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    Business Orientation Assignment Help

    Business Orientation Assignment Help

                        Business Orientation
    1. Introduction
    The research will be carried out in order to develop a business oriented literature review in Sydney market. In this case, researcher has chosen Hyatt Regency Sydney hotel as the organization. Business leader are facing many issues in every day and the options along with strategies can be considered as countless. Accordsing to Mahmoud et al. (2016), the way in which one company approaches their strategies for success can be known as Business orientation. Hyatt Regency Sydney is one of the large upscale hotels in the city, which has 24-storey tower along with 222 premium guestrooms that provide the views of the Darling Harbour (Gautam, 2016). The most attracting factor of the hotel is open bar in rooftop with views of the Darling Harbour and this is open for public.
    In this research proposal, researcher will be highlighted the aim and objectives of the research. Moreover, research will show various part of business orientation in the literature review part. In the last part, it will describe the research methodology, where researcher will show all the useful and helpful tools and techniques that can be effective to carry out the research.          
    1.1 Aim
    The main aim of this research is to develop a business oriented literature review for the hotel Hyatt Regency Sydney.  
    1.2 Objectives
    In order to carry out the research in a proper way and to obtain a better outcome from it, researcher has developed three effective objectives.
    To assess the relationship between consumer satisfaction and hotel restaurant service in case of total satisfaction
    To Identify the potential customer in the target market, this effects actually the reputation of the dining restaurant in the hotel
    To identify the market and competitive analysis along with classifying the perception of walk in guest and in-house regarding the dining experience in Hyatt Regency Sydney
    2. Literature Review
    2.1 Consumer reviews along with opinions regarding Hyatt Regency Sydney Hotel
    As the rule of thumb, this is difficult for consumer for evaluating the services and products, which is related with tourism without immersing themselves in a valid experience. Therefore, interpersonal relationship of the Word of Mouth (WOM) can be considered as the credit channel to search for data (Abubakar, 2019). The power of e-WOM along with social media can be considered as tremendous. Therefore, business in hospitality industry along with tourism industry need not disregard the enormous influence of Facbook, Tourism Magazine, Google reviews, Trip Advisor and Instragram.

     The results from the consumer feedbacks were that the Strong points regarding Hyatt Regency Sydney Hotel were the location, the food that is value for money, staffs are friendly, and service is on time (Olivares-Delgado, Pinillos-Laffón & Benlloch-Osuna, 2016). However, few mentioned weak points are poor design; logo is not recognizable and boring ambience. 

    2.2 Elements influencing on the local guest and in-house guest to go for the hotel restaurant
    When this comes for decision to eat out, the concept of the restaurant characteristic, which can influence the consumers’ preference, has been subjected to criticism.
    The above table has carried out to show few essential researches regarding the significant factors, which can be affected by the consumers’ decision (Sousa, Krot & Rodrigues, 2018). This can be considered as clear to see that, various authors with various research methods, different approaches along with contexts, various consumers segments, and various researches for time carrying. Lead towards the variation in outcomes of the influencing factors. Six aspects of restaurants are there, which can affect the preference of consumers on time and geography. This are quality of the food, value for the money, quality of the service and Ambience, brand along with location.
    In addition, in comparison with the guests, who stay in the hotel and the local guests, who does not have enough money, it can be found that the expectation of local guests is very few. Moreover, they cannot effort more price as well (Mosbah Serief & Wahab, 2017). Besides, during this comes towards the freestanding and hotel restaurants, more than 65% consumers could go for the regular one about the cause of food price and quality.
    2.3 Identify the local competitors along with competitive advantages
    The Chinatown areas can be picked with different Asian along with Chinese restaurants; few of them are popular as Golden Century, Noodle King, and Hot Pot King. In spite, the location is bustle with the hundred individual strolling pass each day (Yeni, 2015). Many tourists in Chinatown come here search often for the Asian cuisine most importantly with the Chinese food. 
    Figure 1: 10 Favorite internationals cuisines in Australia
    The figure 2 has showed the proportion of Australians, who enjoy the international food between in the year 2011 and 2015. It can be observed from the above graph that Chinese cuisine can be considered as the most preferable food by the people in Australia. This can be found that it is more than 60%. Few other cuisines such as Thai and Italian are falling behind the Chinese dishes.
