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    Dementia mainly stands for the symptom where an individual started to lose his or her memory and losing the power for doing their daily activity. It mainly reduces the memory of a person mostly the adults which humiliate their power to perform the daily activity. This study generally emphasis on the critical analysis of dementia by evaluating various significant aspects. Moreover, it can also be said that the core aim of this study was to analyse the impact of spending cut down on adult care within the Ealing council. The entire study mainly based on the data analysis, inference along with the interpretation of the statistical data. Besides, this study sheds light upon the recommendation for the local authority, Ealing in the context of spending cut down strategy improvement.


    The main aim of the study is to analyse the trends of dementia within adults from last 5-10 years. 


    To analyse the trends of adult social care such as Dementia that are being affected most of the adult people.

    To analyse the impact of spending cut on Dementia within the Ealing council of UK

    Demography of Ealing 

    Geographical Location of Ealing Council

    The Ealing council local authority is a highly rated local authority, which is situated in west London.


    In addition, there were around 8350004 people with affected by dementia in the UK and there is an estimate to rise over the 1 million people within 2025. At the same time around 52000 younger people (50-65 years age) suffering from dementia diseases. Moreover, around 670,000 families are also affected by dementia in the UK. As per the recent survey process, it mainly found that 17% of people reported they are not living with dementia. At the same time, 55% of people said they were living quite well and 22% of people reported they were living very well with dementia.

    According to the Ealing, the council provides “The National Dementia Strategy framework which is beneficial to provide high-quality care of Dementia in the UK.

    Critically Discuss the Legislative History and Context in Which ‘Value For Money’ Matters

    The value for money is a concept of the health care policy of an organization, which is associated with the expenditure of the NHS. The main aim of using the VFM is to analyze the measurement of different issues and their impacts on the organization. In addition, it can also show that the BFM is provided two different types of methods such as accountability and technology (van Staa et al. 2016). In addition, this study also provides the importance of the NHS industry, which is common, and the popular health care industry in the UK local market area (Smith et al. 2015). Furthermore, the updated technology is an innovation of the treatment that enhances the services of the healthcare system and treats the patient with lots of care (Collett et al. 2015). 

    Data collection and method 

    Data collection methods play a significant role in any research paper as it aids the researcher to collect the data in a proper way. In addition, the data collection method is mainly helped to collect the information and provides depth knowledge to the researchers of the current topic. In order to collect the data, the data sources have two different types such as primary and the secondary data collection. The primary data collection mainly helps the researchers to collect information about the current research topic, which can enhance the quality of the research paper (Krippendorff, 2018). However, in this present research paper, the researcher mainly chooses the primary data collection method to meet all the objective of the research paper. Accordingly, the primary data collection method is also aided to expand the concept of the current research topic and also provides different stress factors that can be beneficial to complete the research paper in a proper manner. In this current research paper, the researchers mainly choose the survey process along with the primary data collection method. Accordingly, the survey method is done with 32 participants and also provides an analytical description to complete the research topic. In this data collection method; it mainly provides the researchers have chosen the survey process along with the 32 respondents. 

    On the other hand, it can also show that the researchers also use the data analysis process to complete the research paper. In addition, the data analysis method is mainly provided by the two different categories such as Quantitative and the Qualitative. In this study, the researchers choose the quantitative analysis along with the data correlation, regression and mode median process (Brodaty, 2017). The quantitative data analysis technique is aided by the researcher to collect the information from the survey process. Accordingly, the researchers also choose the quantitative analysis as it also aided to meet the entire objective of the research paper, which emphasizes the current research topic. There was the use of MS excel for finding the results from the survey. 

    Literature Review

    Costing Of Health and Social Care Services

    In the present study, it mainly discussed the importance of the NHS industry, which is related to the health care services in the UK based local market area. The NHS industry provides different services that are beneficial for treatment. 

    Seamless Collaborative Working

    In this current study is also discussed about the collaborative working in health and medical organization. In addition, the collaborative working culture is also beneficial to enhance the work culture and it useful to maintain proper communication between the patients and the stuff (Laybourne et al. 2016). 

    Efficiency Saving

    The current research paper contributes that the impacts of the Dementia on the adult generation and discussed the way to mitigate these issues. In addition, this study also provides the importance of the NHS industry, which is common, and the popular health care industry in the UK local market area (Smith et al. 2015). 

