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    Business Communication Strategy Assignment Help

    Business Communication Strategy Assignment Help


    This assignment will discuss the communication procedures and International business of the two renowned Australian companies which are Coles (domestic) and Coca-cola (International). This assignment will discuss non-electronic methods and operations, different media strategies, SWOT analysis and comparison of communication methods of both companies. 

    Coles Domestic is an Australian supermarket. It's headquarter is located in Melbourne and it is a part of the Cole group. The company also has its online shopping site which is known as Cole Online. The company was established by G.J Coles on 9 April 1914. In 1960, the very first supermarket was released in Melbourne. The company has been charged by suppliers of utilizing heavy schemes to their customers.

    On the other hand, Coca-cola International is a beverage company in Australia. It is headquartered in Sydney. Cold drinks and snacks became the main priority of the company. The company served its foods and beverages in different countries.

    Section 1: Analysis of key non-electronic methods and practices that companies use to attract customers and public 

    Coles domestic attract their customers by advertising their products on a large scale. This is the basic non-electronic method they use to engage the public. They also provide a large discount on each and every product so their business will grow and develop on a fast track. The main target of the organization is to create an extension by withdrawing more as many prices from producers as possible. By creating a substructure of strong fresh sales extension, the company will continue to introduce their crisp offer to the customers, with a basis on referring great standard Australian-grown commodities that customers and public want, and will pursue to associate nearly with its suppliers. The company has continuously engaged to furnish trust utility to its customers (Brown et al. 2017, p.919). The organization will pursue to spend in price, with more commodities to be provided on each and every day at cheaper prices to its customers. It identifies that customers assumptions are quickly transforming and therefore it requires keeping investing in the form of suitable products.  The company also identifies that it is by their team members feeling satisfying while working in this organization. The company can also give good customer satisfaction by behaving in a friendly way and to be very kind to the customers. The company also engages customers by increasing the quality of their main selling products. 

    Coca-cola is one of the organizations that utilize promotional products to attract their customers. This is one of the major non- electronic communication methods of the company to engage its customers from different regions of the world. This is because they comprehend that the smart use of promotional offers can markedly impact their sales and income (Crane and Glozer, 2016, p.1252). This promotional product gives countless advertising occasions to grow and develop their business within the organization. When the customer accepts it, these promotional offers pursue to broadcast and remind customers of this big branded company. There are many promotional products of Coca-cola which they can offer to attract more and more customers; these are mini bottle fan promotional, a waterproof speaker, CD or DVD storage and many cool kinds of stuff and vouchers. The organization uses the method of segmentation to split their products according to a specific customer group. The company also applies the system of mass marketing and niche marketing of undisputed commodities so that they can sell their commodities on a large aggressive market (Effing and Spil, 2016, p.8). The company is very popular among the people because it sells only non-alcoholic products. Outsourcing performances assist the company in building a trustworthy bonding with the customers. The company earned a large amount of profit as they have very fewer competitors. They also attract customers by giving a free product if customers buy their products.

    Section 2: Overview of the electronic media strategies used by companies

    E-commerce development is one of the most supreme electronic media equipment in the Coles supermarket business. The company has spent in digital enterprises in its drink business which comprises Coles Express. The conclusion of the company to move to the electronic media helped a lot to earn profits from the customers (Coles.com.au, 2019). The customers can communicate with them through webmails, chats, and websites and order products according to their own choice. Digital media is one of the schemes which companies use to build a relationship with the customers by sending text messages in their mobiles and promote their commodities with discounts. 

    The organization is progressively valuing origins such as their fidelity programs and online membership statistics as a method of understanding answering to customer’s circumstances. Nowadays this company supplies a highly customized skill through their faithfulness providing with "Your Weekly" specials through email. Except for email, one path the company is attaining increased individualization is online, where customers have their account. Triumph on digitally social media channels classically comes from recognizing a niche audience and giving them with exciting offers and details. The company also uses Facebook to both furnish customer satisfaction and field petition for services. It gives information about the details of various commodities that the organization wants to sell (Kärkkäinen and Jussila, 2016, p.2). There are lots of online shopping websites which Coal domestic own as an online affiliate marketing to sell their products to the customers. In this way, the company uses electronic media for their customers. 

    The Coca-cola international creates definite devotions regarding how they interrelate with their customers, and these devotions bid to interrelate that effect on social media also. The company will be clear in every social media appointment with the customers in order to gain trust from them. The organization will esteem copyright, policies, and trademarks. The company will be accountable in the use of technology and websites to interact with the customers worldwide. They sent promotional offers and discount offers to the customers in their mobile number as a result to encourage their products and beverages (Coles.com.au, 2019). Like other companies, this company also connects to the other shopping website as a means of affiliate marketing. When customers bought their products from that website then this company also gets some interests and profits from that website. Customers are the most important ambassador for the label of the company. If customers have any queries regarding the product of the company then they can resolve their issues with the particular product via web chat and emails. These are the basic electronic media strategies that Coca Cola Company uses to attract customers.



    Section 3: SWOT analysis of the companies

    Business Communication Strategy 

    SWOT analysis of Coles (domestic) 

    Coles is the affordable beverages all over Australia, which helps Australia to growth. There are so many types of strength, weakness, opportunities, and threats in this business. Here is the strength in SWOT of the Coles business. This Domestic supermarket group is a domestic food company in Australia. It is a retail space in Australia that provides advertising and branding. It is specifically along with slogans that framed price for conscious buyers. It has attracting strategies comparison with the other companies and it is an online service that can provide order through online and it deliver always on time (Coles.com.au, 2019). It has more than 1 lakh employs and more than 800 stores; it is a good strength of the company.

    There was some negative point that called weakness in this company. It has negative publicity with the Australian suppliers. In the competitor's view, the company has low margins product. Here are the opportunities of these Coles group boosting marketing exercise to improving the business, geographic expanded globally region can help the company to reach the new global region. In this Coles group, there were some threats also that were the confusing consumer, the intense competition of the whole Australian supermarket is also a big threat of the Coles Company. 

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