    Therefore, as known as the hub for the Chinese along with the other Asian food, tourist and Australians come to this location to dine and search in Asian restaurants, with the variety of tasty option and the cheap eats. As opined by Hofstätter et al. (2016), an average cost of the meal in the Dixon food court in Chinatown is near about $15 that can be reviewed as one of the decent meal for the adult. While comparison to the Hyatt Regency Sydney Hotel, it can be found that the average entrée is near, about $13 along with the main is near about $27. Therefore, after the comparison regarding price between the neighbor’s restaurants and Hyatt Regency Sydney Hotel, it can be found that the surrounding restaurants can be considered as more competitive.
    2.4 Identifying the present trends of the Restaurant industry
    The most current trends of Australia is having takeaway food and eating out. This can be considered as one of the developing trends in Australia, which is preferred by the people of that nation. For example, presently adults under the year 34 in the year 2018, is spending about $100 in every week for the service. As stated by Shuhidan et al. (2016), this can be found that this figure is 37 % more than it was six years ago. Moreover, Deliveroo-one of the food delivery company had witnessed a growth of 20% in every month in the year 2018. It opens the opportunity for beverage and food industry and increase the competition between many food courts along with outlets, which is entering in the market. Most importantly, the restaurants must offer a take away menu for the time of lunch and specifically targets the corporate guest and business guests as propinquity toward the ICC or International Convention Center. 
    Figure 2: Dining out growing at the expense of the eating in
    The second developing trend along with the eating out is eating healthy. The scale of the fast food chain like KFC and McDonald has lost more than 19% in the year 2017 in popularity. Moreover, few healthy options have developed by more than 14%. In reality, several restaurants have been a pour in the sales number of the fresh option of nutritious food along with the vegetarian dishes. Hence, from the above figures, Australians are presently more health concern and aware of their diets. However, there are 4 options only of the healthy greens in the menu of Hyatt Regency Sydney Hotel.
    Thirdly, development of technology has played a very significant role for both the consumers and restaurants. Technology can be utilized to made online consumer profile along with loyalty, receive the instant feedback from the customer’s responses (Fayaz & Shah, 2017). Technology is very helpful and effective to control the reports and number of business. Moreover, in order to gain a long-term success, internet marketing can be considered as a popular tool in present time. Consumer are very much depend on the social media channels while Facebook and Instagram influences consumers to get to know regarding the outlet of food and brand to make a decision where to dine (GIKONYO, KITHINJI & NJERU, 2017). Due to this reason, restaurants have to offer a platform for their guests to evaluate the menu smoothly. Restaurant must provide the facilities toward their guest as they can obtain the news of promotions; read the online reviews along with facilities like book the table via internet.
    2.5 Identify the potential consumers to target market in Sydney
    The hotel can utilized six ways to target market in Sydney and identify the potential consumers.
    Understand the problems of consumers, which can be solved
    Hotels need to understand the problems of their guests and identify the process to solve those. In this case, hotels in Sydney should focus on the fulfillment of consumer demand along with a fixed price. 
    Paint a picture of the target consumers
    Hoteliers in Sydney need to make a list of various consumers, who are suffering from problems. As opined by Radojevic et al. (2018), they have to group them based on location. For example, high-net-worth persons tend to live in the certain postcodes. On the other hand, group them based on market sector such as recruitment agents, manufactures and few others.
    Benefited consumers from the offer
    If one hotel can reveal that the cost of not dealing with the problems is more than the cost of dealing with those problems, then the case becomes compelling (Ma & Mohsen, 2016). The aspects like stress, upheaval along with the risk toward reputation during applying the solution and bottom line cost. This is all these aspects, which make up the value in the offering in Sydney. 
    Consider the niche markets
    Presently, the world is became niche. For example, no persons are longer captives of the television schedules (Guttentag & Smith, 2017). This can be watched that anyone want at the convenience, from approximately everywhere in the globe. All of the person can enjoy a unique experience of view.
    Offer from the hotel expertise               
    Specific areas of the expertise
    Unique knowledge of the particular geographical area
    Better at obtaining o with the certain types of individuals
    All these factors can assist the hotels in Sydney to establish a specific attractive offering for target market (Abbas & Ul Hassan, 2017). 
