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With the revolution in business industry at a global level, the trends of business are changing its way. Continuous development in trend of business strategy has shown a relationship between the society, in terms of state and social, with the business has been witnessed. The organizations, uses the strategy of sustainability, by implementing the corporate social responsibility, to gain an advantage of strong relationship with their customers and addresses the well being of social and environmental. Corporate social responsibility refers to assess of firm’s responsibility in terms of



The economic development of the country depends on their industrial business. If the government of country is able to develop their industry, it can bring improvement in the financial condition. There are different kinds of organisations like private, public and voluntary in the country. Different organisations serve different role like public service in the country for developing the economic condition. Henceforth, in order to run the organisation in the effective way, the business authority needs to make effective research on the market. In order to analyse the macro environment



Zahid Mubarek was an Asian teenager who lived in Britain. Zahid was murdered by one of his cellmates during his stay in the Feltham Young Offenders' Institution at the southwestern end of London on March 21, 2000 (Wahidin and Carr, 2013). When Zahid’s murderer, a 20-year aged boy named Robert Stewart, was another prisoner in Feltham who was transferred to the cell in which Zahid was already staying. Zahid belonged to a family who had their roots in Pakistan. His grandfather served the Pakistan Army Corps of Engineers and during the 1960s, the entire family shifted to London.



International Human resource management can be explained as the set of activities that actually aimed to maintain and manage the organizational HR policy at an international level. It is necessary for any organization to achieve the complete advantage so that the organization can compete with other organization at international and national level. IHRM typically includes HRM functions and that are selection, recruitment, training, performance appraisal and development. For international level some major activities such as expatriate management and international skill manage



In the 21st century, the fundamental stand and style of living and touring has changed drastically over the years. The number of mass who sets goals and desires for high profile living standards, exploring and travelling has been growing day by day and the role of hospitality management has made these conditions much more updated. The hospitality management sector includes unique cuisines, innovative fooding and lodging, special services, discounts and more evolving around meeting customer and guest satisfaction. Hospitality industry includes different industries and contexts and accor



Its common name is ethyl alcohol with a melting point of -114oC (John M, 2014). Ethanol just like a variety of alcohols, is colorless liquid with a characteristic odor sometimes confused to be scented. Its chemical formula is C2H6O which can structurally be illustrated as CH3-CH2-OH or C2H5-OH with an ethyl group linking a hydroxyl group, EtOHis an abbreviation used to refer to ethanol. Production of ethanol is mainly through the fermentation process whereby yeast and sugar are used (Lide, 2008). It is used as an addictive and recreational drug causing drunkenness and neurotoxicity wh

Financial Plan Assignment Help

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Here the financial planner is Mentor Financial Planning Pty Ltd as per the case study. This company is gives the financial plans and other services too like risk management services, Wealth maximization etc. The financial advisor will provide the information regarding his academic background and the experiences in the field of financial advising. The company also charges the money on the basis of his/her time spend on the advising and creating plan for the client. The financial advisor will also ask the client on their understanding of fee and charges of the company who is providing se

Strategic Supply Chain Management Help

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Bayerische Motoren Werke AG or BMW is a Germany originated company. In 1916 BMW was established at Bavaria, Germany. It has been a well-known name in the automobile industry. It generally manufactures luxury cars; motor vehicles etc. in the year 1917, another company named as Rapp Motorenwerke ltd. merged with it and became a big automobile company of that era. Later on, it turned out to be as one of the largest public limited automobile companies of the world.

Business and Business Environment Assignment Help

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The business environment is remarked as a direct relationship between a successful management as well as the impact and influences on the environmental changes. In the economic aspect, business includes the activities such as purchasing, extraction of sales those are performed for earning money. In the economic aspect, there are various types of organisations such as private, voluntary and public organisations those are divided between the retail industry, service industry and a charity industry. Moreover, various organisations are required to manage their internal as well as.

Marketing Business.Company Assignment Help

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A company follows various strategies to succeed in the world of business. As the company grows up, a number of issues can come up in its way. In that situation, the Company can change the strategies followed by it, in order to surmount the present issues. Amazon.com is one of the biggest online retailers in the present day. The company enjoys a significant competitive advantage over the nearest opponents. The report will also enable the reader to comprehend the strategy that Amazon follows for the Multi-dimensional business and what can be the potential strategies the company can adapt

Critical Success Factors

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Research results to Increased Learning Time that includes; increased academic learning time; increased enrichment activities and increased teacher collaboration and professional development. Increased learning time necessitates strategies that maximize the number of sustained, engaging instructional minutes, the result of which is “higher academic achievement, especially for disadvantaged students.” (Jez &Wassmer, 2011; Gettinger& Seibert 2002) To be utilized successfully, increased learning time must be applied strategically

EPM5700 Project Management & Information Technology

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Executive Summary Project management industry is the core business function for any of the organization. Successful completion of the project depends on better project management techniques, planning, and software. A project is assumed to be successful when it measures the objectives and requirements of the stakeholders. It is more important to understand who are the stakeholders? They are a group of people or individuals who make an investment or may be interested in a specific project. They are actively participating in the work of the project or make some investment to either gain

Business Assignment Help

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The best business to come up with is a food related business. Let us agree that besides all the activities that go on through our daily lives, we have to take a meal at the end of the day. But, let us look at this business concept from a different perspective – from a metropolitan way of life in Auckland. The place is a suburb located within a business district with hundreds and hundreds of people flocking in and out of the city for commercial reasons but where do they eat? – In cafes, restaurants, hotels and most rely on fasts foods.

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