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    Care Of Older Person Assignment Help

    Care Of Older Person Assignment Help


    Nursing is all about caring other people whose are not able to fulfil their basic needs by own due to the health problems such as; older people are not able to live there properly because of age issue. According to the World Health Organization, aged care becomes a most indispensable role of nurses as they are responsible for providing support to older people by helping them in regular activities of living or fulfil their other requirements with full attentive nature (Grohs, Schneiders and Heinze, 2015). Therefore, this assignment is going to revolve around the things which are considered and used to provide aged care. Along with this, it shows some implications for older people and the significance of it for new graduate nurses in order to understand the necessary facts about it.

    Summary of media item          

    Aged care is the most indispensable aspect in human life because it’s a fact of life that every individual is going to face this phase and youngsters are responsible to give proper care to their elders. Thus, several scholars and authors have mentioned their viewpoints upon aged care such as; how nurses need to give care, how to act with age person, what is the appropriate diet, relevant exercise need to follow them and many more things are there to consider while handling older group. For example; media item which is used for acquiring relevant information about aged care are some articles like; Home Care for The Elderly in Their Own Homes: Important Things to Remember article which is recently updated in April 2020, Greg McIntosh, Janet Philips (2003), various reviews which are accomplished by authors to acquire information about nursing role henceforth. Apart from this, various other resources which are useful for acquiring relevant data are; Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, Australia’s Welfare 2001, Productivity Commission, Report on Government Services 2003, Commonwealth Government offers a seniors Portal site for users, professional and societal members to investigate on-line about care related services, Commonwealth Department of Health and Ageing, Aged Care in Australia, 2002 gives an overview about a system of age in Australia, etc.






    Review of aged care literature

    According to the data of Susan P Bell et. Al., (2016) almost 40 million adults who are over the age of 65 in the United States are affected by one or distinct kinds of cardiovascular disease due to the absence of proper care. Aging is a fact of life which influence entire human beings in the same manner but few people need extra care and some are little support to live their life. Every individual needs to give proper facilities to their senior members so that they can properly manage their life (Stein and et. Al., 2016). Aging is a stage where there is a decline of physical and mental well-being of a senior citizen due to which it is essential to youngsters and care provider to take extra care of their elders in order to protect them from major problems. For example; if an aged lady is going to work in a kitchen to cook food then there is a great possibility of damage like; damaging utensils, enable to start regulator, can’t able to handle heavy crockery and many more things. At the same time, aged men are also not able to perform their regular activities sometime because of the age issue as God has created this life circulation which is encountered by every individual. Thus, it’s a responsibility of adults to give proper attention and service to the needy people or old age person for controlling the possibilities of major health issues because single crack on a body of an old person is not able to cure easily as they have already physical decline due to age problem (Higgs and Gilleard, 2015). Therefore, it is essential to consider some important things to provide appropriate care to old age people that are discussed as follows-


    Care provided for senior citizens must be Person-centred- Every aged people in the entire society is a human being by having an equal right, the same level of freedom and so on. This is an opinion which needs to consider while giving care to senior member because they have also gone through the age of adolescents and enjoyed their life span. Therefore, it is essential to give them full attention and equal care as compared to other members of the family. In fact, they need special services because they are in the last phase of their life which is equal to the beginning. As many scholars believe that childhood and old age are the same because in both the situation person is not aware that what is right and wrong as well as not able to accomplish their basic activities (Victor and Zubair, 2015).

               Dignity is most important- Aging occurs with every individual whether he/she is poor, rich, celebrity, businessmen, politician or anyone. Therefore, adolescents need to take care of the dignity of a senior citizen by respecting them with the same level as earlier and maintain dignity in front of them.

               Hence, it has been understood that the care of aged people is very much sensitive which requires too much attention and extra precautions because it’s a stage where controlling a person is not an easy task. In this age, the mind of an individual fluctuates any time which means that old people has gone through several mood swings and say anything without considering anything because of age issue (Horn, Schweppe and Bender, 2015).

    Indetified gaps from literature review       

    By analysing information from various authors and scholars, it has been understood that there is a difference between opinions of scholars upon aged care because few believe that they need over care but few think that over care might affect the dignity or self-respect. Therefore, it’s not easy to decide the proper care of aged people because every individual is different from each other in several ways. Hence, a care provider needs to act according to the situation and give care as per the need of an individual (Kruse, 2018).

    Implication for older person       

    As a care provider, an individual need to follow all the necessary information which is essential to protecting old age people from major health issues and how to manage their age problem effectively. Throughout the assessment, it has been understood that health care practitioners are responsible to consider all the elements of various medical institutions such as; World Health Organization, UK Ministry of Health, Government of UK, Medical department and many more. Apart from this, legal bodies have also some fundamental rules for adolescents to follow specific provisions and ethics in their life in response to the care of old age people because ethical principles always say that respect the dignity of others or elders (Lundgren and et. Al., 2018). Apart from this, it has been identified that the elderly age is a very sensitive phase of life where an individual expects special care, attention and need comfort healthy life without any tensions or anxiety. In this age, possibilities of health issues are get increased because the body of human being get sensitive at the end of life due to which they can easily be affected by minute infections too. For example; in the current situation COVID-19 has taken a drastic place in an overall world which affected millions of people especially old age people are getting influenced by this problem as infection attacks easily to the body of an old person. Hence, adolescents of every family are giving extra care and precautions to protect their senior citizens (MacIntyre, 2018).

    Importance to new graduate nurses         

    Gaining a reliable knowledge regarding old age care practices will increase inner capability to handle the senior citizen health in more effective manner. It would provide more confidence to maintain a professional accountability as well as dilemmas of practice. The knowledge of nursing practice to improve care practice within old age group will assist in getting opportunity to make a meaningful contribution towards the care practices. However, it will also help in gaining portability benefits and effective lifelong learning benefits as a new graduate (Papanicolas, Woskie and Jha, 2018). The practice care has provided a remarkable growth as a new nurse to better advocate for patient and deliver best possible care to them in the coming time. It has given positive learning to treat a patient’s physical ailment and their emotion needs. It has help in creating a strong relationship with the old age people so that the root cause, symptoms to the patient problems can easily be identified. These knowledge and experience will be more valuable for further career development in the nursing practices as new graduates. Furthermore, this type of learning experience would also increase the level of motivation among me to deal with the critical patient by allocating a sufficient amount of support delivery of healthcare to the patient (Siqi, 2016)


    From the above report, it has been summarized that care providers and adolescents are responsible for giving extra care or proper facilities to senior citizens who are at the sensitive phase of their life. Moreover, they need protection to get away from dangerous health issues because the body of old age can easily have attacked by dangerous diseases. Hence, it is indispensable for every health care association, nurses and adult people to ensure that every senior member can able to access their part of care in a corrective manner. 

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