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    Business Development Assignment Help & Writing Services Online UK

    Business Development Assignment Help & Writing Services Online UK


    The assignment will provide the students with important knowledge to carry out successful surveys and preparing questionnaire to find out the areas in an organization which need further improvements. Different investment appraisal techniques available to find out the desirability of a project will also be understood after compiling the assignment successfully.

    Task 1

    P.1.1.Create a plan for the collection of primary and secondary data of consumer behaviour and attitudes towards food discount retailing in Greater London.

    Our team has been tasked by Wm Morisson management to collect primary and secondary data  into consumer behaviour and attitudes towards food discount retailing as Lidl and Aldi versus the big 4 supermarkets as Tesco, Sainsbury, Asda and Morrison’s.

    The primary data it will be collected by a survey carried out in Greater London, in Leyton , at the supermarket Asda, by interviewing adults  aged 18+, using a questionnaire designed by our team whereby will be collected quantitative and qualitative data.

    The quantitative data are those data which can be counted or measured through any methods or procedures. There are various methods to collect the quantitative data which are as follows: surveys, experiment, mechanical observation, simulation

    The qualitative data are those data which cannot be counted or measured. The qualitative data can be collected through the observation by using the following methods: case study, individual depth interviews, and human observation.

     The secondary data are those data which are arranged by the other persons who are not related to the project research but those data are used by those people who relates to the particular project.

    The secondary data can be collected through theinternal sources assales record, information of cost, marketing strategies, customer feedback or external sourcesas journals, books, magazines, newspaper, etc.

    For analysing the market structure and the financial structure the secondary data are used. For giving the discount in food the analysis of discount rate is very important. The market discount rate can be acquired through the secondary data. For example sales record of other organization, cost structure of other organization, etc.

    P.1.2.Present the survey methodology and sampling frame used for a survey into consumer behaviour and attitudes towards food discount retailing in Greater London.

    Survey is the method which is used for acquiring the data for related project. In this methodology data are collected through questioning people. If the information are collected through the survey than relevant list of questions are prepared for knowing the interests and opinions of others people. Therefore, it is very important that to arrange the list of questions in a proper way to fulfil the objective of survey. For presenting the question in front of general people with standardized way the sampling frame is used. Sampling frame is the series which is very useful for acquiring the best information from general people. 

    In sampling frame following things should be consider:-

    Explain the population- The study of population is very important for sampling frame because, through the sampling size depends on the diversity of population and the size of the population (Groves, 2004).

    Determining the size of sampling – For collecting the accurate and additionalinformation the larger size of sampling should be considered but in case of larger size of sampling some extra costs and times are expended compare to small size of sampling.

    Data collection through the sampling method- through the following method the data can be collected by: simple random sampling, stratified random sampling, cluster sampling, quota sampling, multi stage sampling.

     In stratified random sampling the survey is organized through the randomly selections of particular group. This sampling method is similar to the simple random sampling. In simple random sampling every particular person get chance to give their view but in case of stratified random sampling the particular group of population get chance to give their opinions.

    Our survey it will be the carryout by the method of interview on supermarket shoppers, which have been choose by stratified random sampling of 100 people, age 18+, supermarket shoppers, in Greater London, Leyton.

    P.1.3.Design a questionnaire for a survey into consumer behaviour and attitudes towards food discount retailing in Greater London.

    The questionnaire is the list of questions which are directly or indirectly connected with the work of the investigation. For designing a questionnaire the following things are considered:- introduction and purpose, number of questions, nature of the questions, sequence of questions, cross check, pre-test and revision.

    Finally the technique of designing of questionnaire can be classified into three parts which are as follows: objection of the investigation and necessary instructions, appropriate questions i.e. less in number, simple, clear, short, proper series and relevant to the topic, good quality paper used for questionnaire.

    Our time has designed a questionnaire with 17 questions, intended to gather information into consumers’ attitudes towards food discount retailing in Greater London.

    We have follow the specific and agreed procedures for our survey, by explaining to the interviewed people which institution we represent , the purpose of the interview, and the fact that their answers are not harming their personal life as their identity is anonymous. All these informations were introduced in a cover letter which was enclosed to the questionnaire.

    Cover Letter


    Wentworth House

    350 Eastern Avenue,

    Gants Hill,London

    Essex, IG2 6NW

    Tel: 07405427770                                                                                             10 sept.2014

    Dear Sir/ Madam,

    We are a group of students from UKCBC, undertaking a research project with the purpose to determine the attitudes of the consumers towards food discount retailers. We kindly request, that you complete this questionnaire regarding your habits, preferences towards food discount retailers. It will take no longer than 10 min.

    The data is kept confidential and your name or other identifying information will not appear on the study report.

    Yours sincerely,



    Please answer to the following questions by crossing (X) the relevant answer in the space provided.

    Section A – Background information

    1. Gender                                                                                                                                   






    2. Age

    18-30years old


    30-45years old


    45-60years old


    Over 60



    3. What is your employment status?

    Full-time worker


    Part-time worker







    4. What is your family size (number of people including yourself, who live in your house)?

    Section B

    This section of the questionnaire explores your attitudes towards grocery shopping

    5. Are you the person responsible for food and grocery shopping for your family household?






    6. How much do you spend on grocery shop/week?












    7. Which of the below mentioned places do you mainly shop?


















    8. Which of the below mentioned factors decide the place you shop?












    9. Do you shop your groceries using discount food retailers( Aldi, Lidl)?