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    Bentley Case Study Assignment Help

    Bentley Case Study Assignment Help

    Bentley Case Study Assignment Help


    Political factors:-

    Such forces comprise present political conditions, amendments in policies, political disturbances, or stability regarding production of cars that impact one's business as a whole.Moreover, fuel-efficient vehicles that are quite emphasized, safety and standard concerns, along with vehicle emissions must be prioritized as it will impact Bentley’s sales and reputation positively Although, countries having lenient political conditions and adherence of such policies by Bentley impacts its business positively and fosters its growth and sales while tight and unstable political environment erodes its profits, sales, and survival.

    Economic factors:-

    These forces include economies of scale, tight/loose economic environment of the UK, and other countries, amendments in economic policies that have a profound impact on certain business. Hence, countries having optimistic economic growth and lenient economic policies impact Bentley’sbusiness positively and foster its growth and sales whereas slow economic growth, and high-protectionism disturb its growth and profits.

    Social factors:-

    Such forces highlight the societal attitudes, changing trends, and high preference towards zero carbon-emission vehicles. Although automobile industries have polluted the environment and resulted in various diseases concerning breath and skin. Hence, such changes in socio-norms, demands may provide Bentley with a lucrative opportunity when they offerdemanded vehiclessuch as- environment-friendly or zero-carbon emission vehicles to them such that will impact its sales and profits positively.

    Technological forces:-

    Car manufacturers are introducing alternative energy automobiles that are accessing electricity (rechargeable batteries}, hydrogen, hybrid, or fuel cells. Other technologies like web procurement tech, advanced logistic computer-supported design software's ultimately save money and raises efficiency. Hence, the adaptation or acquisition of current technology and alternative energy automobiles by Bentley assists in remaining dominant and competitive along with capture of market share.

    Environmental factors:-

    These factors include natural factors for instance- climatic fluctuation, environmental natural disasters, floods, earthquakes, changing weather, and environmental laws that may impact one’s business either positively or negatively. Concerning automobile industry car manufacturers must focus on environmental issues by transforming existing technology to alternative energy cars. Also when stable weather and compliance with environmental regimes are undertaken by Bentley their sales and profits remain favorable.

    Legal factors:-

    As various legal rules and laws are implemented by the Government for fostering right growth of automobile industry and citizens hence, compliance and implementation of these legal laws for instance- gas emission laws, and cars regulations, and compatibility spare manufacturers such that it will impact Bentley positively such as maintained reputation, competitive advantage, and positive brand image. Additionally, not adhering to legal laws not only impacts business reputation, image and increases heavy penalties but erodes their sales as the customer's loyalty and faithfulness get reduced.

    Hence, the PESTEL analysis is carried out by an organization to know their 'financial standings' and market opportunities along with weaknesses and strengths such that market opportunities can be fully utilized and thereby advantage over their competitors can be gained.

    Apparently, Bentley PESTLE analysis will assist the organization in introspecting the organizational macro-environment as well as introspect market and competitive opportunities.




    This phase pays attention to prevention and preparation. Hence, this stage or phase can be described as an 'alarming/warning stage' where supervisors and managers prepare for crisis with the assistance of CRP- crisis management plan.


    At this phase management should take into consideration and responsiveness towards crisis. Hence, the review of intensifying crisis forces in regards to its history and prior reputation is undertaken.


    The last stage wherein the crisis comes to an end. Yet, that doesn't mean that crisis may not incur again as the external environment is highly volatile. Hence, crisis management and constant market and competitive analysis somehow mitigates such crisis to an extent and assists the companies in adapting to changes and remain dominant.


    Co2 emissions by automobile industries:-

    The automobile sector has polluted the environment and raised co2 emissions hence, automobile industry car manufacturers must focus on environmental issues by transforming existing technology to alternative energy cars.

    Industrial wastes:-

    The waste that's generated by processes of industrial manufacturing. Hence, it comprises materials which are rendered waste/useless throughout the process of manufacturing for example-factories, mining operations, along mills.

    Land disturbance:-

    A major factor that degrades environment adversely which is perceived as deleterious and undesirable. Hence, land degradation severely deteriorates the environment that's caused by human activities and extreme weather conditions. Through business activities, land gets lost to future generations as fresh houses/roads get built on sites of Greenfield. Hence, to mitigate land degradation, afforestation should be encouraged.


    Also called as overharvesting is termed harvesting resources {renewable} to a fact/point of diminishing returns. Additionally, overexploitation may result in resource destruction. Therefore, with creation of national parks including marine parks the problem of overexploitation can be fixed.