    Identify the competitor
    In order to target market in Sydney, hotel needs to identify their competitors in that location. A competitor many times creates various issues to target market and attract the guests.    
    3. Research Methodology
    3.1 Research Philosophy:
    Research philosophy can be considered as a process of believe along with perception to develop the knowledge. Research philosophy can be divided into three types and those are positivism, interpretivism, and realism. In order to carry out this research, researcher will be chosen positivism research philosophy (Tapkir & Dadas, 2018). Positivism research philosophy mainly helps to collect proper data. In order to select the proper research strategy, positivism research philosophy plays a major role. Moreover, it helps to collect effective information for the research.        
    3.2 Research Approach:
    Research approach is one of the effective stages, where researcher generally emphasizes on shaping the various approaches of study. Research approach can be divided into two part and those are deductive research approach and inductive research approach. In order to conduct this research regarding business orientation, researcher will be taken deductive research approach. The research generally highlighted on the deductive research approach as this a useful approach. Research can utilize existing theories and models to develop literature review regarding the business orientation.       
    3.3 Research Design:
    There are three type of research design and those are descriptive, explanatory, and exploratory research design. In order to conduct this research, descriptive research design will be chosen. Descriptive research is described as the “statement of affairs” since they are present with the researcher and lacks control on the variables (Al-Ababneh et al., 2017). However, “descriptive studies” can be characterized as an attempt of identifying, describing, as well as determining the attempts of analytical research in order to establish the reason of its establishment. The aim of Descriptive research is casting light on the relevant problems or issues with the method of data collection in order to enable them for describing the circumstances completely without the application of the method. Descriptive study is applied in describing different aspects of the phenomenon regarding business orientation. Descriptive research is applied in describing the behaviour or characteristics. The association of descriptive studies is the studies of observation and this is not confined to observe the method of data collection. This can be found that different textbook suggests different implication of research design. It has been argued by others that research design stands for the preference of particular methods of data collection and analysis.
    3.4 Data Collection Method:
    This can be found that data collection method can be divided into two categories and those are such as Primary data collection method and Secondary data collection method. Data collection method can be defined as the process of gathering useful and relevant data, which is related to a research work from different sources. As opined by Radojevic et al. (2018), the correct data collection method is crucial for the study. It is necessary to collect the right data for the study and hence data collection method is extremely important for the study. Appropriate data collection data method would enable the researcher to get a detailed analysis into the topic of his research. The primary data collection method would lead the researcher to collect data through the conduct of survey as well as interview effectively. The collection of random samples would enable the researcher to conduct proper survey for collecting the viewpoints of the respondents. On the other hand, the conduct of interview would enable the researcher to get a detailed insight into the personal viewpoints of the employees that can be easily taken into consideration (Fayaz & Shah, 2017). Besides, data collection method would also help the researcher in collecting relevant data and information from the journal.
    3.5 Sample size and Techniques:
    In order to carry out this research, researcher will take interview and survey process. In this case, research will take 150 respondents and 5 managers.   
    3.6 Data Analysis:
    In this case, data analysis is a main part to analyze the several data, which will be obtained after conducting the research of business orientation in an effective way (Fayaz & Shah, 2017). Data analysis can be divided into two parts and those are primary data analysis and secondary data analysis. 
    3.7 Reliability and Validity:
    The word reliable means ‘that which can be trusted”. Reliability can be defined as the extent to which the identical answers can be gained through the usage of same information more than one time. If the results obtained from the same data are found out to be similar from a research study, then it can be said that the research work is reliable. As opined by Radojevic et al. (2018), validity can be defined as the extent to which a particular research project’s requirements have been thoroughly followed for generating research findings. Authentic data and information has been collected for the study based on the research topic.
    4. Conclusion
    From the above discussion, it can be concluded that business orientation is one of the very significant parts of Hyatt Regency Sydney Hotel. The discussion shows that most of the consumers are given positive feedback for the hotel. From the competitive analysis, it can be concluded that many hotels are there in Sydney, which can create many difficulties for Hyatt Regency Sydney Hotel. In order to get success in the hospitality industry of Sydney, it can be recommended that hoteliers need to develop their brand to attract more consumer. As mentioned above, the scale of the fast food chain like KFC and McDonald has lost more than 19% in the year 2017 in popularity. Moreover, few healthy options have developed by more than 14%.