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    MYOB  is a  kind of  accounting software which conduct all  the double entries automatically for  maintaining corresponding transaction  and  keep all the  track report for  maintaining  a particular  business. All the MYOB products are generally used to manage all the business and financial management solution. Apart from that with the help of MYOB accounting software it is possible to maintain job management, inventory, and customer relationship management. Beside that with the help of this accounting software it is possible to manage sales and also the purchase.
    MYOB Assignment 
    One of the most effective problem that are available in the MYOB accounting software is the lack of proper data entry of data. In order to perform all the tasks in proper manner the most important thing is download and make proper installation of this accounting software. After installation of this software the next thing is student have to create a company file. Proper backup is also required for this part.  The student version of MYOB software is actually windows base and it is free version. Therefore it is available as a free mode. After downloading the software it is possible to open the proper software in accurate manner (Crawford & Lepine, 2013). The download procedure maintain following process to install the software properly.
    At first student have to create the company file and for that the student have to click on the create option.
    After that step student has to select the product and a country name otherwise it will not work. That part belongs from the company information.
    Next   part is the insertion of all the details according to the details and in this part student at or user can include company name, address, and phone number, email address.
    After that part the user or the student has to fill up the current financial year according to the current financial year. At the same time student have to input value in the last month part (O'Neill, McDonald  & Deegan, 2015).
     The next part consists  of accounts  list options and this  part consists three options  and to  perform  task user or  the student  have  to  enable “start with an account  that provided  by  the MYOB ” options . 
    Now   student or user can shifts on the account list selection part and in this part they can select the particular industry according to the requirements. By clicking in dropdown box user/students can see various options of industry.
    Now user can create any company file by maintaining the proper name and it can be stored in the system either in the library or in the hard disk. Another thing the company file will be saved in the format of filename.myox. It also provide different options or user can shift the location of the file according to the requirements. After that select the ok button.
    In that part this software provides two options for the user and student and that are “easy setup assistance” and “command center”. By clicking in the easy setup option user can setting up properly the company file.
    Next step is the activation of the company file. In this actually MYOB software checks or verifies the is the software is installed in a legal way or not.  This part will provide 30d days time period before the activation of the file. 
    In case of activation option students faces actual problem to perform the task as in the smart application is more difficult. In order to make familiar with this system students required more time. The main problem that are occurred in the system is in most of the cease is student is making mistake in the early stage in the time of installing.  Hence, the company file is either destroying or in some cases it is not actually created by the student (Monroy, Nasiri, & Peláez, 2014). 
     In case of storing the data it is   one of the most difficult factors for the student because if the data is not stored properly then student will not access the data. The procedure is quite difficult.  Therefore improper saving of the company file is creating various kind of problem for the student. Apart from that  if  the  data of  the file is not  properly  get  saved  then it is  not possible to recover any data  about the company (Andon, Baxter & Chua,2015).
    Another issue that is facing is case of managing or saving the company files student faces various kinds of problems and that are all the backup file that are saved in the system in the form of ZIP file. In order to avoid this problem student have to click in the NO button in the libraries>documents>MYOB>Account Right files  
     From this assignment student can make a clear vision on managing the sales and purchase and MYOB forms. With the help of this application it is possible to check any kind of financial options. Apart from that from the assignment any student can understand in which way MS excel actually works.
    In  order  to  get a  job in MYOB a related account as a  student  the first  thing that is  mostly required  is  clear concept in accounts theory. Otherwise it is not   possible to perform in the accounts sector in a proper manner. In order  to get a job in MYOB related accounts the most important  things that are required clear knowledge in this accounting software and also familiar with this software. Therefore to get a job in this domain any student has polished their knowledge otherwise it is not possible for the desired candidate to avail the options. 
    MYOB Work Activity Report
    Job advertisement
    XYZ is a popular Australian company which needs some employees who are willing to work as accounts in the office. There is a huge opportunity for all the people to grab the post as per their qualification and work experience. The job will make your future and you will get a better chance to improve in your life. So, there are job criteria for the candidates who have interests to join the company.
    1) Accounts: Age should be 22 to 30 years.
     M.com (accountancy), Mphil
    Have experience in annual auditing 
    Have experience in  making  of  financial planning 
    Software efficiency(especially MYOB)
    Have working experience with MYOB software min 1 year.
    2) Financial adviser: Age should be 30to 35 years.
    Master degree accountancy with working experience min 6 months
    Having good management ideas.
    Having some experience in making budget in the MS excel.
    3) Assistant account officer: Age should be 28 to 32years.
    Sound knowledge in the accounting field working experience in some renowned company.
    Sound knowledge in the MYOB accounting software.
    XYZ is an old company in Australia and it has goodwill in the market. They work on many projects successfully; they can interact with client whenever necessary. It is a leading company and they spread the information by newspaper. The location of the company is in Australia which is very communicative to travel. So, candidates need not to worry about the location, environment of the company. The working zone or atmosphere is very healthy to work in the office. Anyone have proper knowledge   in this particular field and especially in the MYOB accounting software can apply for all tose post.
    I hereby want to inform you that I will be very glad if you give a chance to perform my excellence in this proper domain. I have a proper working experience in this field because workers in some renowned company as a financial adviser.  Therefore i am quite familiar with this MYOB accounting software. In last year i got my promotion on the junior account officer. I have a proper working experience in this field and   have practical knowledge.
    Therefore i will be much obliged if allow me for the post of   assistance account software. 
    I want face the written examination. I it will be very helpful for me you give me the chance to 
    Face of all the official process for the respective post for this job.
    Curriculum vitae
     Have experience and work in the project related accounting management.  Perform as team lead for making annual audit report for one of the leading company Australia. Perform as a team lead on the time of making budget of a government organization.  
    Attended seminar:
    e working experience under the pressure. Therefore i have the ability to maintain a team, and   have the ability to motivate the co-workers. I can assure I will provide my fullest to perform the job properly with proper excellence. 
    Individual Presentation 
    In this part all the student have to perform according to their assignment. Every student has installed the MYOB accounting software according to the requirements. After that the student has to create a company name for making the p performance a based on the MYOB software. After that students have to use this software according to the instruction. After making proper installation the student has to manage e their working activity according the instruction. In this student have to make a job advertisement according to the   requirements and in this apart another thing that will be included is the job claiming statement. In this part student have to include the resume so that anyone can understand their eligibility criteria according to the ability (Yue et al. 2017). 
    In this assignment total discussion is conducted on the basis of the MYOB accounting software. from  the  above discussion we get  to know with  the help of this  software it is  possible  to  reduce any kind accounting  complexity  that are occurred  in any organization.  After that the discussion focuses the MYOB assignment part. After  that the discussion   focuses on  the my working activity part the  discussion focuses on the job  claim part and   in the last part the  discussion focuses on  personal presentation part .