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    Business Project Assignment Help

    Business Project Assignment Help

    Business Project Assignment Help

    Part 1


    Based on the VCS case study the assessment formulates the execution plan of the project. Ltd is one of the most rapidly growing communications start-up industries that produce various gadgets like; Smartphone’s, Bluetooth devices, and smart hand-held radio transceivers. So as the company is growing so as their needs and demands among their customers. In such scenarios, the company needs to come up with new plans and strategies that would support them in enhancing their productivity even more in the competitive market. The lack of resources, teamwork, collaboration, planning for execution, and documentation all that lead to the failure of the company success. The company also lacks in the repeated testing of their products this bring the clients to lose their faith in the company. As they were not able to sort problems that were faced by the customers which result in faces loss of revenue. On the release of products, they were not able to maintain the reputation of the company, as the lack of resources made them to use bad quality of the products. Due to improper management and collaboration between the authority and the employees the company was unable to save any document of the set of plans and steps that were to be taken. After the analysis is done in several steps, the company came across these problems and initiates their step to rectify the problems. The management team was to be assigned; the designer teams come up with more improvised ideas that would uplift the initial products of the company. The assessments are further strategies and plans that need to be taken care of by the company in collaboration with their stakeholders, managing team, staff, HR, and other personals within their company whose contributions are also equally needed for the enhancement of the company. The company furthers set up strategies to combat the gap in the planning they set stakeholder matrix, a scope of statements, project plan, risk management, and organizational structure.

    Project initiation document (PID)

    The project initiations documents are the document that formally helps to design or to authorizes the project and accumulate the project. It can be described as the module that defines the management, project scope, and success overall. It consists of the basic structure of the projects by including the scope, context, team, and collaboration. The PID is being developed with the use of the framework.

    Project management assignment help

    Project management assignment help

    Project management assignment help

    Stakeholder matrix

    The matrix of the stakeholder is the management of the project using a tool for the assumptions and analysis to determine the steps that are required to pursue the goal of the project. There are several matrices of stakeholder like

    • Matrix of power interest

    • Analysis by stakeholder

    • Engagement of the assessment of the stakeholder matrix

    A stakeholder can be described as the organization, individual, or group that is affected by the decision taken by the organization or vice versa

    The matrix of power interest consists of the two variables

    Power and interest: the power is the ability of stakeholders to change or stop the project. Whereas interest is the overlap between the goals of the project and the stakeholder. The chart plotted with the two variables can be helping in analyzing the stakeholder interaction with the projects.

     Project management assignment help

    Part 2:

    Why adopt sustainable business in the practices in the projects?


    Sustainability in business addresses the two main things i.e., how the environment is an effect and how the society is being affected by the business. The aim or the strategy behind them to have a positive impact on the business with sustainability is either of the thing or both of the things the environment and the society. The environment and society much more impact on business development and life. For the long run of the business, it is necessary to maintain an environment that is can be sustained for the long term and a clean environment and well resources that are related to society with a very good impact and better future. When the company's responsibility to maintain sustainability fail, it can lead to a much bigger issue that will show an impact on the environment by degrading it, which will lead to inequality and social injustice in the society. Sustainable business has either a bad impact or have potentially a good impact on the surrounding on a locally and globally basis. The business not only shows positive or negative impact on the environment of local and global basis but also shows the impact on the society, community and the economy, a business that makes great efforts to achieve or obtain these triple bottom lines are willing to maintain the sustainability in their business. Or else if it fails to maintain sustainability results in the negative environment, society, community, and economy which ultimately leads to a bad impact on the business. The other name for sustainable business is green business or green capitalism. Usually, the businesses with the sustainability have a progressive surrounding and policies for human rights. Usually, a business is said to be a sustainable business with the four following criteria, that are:-

    • If it includes the principle of the green business into their each of their decision related to the business.

    • If it supplies that are used are should be environmentally friendly products and services that can be used to exchange the non-green services and products to have a green environment.

    • We need to have a competition that is green from the traditional.

    • It should be a long-lasting or long durable commitment to the environment and maintaining the principle of the green business as in their business operation (de et al, 2017).