    The function of marketing:-

    It’s defined as thebuying and selling of an organization's products and services. Additionally, marketing functions include marketing research, money/finance, price-setting, distribution, channels of promotion, product management, and lastly matching of products to buyers. Hence, marketing is a procedure by which satisfaction and needs of customers are met whereas selling is a two-way process that involves purchasers and sellers where finance gets exchanged for provided goods and services. Marketing involves product plan, promotion, and distribution of goods and services.


    It's defined as the transaction between buyers and sellers in which money gets exchanged for products and services. Additionally, during the negotiation of sales, respective sellers try to influence or sell the purchasers on advantages/benefits of their offerings. Hence, selling converts the good into cash whereas marketing is a procedure of satisfying needs of end-consumers. Selling involves transfer of ownership from the seller towards buyer hence selling strategies such as unique selling propositions and lost cost selling strategy.



    Marketing plan:-

    The chief purpose/aim of a marketing plan is clearly showing steps or actions that will be undertaken to attain desired objectives. For instance- the marketing plan may have strategies for raising Bentley’s market share by around 9-10%. Additionally, introduction of fresh products and services with the assistance of extensive advertising, creative spree watch, and penetration pricing are examples of a marketing plan. Concerning Bentley, continental super sports is Bentley’s fastest car or product that runs on bioethanol energy.

    Marketing mix of Bentley involves product, place, promotion, and price and follows high pricing of its product yet provides excellent quality that assists the company in gaming competitive advantage and capture of market share.

    Marketing objectives:-

    Such objectives are the goals being set by certain businesses for promoting respective products and services to target and loyal customers which shall be attained within provided time-frame. Hence, these objectives are a kind of marketing strategy being set for accomplishing comprehensive organizational objectives. For instance- increasing online sales by around 20% within approaching year {12 months}. Moreover, marketing objectives include major four P's such as product, place, promotion, and price in which Bentley focuses on marketing investments, product innovation, and consumer experiences that fostered the company. Hence, it's an ethical marketing of products instead of extravagant.

    Marketing campaign:-

    Recently, Bentley introduced an international digital campaign and its recent campaign takes dedication to attention towards detail to next level. Recently, they unveiled the "Look Closer" campaign which uses NASA's space exploration technology- SET for creating an image that can be zoomed to a crazy precision degree.

    Internal data and information:-

    When the information/data is obtained within the business that covers areas for instance- personnel, operations, money, and maintenance.

    External data and information:-

    When the information/data is obtained outside business or from external market with the assistance of research, customer's feedback, and surveys.

    Concerning Bartley, it uses the business information is used in many ways such as through customer service records and sometimes sells its information to third-parties too along with market information analysis as well utilizes such information for marketing and business purposes.

    Primary information:-

    When the information is collected from genuine or direct sources that mean 'origin of information' and doesn't get filtered through interpretations for example- interviews, manuscripts, and autobiographies.

    Secondary information:-

    When the information is collected from third person for example- published papers, media, and articles.


    There are several advantages of staying ethical which are underpinned as-

    Ethical programs facilitate robust teamwork and productivity.

    A strong sense of values is felt by employees when organizations promote ethical practices such as fair evaluation, transparency, and fair treatment among employees.

    Revenues increases when ethical programs, products, and practices are adhered to by the businesses as they automatically get attracted to - ethical products.

    Staying ethical enhances business productivity, performances, and growth of an organization and reduces conflicts in the workplace.


    The positive and working culture at workplace eventually decreases conflicts and fosters employee's performances and productivity. For example- Bentley management approach- MBO, conflict management, and ERM assists in maintenance of positive culture, clarity of objectives that eventually maximizes efficiency and enhances teamwork and optimistic culture. Hence, it can be said that the positive, working culture, ERM, and adherence with good governance plays an important role in facilitating employees performance, retention, satisfaction, reduced conflicts, and positive culture,


    Several automobile companies from UK were forced to either shut down or charged heavily because of unethical business issues for example- MG car based in UK got bankrupt because of poor relations with employees, labor unrest, and money problems. Hence, it can be said that if such a company has maintained good ethical practices with them instead of asking them to work overtime and underpay them because of financial problems then eventually company will suffer. And, it may haven’t lead to such circumstances such as‘labor unrest’, constant conflicts, and violence.

    Hence, the above case study showed that the positive, working culture, ERM, and adherence with good governance plays an important role just like Bentley does through management approaches, or else the conflicts and poor growth can be noticeable.

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