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    Task 1

    External factors

    ·       Outside the business

    ·       Effects on the success

    ·       The impact can be negative or positive

    ·       “social”, “political”, “environmental”, “technological”, “economic”, “legal”

    Political factors such as new legislation can impact a business.  Economic factors such as rising unemployment or high rates of inflation can have a negative impact on a business. Changes in fashion or demands of people are the social factors that can impact. Rise of online stores or improvement of websites of business can also impact the sales (Brown et al. 2015).  Weather conditions can have an impact on the sales and the rising interest of using recycled and “green products” can have a positive impact.

    Reason for PESTLE analysis

    ·       Alerting the threats

    ·       Exploiting opportunities

    ·       understanding of the economy

    ·       Cost-effective solutions

    PESTLE analysis is done by business organizations as this provides a deeper understanding of the current conditions and the demands of the consumers so that changes can be made and the business can be adjusted accordingly (Rastogi, & Trivedi, 2016).

    Crisis management procedure

    ·       Pre-crisis

    ·       Crisis response

    ·       Post-crisis

     “Pre-crisis" stage deals with preparation and prevention.  The "crisis response" stage takes place when the organization deals with the crisis seen. The phase of "post-crisis” deals with identifying the ways that can be taken for preparation of the next crisis properly. The phase involving fulfilling the commitments that were made in the crisis phase and gathering follow up information (Dai et al. 2015).

    Factors of environmental damage

    ·       Ecological disturbance

    ·       Air and water pollution

    ·       Death and damage of animals and plants

    ·       Spread of pathogens

    ·       Deforestation

    ·       The high rise of exhaust gases

    These are factors that can lead to environmental damage.  The high quantity and amount of these factors are the reason that there is a presence of environmental degradation.  High levels of monitoring and the rise of chemical effluents are also the reason for increasing environmental damage. These also harm humans and leads to increased levels of pollution. Rise of gases such as C02, S02 and NH3 are the reason for global warming (Sajid et al. 2015).

    Minimization of factors

    ·       Use of renewable energy

    ·       Conserving water

    ·       Efficient use of energy

    ·       Less travelling

    ·       Near sourcing

    ·       Shipping efficiently

     Using energy-efficient buildings and using tools that can disable energy consumption can help in reducing environmental impact.  Use of clean and renewable energy such as solar and wind energy can lessen the factors that cause damage to the environment. "Reduce, reuse and recycle" must be practised for reducing the footprint (Sajid et al. 2015).

    Impact of lack of care

    ·       Difficulty in hiring

    ·       Loss of productivity

    ·       Poor health of workers

    Businesses that are set up in highly polluted areas can have difficulty in hiring workers. If businesses do not take care of immediate surroundings and the environment then it can lead to poor health conditions of workers. This can cost the company and lead to productivity loss. As there will be less productivity the outcome will be poor and this can damage the reputation of the company (Dai et al. 2015).

    Task 3

    Benefits of behaving ethically

    The benefits of organizations following ethical behaviour are building customer loyalty, retaining and attracting talented workers and also avoiding any legal problems.  Maintaining ethical behaviour can help an organization to have positive support from consigners. This leads to higher revenues. Ethical behaviour helps in improving the brand and leads the organization to gain recondition. Employees are motivated to work for companies that follow ethics. An organization’s reputation for ethical behaviour can design a positive image in the environment. This can help in bringing the mouth of referral and gain new customers. The organizations who are open and fair about the dealings are more successful to retain the talent. The management of a company can use unethical measures such as not adhering and following labour laws or environmental regulations. They might offer safety hazards (Goldman, & Bounds, 2015). These can cost the company to have legal actions such as fines by governmental organizations. These can result in negative publicity and can damage the reputation of the company which can intern be most costly than sanctions or fines.  Organizations that behave ethically can avoid such problems and maintain a positive work environment that abides by the rules. Companies that maintain the highest ethical standards can have a positive reputation and can, therefore, have high profits and productivity.

    Effect of organisational culture

    Organizational culture is a mixture of different beliefs and values of the people in the company.  The culture has the values that can help in meeting the organizational goals. A strong organizational culture helps in attracting talent. The culture of the organization is looked upon by employees while assessing the organization. A strong culture also retains the talent it helps in engaging people which leads to better productivity. A vibrant organizational culture makes people seem valued. The positive atmosphere in the organization develops a better momentum for success.  A strong organizational culture brings people together (Lashley, 2016). When employees are presented with an opportunity to know each other better they can develop better connections.  These connections can help a business organization to generate new ideas that can produce better productivity. As employees spend most of their day in organizations, the businesses must create an environment that is positive, engaging and meaningful.  A work culture that is positive can motivate workers to work hard. A strong and positive organizational culture shapes the perceptions of employees and makes a base in how the business mist be treated. it sets the basic behaviour and attitude that must be followed while working in an organization.

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