    Value for Money

    In this present study, it mainly discusses Dementia disease, which has a very strong effect on the young generation. Moreover, it can show that Dementia disease can be avoided due to effective NHS operation and taking care of the affected person in a proper life with a healthy lifestyle. According to the NHS industry of UK based, the funding will store with the help of taxation and the “National Insurance Contributions” (Prince et al. 2016). 

    Enhanced Health in Care Homes 

    Enhanced in health care services is an essential framework to enhance the quality of life and provide the innovation of healthcare planning to avoid dementia disease. In addition, the EHCH mainly provides a clear vision of the NHS operation and the local authorities that can be useful to take care of patients with extra care (Memon and Kinder, 2017). 

    Government’s thinking On ‘Saving Costs and Improving Efficiency

    In order to improve efficiency, the government provides different benefits, which are beneficial to enhance the working culture and the services of the organization. However, the training is also referred to like the opportunity, which is beneficial to encourage the stuff (Nissenbaum et al. 2018). Encouraging stuff is an essential part of the organization so that the stuff can work efficiently and effectively. In order to save the cost the government mainly provides the funding and the taxation offers (Monciardini et al. 2016). The funding and the taxation options provide the help of a needed person, which is beneficial to increase the market value and the reputation in the market area. 

    Discuss different types of information, data or statistics

    In order to Ealing Council, Local Authority is one of the popular organizations in UK local market area. According to this health care organization also provides different data and statistic, which is useful to analyze the growth of the organization. In the perspective of the present situation, it can be seen that the growth of the Ealing Council Local Authority organization has 8 per cent in the health expenditure in 2017 (Moro et al. 2016). On the other hand, in 2017 the Ealing Council Local Authority is also providing that the total health expenditure is comprised 96.1 per cent while 93.9 per cent referred to the Health capital formation expenditure in the government sector.

    From the above figure, it can be seen that in the adult the rate of dementia start from the age of 14. Moreover, this is also a normal part where 50 million people are having dementia and millions of new cases are occurred in every year. Among dementia, Alzheimer is the most common, which contribute around 60 to 70%, cases (who, 2019). 

    The political environment has maintained the reputation of the healthcare industry and maintains market value. In addition, it can also be seen that the political factors are also beneficial to avoid legal issues and develop a strong trust between the customers in the local market area. The political factors mainly provide the different rules and regulation in the NHS industry to make a proper ethical decision, which is beneficial to maintain the reputation of the industry (Cheng et al. 2015). 

    Economic environment

    The economic environment is beneficial to enhance the services of the NHS industry and increase the employment of the organization. In addition, it can also be seen that the economic environment also beneficial to reduce the workload and provides a proper reputation for that industry. Furthermore, the economic factors also provide employment rules and regulation, which is useful to maintain a positive work culture in the industry (Cheng et al. 2015). At the same time, the economic factors also referred to the health and safety law that can develop a strong trust between the employees. 

    Social environment

    The environment of social is playing a significant role that can provide a positive environment of the work culture. In that case, the NHS services need to situate on an accessible location so that the people can reach theirs easily at any emergency. However, it can also maintain the transportation of that locality which can beneficial to enhance the reputation in the local market area (Macdonald and Charlesworth, 2016). 

    Technological environment

    Technology plays a significant role in the NHS industry and maintains the updating of the organization. In addition, it can also be seen that technology is also beneficial to improve the quality of the services and save time as well. In that case, the technological factor also enhances the surgical equipment, which is related to the NHS operation as well. According to the technological factor also beneficial, to store the data and the information that helps to keep track of the process task (Kiersey and Coleman, 2017). 


    The environment factors are an essential part that helps to improve society and provides a healthy environment. As per the present study, it can maintain the social culture and also increase an effective society and avoid unwanted diseases. In addition, it can also show that Dementia disease is affected by the adult generation and the NHS operation is useful to reduce the symptoms. 

    Legal factors are important as it avoids legal issues and helps to make a proper ethical decision for enhancing the services of the industry. However, the legal factors are beneficial to maintain the reputation of the organization (Emberson and Trautrims, 2018). In addition, it can also show that the legal factors provide different laws and regulation such as the equality law, health and safety law, and the employment law. 

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