process
    Keeping in mind the feedback the HRM Department got from the new staff, the HR Management personnel suggest maintaining a recess of 1 hour in each day of the Induction Session. It is expected that the new change will help in breaking the monotony of the Induction. As per Cerdin and Brewster (2014, p.249), the induction stage is similar to a Welcome for the new member of the Organization, so that they can prepare themselves for the new job role. Therefore, VTI Group would try to match up the nature of the Induction session with its standard definition in the near future.
    To recruit, select new quality candidates is the main purpose of the HRM Department. They are also entitled to dismiss an employee if they are not doing their job properly or violating any of the company policies after giving due warning. In this report, a modified process of Recruitment, selection, and Induction has been given for the consideration of the Board of Directors. From the above-mentioned policies and procedures, it can be concluded that subsequent changes have been made such that it would help VTI Group to gain the confidence of the employees and help to make a better and friendly environment for their employees. The adopted policies and procedures have been designed to include things that are better and more innovative than the usual ones adopted by other companies. This would make the company unique from its competitors.