    It is an environmental concern organization that takes part in the green activity or environmentally friendly activities that involve all the products, processes, and manufacturing activity properly in a correct way according to the environment in present by maintaining the profit of the business. It is assessing processes that include how to design a product that will have a good impact on the community, or society, and the economy. And how to perform a company's product with the use or reuse of the products or materials. Business sustainability with the chain of supply tries to maintain an equilibrium with the help of the concept of triple-bottom-line using distribution and development to as not to have any impact on the environment, society, and the growth of the business. Every business affects the green environment of the market place and globally by somehow. The development of business with sustainability can be made up the value for the investors, customers, and the environment. (Lensges et al 2018).

    Traditional methods in business practice in project management

    The traditional approaches and methods to the initiation of the performance of the company include the fundamental insufficiency of the matter that of the company’s competitive level that existed in the retrospective view. The method of traditional marketing is a much wider category of marketing that incorporates marketing and advertising. The traditional method does not indicate why the results are the way they are, or what company strategies should be improved to have better results and to meet the objectives of the strategies. The marketing activities involve the continue with the traditional strategies. The different types of traditional marketing involves adverting, sales, publicity and merchandising, and distribution. The traditional method of management of the projects a universally adopted that involves the set of techniques for development uses method controlling, planning, and estimating activities. Targets are to get the result in desirably on time, specifications of budget. Each method of management of the projects follows the lifecycle in the same way which includes five stages: initiating, planning, executing, controlling, and closing (Evans et al, 2017).

    The different types of traditional methods in the management of the project

    1. Waterfall method

    The method of waterfall used in the management of the project is one of the widely used methods. The key ingredients of using the method are the completion of a task and make it available of use on building on. The method required a strong planning and fair amount of the resources to begin the work. it makes the planning of the project regularly. The scope of failure decreases and as the method breaks it into several tasks and displays it in the chart form.

    2. Critical path method (CPM)

    The method involves is complex due to the involvement of methods and analyzation. But the method is easy and simple. The method gives a clear analysis of the time that how long it will need to completion of the project (Shah et al 2017).

    Benefit of the traditional method:

    • Complete and clear documentation of the ways or path with the straight forward decisions and feedback. The method deals with no changes or a little change with a proper list of the works to be done.

    • Set of solid estimation of the expectations: the method gives a clear image of the tasks and the results. The methods help to translate to the company scope projects that relatable to the detailed project plan.

    • It becomes easy to understand through the use of visual project plans: as in the waterfall the plan the projects run in a manner that is well-defined responsibilities and dependencies.

    • Easy to measure the impact of the projects: the result is depicted in the methods

    • Clear accountability: everyone can analyze the expectation to do their parts and if they fail then what happens.

    • Easier to Communicate: as the visual project plan is there it makes it easier to communicate with the clients and team members(Geissdoerfer et al, 2018).

    Impact of sustainability of project management

    Green business meets the needs of the customers by maintaining a proper way of an environment well. To get the success, a structural approach is required where the stakeholder balancing and a solutions joint key, required. The methods and tools that are challenging are to maintain a concept of sustainable enterprise excellence and concept of the responsible growth. It is usually confused with the responsibility of corporate social, which is different. Green business is possibly seen as a mediator of economic environment relations, and if it fails that would create a severe diversity in the economy, even lowering the atmospheric CO2 levels. That will contribute to the greenhouse gases and seen to save green energy.

    o Impact on environmental sphere

    A step that impacts the majorly of the green business is to remove or reduce the damage to the environment due to the consumption and production of the products. The result of the activities of the human with the gases of the greenhouse and can be produced calculated in units and CO2 and it is said to be the carbon footprint. Term that is evaluated from the footprint analyses which monitors the capacity of ecological and supports the product consumptions. The companies take a rage of steps for green environments. The green business holders are also taking the step that includes the regulation of the energy use, disposal, and storage, of the product. Designing environments is a part of the green business. The procedures include the users to consider the environmental impacts of a product and procedure potential use to make a product. Great pressure was created in adopting the green business in considerations by the companies, employees, and customers and also regulators of government and leaders (Lozano et al, 2018).

    o Impact on social sphere

    The company that returns to the society and community, employees through giving their time, or doing a donation are usually taken as the sustainable socially. The institution encourages the education and initiative to propagate in the society by training its workers and providing opportunities for internships to the young individuals of the society and communities. These practices help to increase the quality and awareness and education of the communities and society. To practices a sustainable business, it necessary to have an environment resourced but also social resources like customers, employees, and reputations (Weissbrodet al, 2017).

