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    Amazon is developing its business worldwide, but the importance of greater areas can be stressful in its management supply system and Amazon in the market place. It is appropriate that due to political and economic conditions, the international market is going to be challenging enough, for this, there is a great need to upgrade the CRM and understand the needs and behaviour of the customers and invest in their information. Under this report, first in Introduction part, there is a brief description about the company. In second part, business model of Amzon.com is described. Also there is brief analysis of their business model. Some recommendation is also provided by the trainee regarding the solutions of the business model and it conclusion part, it is concluded that Amazon.com is using the business model from its customer model for better development. Amazon.com is focused on customer satisfaction.



    This report is prepared on the basis of the analysis of the two month training period in Amazon .com. This report fulfils all the data regarding the present scenario of the company business model. Also, in last part recommendation part is included which I prefer as an internee, that they are the key element for improving the weakness the company.

    For the past several decades, Amaazon.com is providing services to the whole world. Amazon.com is an American electronic commerce and cloud computing and electronic commerce company that was founded by Jeff Bezoz July 5, 1994. This company is mainly located in Washington. Amazon.com is considered the world's largest internet based company. Amazon has acted as the online book store, selling blue ray CD videos, streaming audio download book free software, garment dining furniture toys, etc., as many variations. This company also makes electronics goods for consumers. Feature it is believed that Amazon Kindle Reader is the world's largest provider of many inventions, including Fire TV Cloud Infrastructure Services and Fire Tablets. 

    It is also believed that in 2015 Amazon crossed the Wall Matches market as the most valuable retailer in the United States by capitalizing completely.


    The main purpose of this study is to identify the company's business line. Amazon.com identifies the lines of its systems and uses its detailed information.Amazon.com deploys the business division used by amazon.com in relation to the intensive development strategies and user related to expand its e-commerce business. It implements how your supply chain management strategies should be implemented. In future, amazon.com considers what steps should be taken. Amazon.com is a very large e-commerce site for the purchase and sale of products. So in this we cannot interview developers. Amazon is known as the world's largest Internet Term. 



    As an internee, I start the report by watching the retail business, which quickly becomes clear that the company does some other work than the traditional retailer. While Amazon.com sells the standard route UP products, at the same time, it has done a very honest job of leading alternative own strategies as a very strong contender for other gateways and used goods for its retailers. | But when it comes to amazon.com, Urdu retail is an important part of the picture itself. Business Lines Company Product Sales Service Sales Publishing EWS Digital Content Membership defines their lines of business in case of credit card. For our purpose we can define effects like this on amazon.com.

    Online retail- In the field of business, Amazon is known primarily by the name of products sold as a traditional retailer. These products are usually as low cost retailers. Amazon claims that he sells the world's largest selection of websites through his family at the lowest price, on a small profit. This company started its own online book vendor and after that its expansion was expanded rapidly in the expansion of music and films. Ultimately this company has become popular for electronics and household goods. But Amazon still does not stock many things through its website .They uses their own strategy as a channel for selling and buying cuts for his other retailers. In today's effective era, Amazon is working as a republic website but does not necessarily include the list of slow selling products. Due to this policy, Amazon has been made a leading long-time retailer, from which he is going to expand the additional selection without increasing the overload cost. Using this long tail, Amazon.com has started to sell its retail model and it has started selling the products used by Vendor Brothers, which has started to make more profit. Primarily, the reason is to develop competitiveness with the wife and provide a revenue and retail stream without the need to store the products in the warehouse for its seller's market. Amazon.com handles its shipping in particular by advertising. Amazon.com cuts down to make every sale available to you .

    a. Internet Services - Amazon is using its Internet services as a standalone line from the business perspective, enabling it to deeply integrate both its retail business and the candle ecosystem. Amazon has started providing many services from consumer perspective. An example of these services is the services of Amazon, which allows us to get free daily purchase by retail purchase, online on demand video streaming, and Kindle Library and get a free two-day shipping. Amazon Prime overlays its membership, so customers can do business with a retail model for price pricing. However, there are many Internet services, which provide anonymous services to customers, which is a form of Amazon Web Services. Originally it developed into a side business, from which other companies and individuals decided to take over the position of their Server. The company was not considered to be the main part of the strategy but in Amazon it managed to manage large numbers of Internet services and servers and made great efforts to manage these services.

    B. Kindle ecosystem -Now Amazon has expanded its business in the form of distribution and distribution of family of Kindle Tablet .It is believed that Amazon does not have much profit from the Tindal device, but it is being sold at loss. For this, Kindles strategy is that it is better way bet by selling the hardware in damage, so that the customer will buy enough electronic books games and videos to give more pictures to the initial losses.



    Amazon's biggest voice competing strategy is e-commerce business. Amazon may be able to offer its goods and services in very affordable rates by e-commerce. Amazon uses cost to lead its competitive advantage as its own strategy. The main objective of this competition strategy is to reduce operating costs. For example, it can be said that Amazon.com uses the maximum operating efficiency to use infinite computing and networking techniques which translate to lower costs. Keeping in mind the e-commerce nature as a nature, the company has achieved its benefits while operating its various processes, which are usually used in scheduling operations orbital and procurement training. Keeping in mind the nature of the e-commerce, the company will give its benefit to Amazon.com Inc. is able to reduce the benefits of online retail and other services. Amazon.com includes a voter’s model in its business model, which is linked to the generic strategy. This is how many e-commerce competitors create competitive advantage through continuous improvement with their political objective information technology infrastructure. To attract consumers, having at least prices is a very important element. Through this strategy amazon.com fulfils its Mission Statement and Vision Statement in a very meaningful way, with the online retail global development and leadership competitions being achieved.Amazon.com has some say policies, also known as development strategy.

    1. Market developmen- The market in the Amazon market is developing its current primary development strategy using the development strategy. While analyzing this discussion, we want Amazon to fully implement its business model as a business use. 

    2. Amazon is completely dependent on its customers and it is considering its customers' satisfaction as its primary goal. Amazon can handle its relationship with customers more effectively by using CRM, such as collecting all the information of customers, all the personal information of customers, their credit card, record transactions, record auto records, profiles and their last purchase can be collected as a database. By which Amazon can take advantage of benefits such as the individual reason utility rating and the method of paying a click to review them, like minimum shipping and fees etc. This is not only for amazon.com but also to promote some collaborative programs, the worker is employed. 

    3. This customer traffic and sales rate is the best way to work with Amazon.com clients and small businesses. To achieve high revenues, this is to demonstrate the goal of an intensive development strategy to develop and offer products. From this program Ramesh Points gets a partial boost for developing new products over time.

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