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    Business Research Project Assignment Help

    Business Research Project Assignment Help



    The paper aims to present the research contributions in the research project with ideal research skills and ensure the sufficient research has been conducted in this paper. The paper assesses the significance of topic approval and allied notions of a research in catering on the research with underlying assumptions in the successful manner. 

    Rationale behind the topic selection

    The topic selected for the business research project is to evaluate the influence of social media on marketing strategy. The topic has been selected in order to deal with the allied notions of current economic trends and evolving changes of marketing practices. With the growing emergence in the technological governance and events changes are contributing to the practices of management in the effective manner (Caruth, 2016). It has been evident that the changes in marketing approaches have been linked with the significant practices of media approaches. Social media is evolving the media marketing practices that are definitely transforming the marketing practices in current business practices. In order to illustrate the invaded conceptualization of social media and its importance in the marketing practices and strategic implications the topic has been chosen. Social media is considered to be the most effective platform in the modern commerce as it has been in use as the engagement tool that facilitates relationship between consumer and brand in an efficient manner. It has been observed that the social media marketing practices have transformed the communication practices of organisations and tremendously impacted the growth potential through engagement and brand resonance. Thereby by illustrating the evaluations of effective social media impact on marketing strategy its importance and repercussions can be dwelled on the business research duly.          

    Team’s initial literature search

    Social media has been considered to be pivotal for effective marketing strategic implication and brand engagement in the current competitive marketing. The impact of social media is catered on positive results and opportunities however impact and consequences of social media in marketing strategies are multifaceted. According to Enyinda et al. (2018) social media is an effective platform for communicating the brand with its potential targets and create effective consumer base. Additionally the relationship of a consumer and a brand has been facilitated using social media as in the modern media practices social media is used as a platform to research for product specifications and information to make the purchase decision effectively. In consistent to a piece of Goodall, (2019) cites that social media has indeed effective impact on the marketing strategies that helps the marketers to execute the marketing objectives more precisely in time and cost effective manner. The marketers are using social media as an effective marketing approach as the significance of consumers changing preferences and demands are coordinated with the social network platforms.  Technological governance and internet marketing has transformed the way of interacting with the customers and brand engagement procedures in the most critical manner. It has been observed that traditional marketing mediums are used in modern commerce practices as support activities while the social media platforms are being used as the primary platform.        

    In contrary to this Gvili and Levy, (2018), illustrates the negative aspects of social media that is affecting the marketing strategies and practices of modern commerce in dealing with competitive trends. It has been evident that the social media approaches are critically beneficial for the marketing strategies and better strategic illustrations as it provides critical benefit to the organisation in the most effective manner. The impact of social media on marketing strategies incurs significant results that are associated with improved customer insights, better customer service approaches and other customer centric approaches. Agreeing on this fact Mngadi and Mkhize, (2017) have stated other significance of social media on marketing strategies ascertaining the implication of cost efficiency and connectivity. Apart from that the social media helps in developing effective marketing strategies that are intertwined with the significance of effective establishment of brand engagement and brand resonance in the most successful manner. To the extent social media network has become the crucial marketing tool for the transformational changes in the modern economic trends in an effective manner.    

    Statement of Research Problem

    With the reviewed literature and aim of the paper it has been evident that evolution of social media in modern economics has brought differentiated changes that can cater and build pervasive growth opportunities in the competitive marketing. In order to approve the team research topic it is critically important to approve the topic with justified reasons that will address a problem need of the readers. With the aim and objective a problem has been recognised by the team that states the importance of analysing the relevant impact of social media on marketing strategies and its allied notions. The problem statement relies on the determination of social media’s influence and impact on the business marketing strategies in order to support the modern economic trends and changes in the effective manner. By addressing the problem statement of the research the team expects to address better and in depth idea in the practices.     

    Research Question

    The research question has been developed based on the research significance and the problem statement taken into account. Based on the research aim and the topic for approval following is the main research question that will be focused in developing the business research project successfully. The research question is as follows: 

    Apart from that, the following sub questions will be considered in developing the research duly. The


    In relevance with the paper it can be stated that the research topic considered will help in addressing the research problem with effective team work and collaboration. The team members will work collaboratively to address the research problem with effective research mechanism and illustrate the solution against the research question duly. This will duly help in performing a business 

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