    Advantage of sustainability strategies

    in projects Sustainability in the corporate strategies can target into taking the advantage to generate the opportunity of the revenue while defending the importance of the business in growing energy value, the meeting of the requirements of the cost in regular basis changes in the way customers maintain the products, resources, and brands volatile. Eco strategies of all the companies are not eco portfolio immediately. The practice of sustainability widely will help to have

    o Technology and innovation:

    the methods of the green business in the corporate world practice will help to focus on the changes in its services and product to be used in a less wasteful way of production and sustainable best practices that will result in a great environment and a well-resourced environment.

    o Collaboration:

    The network formation with the partner or similar companies facilitates knowledge propels and sharing innovations. Help to sustain for the long term, with a long impact and build a strong base for the business.

    o Process improvement:

    process improvements and surveying continuously is important in the reduction of the waste. Awareness of the employee of the company-wide plan with sustainability further aids the unified of the new and improved procedure.

    o Sustainability reporting:

    regular reporting of the company performance concerning the aims and purposes that are decided in the green business. These aims are often included in the corporate mission.

    o Supply chain in the greenery:

    procurement of sustainability in the company strategy impact on the environment is much greater than the consumed products (Sarkar et al, 2018).

    Along with that, companies might be considered a system of management and measurement, so that they can readjust the procedure and a measure according to the requirement of the sustainability issues. And can have a regular forum discussion and updating of the policies and issues according to the need of the environments. The balance in the sustainability scoreboard to measure the performance of the system in a non-financial and financial as well as long- and short-term balancing measure. Explicitly it integrates is valid and great environment, ethical and social goals into the performance of overall management and sustainable supports managements. The population and economic growth globally in the twentieth centenary required the factors that threaten the health and the globe. Depletion of ozone, change in climate, depletion, shorting of resources that are naturally present and biodiversity losses and habitat has been seen as a negative of the bad environment. In the past year the approaches to the environment generated problems by industry and businesses have regulatory-driven end-of-the-pipe efforts (Ortiz et al, 2018).

    Structure and planning to have a sustainable project

    To get the success, a structural approach is required where the stakeholder balancing and a solutions joint key, required. The methods and tools that are challenging are to maintain a concept of sustainable enterprise excellence and concept of the responsible growth. It is often confused with corporate responsibility socially, which is different. Green business is possibly seen as an economic mediator of environmental relations, and in case it fails that would create a severe diversity in the economy, even lowering the atmospheric CO2 levels. That will contribute to the greenhouse gases and seen to save green energy. The green business holders are also taking the step that includes the regulation of the energy use, disposal, and storage, of the product. Planning of environments is a part of the green business. The procedures include the users to influences the environment of a materials and procedure potential use to make a product. There are several ways to transform one organization into a sustainable performer. The strategy that can help to have sustain environments is by assessing define objectives, missions for the establishment, craft the strategy, and the result (Reza et al, 2016).

    1. By assessing define objectives and the problem

    The initial step to adopt a change in the model of a business includes your team, company, customers, employees to understand the value of the sustainable environment and a business impact on it. To guide the procedure, one needs to solve the questions step by step, like as

    oHow waste is creating in the organizations?

    oIn culture, struggling is there in the company?

    oIs employing practices are attracting the candidates job diversity?

    oWhether the products made are aiming for a few customers only?

    oWhat impact does the company have in a local society or community?

    2. Mission for establishment

    Once the objectives and aims are fixed, one is ready for the mission of the company. The statement of the mission is a vital part of the sustainable business. A mission statement outlines should be focus on the doing. It effectively should by capture institute and organization purpose and values and serve a light of guidance to why to do and what to do. In other ways the missions should state and define company five Ws: what, who, where, when, and why. For example, like an Alignable and Patagonia believe to have a business in local together makes it stronger. The goals help the small business owners to make a relationship to have a long-term relationship term, help the words to generate from the of mouth referral, and help to access unlock to wisdom collective of the community of the companies. And Patagonia builds the best product, causes no harm to the environment, the use of the business to implement and inspire the environmental crisis solutions. It should be clear to executing against these values and a clear perception will help to executive it in a very well way (Spalke et al, 2016).

