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    Accounting Management Decisions Assignment Help

    Accounting Management Decisions Assignment Help

    Accounting and Management Decisions

    Executive Summary

    The underlying report stated about the concept of the financial and management decision form the survey of six companies. The ratio and the demonstrations will be helping the report to analyze the performance of all the companies. The companies have been recommended through the shareholders investments and the understandings where to invest the amount of money for the future growth. 


    With the help of the companies, the financial statements will be compared and presented through the pictorial, graphical and calculation of the six different companies (Schneider, 2015). Following are the companies those are participating on to make the presentation helpful and more specific in the market analysis, such as, API Limited, Retail Food Group Limited, JB Hi Fi Limited, The Rejected Shop Limited, Super Retail Group Ltd and Blackmores Limited. The formulas for measuring the accounting parts of the company will be calculated through the formulas for verifying all the needs of the companies. The calculation of all the statistics will be presented through the relating 3years. 


    Finding of the measurement regarding statement is based on the relevant financial years. The following are the points where the company is being profitable to analyze the structure at the end of the financial year. 

    1. Measurement of the Statement relevant for the financial years

    The net profit margin 

    The company has analyzed the annual report of the company through the measurement of the net profit margin. The formula, which is needed for the measurement, is as follows;

    Profit Margin = Profit after Income Tax / Revenue

    (profit margin % = profit after tax / revenue * 100)

    2. Demonstration based on the Return on Equity and the Net Debt to Equity Ratio 

     The Super Retail Group has 9.56%, 4.67% and 8.37% and Blackmores Limited has consumed 8.99%, 2.55% and rose to 4.14%. On the other hand, the company has Net debt to equity ratio, which divides the companies’ total liabilities and the shareholders equity. The ratio has evaluated through the financial advantage and it is important for the company to use the metric corporate finance (Quattrone, 2016). The companies have observed through the analysis as API Limited through 3.06%, 3.23% and 4.07% at the end of the year. Retail Food Group Limited has a percentage of 4.05%, 8.89% and 3.21%. JB Hi Fi Limited has 6.75%, 9.01% and it the last year it fall to 1.89%. The Rejected Shop has 8.89%, 5.09% and 5.01% at the end of the year.

    3. Analyze the financial performance according to the ratio analysis

    The financial performance analysis is a type of process that includes the strength and weakness of the financial purpose of the company. The properly establishing the relationship between the balance sheet and the profit and loss statement of the companies from the circumstances that have conducted through the above mentioned policies and the calculations. The resolve matter of the companies are the elements or the components of the analysis of the parts for tracing the procedure as a whole to understand the better opportunities as the financial statement of the positions and the performance (Shafer, 2015). The company evaluation and the individual components of the balance sheet through the profit and loss statement. The applications of the ratio analysis and the other calculations make help to compare the market through the balance sheet. The financial tools and are the results that obtained by the means of applications. The process of selection, relation and the 

    4. Compare the difference in shareholders according to the financial statement

    As per the observation of the companies, they are innovating all the financial performance and the net income by the equity shareholders by the company assets (Mouritsen and Kreiner, 2016). Thus, it is considered and measured as the effective management of the company to sustain the profit at the end of the year. The consideration and the measure of the effective management is using for the company assets to maintain the profit at the end of the year. The net values of the dividends are paid through the shareholders and make a preferred shareholders and its interest for the average net income of the companies.

    5. Compare and Contrast the Current Market Value from the observation

    With the help of the companies’ analysis, they have measured the entire calculation shows the results in percentage for every company (Hald and Thrane, 2016). For the companies API Limited the opening balance was 3.34% it continued through 3.23% and the closing balance is 4.07%.  Retail Food Group Limited had an opening balance 2.05% in the year 2014, it continued through 8.89% and the closing balance in the year 2016 the company had 3.21%. JB Hi Fi Limited the company has emerged through 4.75%, 7.01% and the closing balance of 7.89%. The Rejected Shop Limited had 8.89% to 8.09% and the last year is 2.01%. Super Retail group Ltd have started through 9.56%, continued to 6.55% and 2.14% at the end of the year. Lastly, the company has Blackmores Limited has 2.99%, 6.55% and ended to 2.14%.


    The involvement of the companies will help to analyze the financial performance and the information from the part of calculations and analysis of the companies trading in Australia. The analysis of the financial state is based on the concern of the information and the financial comparison from the year 2014 to 2016. The analysis of the companies is presented through the purpose of the percentage and the ratios. The total report and analysis are discussed and compared by the help of the Return to Shareholders. The market value of the company will be holding by the shareholders with the help of the following sections. 


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