    3. Craft of the strategy

    With a fixed objective and strong mission, it is necessary to realign the organization with a strategy with a sustainable business. In crafting a green-sustainable, the mission it becomes necessary to mark that the company is in profit without being harming to the resources. The aim is to have profit as their one priority. No one can help the harm and cause to the environment and resources if the company does not able to persist in the business. A business that persists will help to have an environment that is sustained and is well resourced for the future. Several strategies have specific to one industry that helps to increase the efficiency of the operation during the internal and social value. Putting work to build a strong and healthy sustainable strategy which will result in the profit of the company and the environment for a long duration (Yang et al, 2017).

    4. Results

    The one thing that we talk about the new findings and motivation well to do and do great. With the solidify strategy the mission is having strides toward reaching your objectives. After the implementation of the strategy it is necessary to revise the strategy periodically with the employees, owners, and partners, and if possible, to take feedback of the customers also will lead to a business with a great sustainable resource and environment (De Man and Strandhagen, 2017).

    When a strong purpose, objectives, missions, and actions are planned it always results in a great business and strong sustainable environment.

    Challenges and Opportunities while executing sustainability in projects

    Sustainable implementations in the practices of the business have an impact on the benefits and the firm's bottom line finance. These challenges at first make the businessman cringe. Lately, when the awareness of the environment is famous, strategies of green business are embraced by consumers, employers, and other stakeholders. Several studies show the relationship between economic performance and environmental performance. An institution present business model is unsustainable inherently, and then to become a true business with sustainability requires the use of the complete makeover and has a new model for the business. This can be a great challenge for the company to set a new model for business (Ortiz‐de‐Mandojanaand Bansal, 2016). The difference between the new and old models and skills respective, infrastructure, and resources are needed to be considered. A new model for the business can be also a major opportunity of creating or entering new markets and reaching a new population and customer group. Sustainability in the corporate strategies can target into taking the advantage to generate the opportunity of the revenue while defending the importance of the business much more the energy cost, the meeting of the requirements of the cost on regular changes in the way customers maintain the products and brand and resources volatile. Eco strategies of all the companies are not eco portfolio immediately (Maggi et al, 2019).

    Modern method and its type of project management:

    Modern methods of project management are can be described as the disciple that results in well predictable and repeatable methods. The method is highly analyzing needs automatic tools that can support the huge production.

    Different types of the modern method:

    1. Agile method

    The methods are based on the older method and ideas become popular in the software industry. The method is based on the change that involves the influences and shaping of the future environments, scan early warning and amending the trends, analyze the information and decisions and their solution, and the response to the opportunities and risks. The method looks after the completion of the cycle of change, scan, analyze, and response.

    2. Scrum methods

    The method uses the cycle of incremental and initiative, rather than setting the whole plan. The method acknowledges that clients often change the mind in what they want that can't be addressed in the traditional methods and aims at the team's ability to responds and ship products to the new requirements (Nosratabadi et al, 2019).

    Benefits of the modern methods

    Focus on quality: the products are collaboratively built and tested during the cycle. The process flexible enables the team to make changes and pivot for the better result.

    • Process lightweight: light framework offers the helping the team together works. level collaboration and documentation with a fast and rapid delivery

    • Optimization and evaluation continuous: the evaluation and measuring of the work and help to early visibility and accuracy into progress.

    • Decrease risk: the method decreases the elimination of the failure of the projects. The team is well performed.

    • Great customer satisfaction: because the changes are easy to adapt in the method, the clients get happiness because of the higher probability with what they want.

    Example of the modern method

    One of the leading fashion companies is C&A, the company deals with the use of the fashion of men and women wears. Sustainability is the mainstream of the company that targeting its objectives and targets keep in mind the sustainable environment. The framework they are taking into consideration the use of sustainability as the goal in three ways: sustainable products, sustainable supply, and sustainable supply. The company uses the modern framework to approach its goal based on the cycle of change, scan, analysis, and response (Raza et al, 2018).

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