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QUESTION 1 Sustainability is important because of its three main pillars- i) Environmental protection, ii) social development iii) economic development. • Environmental protection - Supporting an ecosystem to build it and to focus on environmental protection, it is important that our interactions with the environment should be very sustainable. • Social development - It is also important to ensure that the basic resources that humans have with their tails, so that their health can be protected. • Economic development - Citizens are required to invest in sustainability resource

Business Plan

Business Plan Rating:

Executive Summary Abu-Dhabi Coffee bar is committed towardsmaking the company into a daily hub for neighborhood coffee addicts, a place to dream of as you attempt to get away from the day to day worries of life and only an agreeable place to meet your companions or to peruse a book, across the board. With the developing interest for brilliant gourmet coffee and incredible administration, Abu-Dhabi Coffee bar will gain by its nearness to the University of Dubai grounds to assemble a center gathering of repeated clients. Abu-Dhabi Coffee bar will offer its clients the best arranged coff

Drugs Abuse

Drugs Abuse Rating:

Introduction According to Hawks, (1981) the major problem that is taking place currently across the globe is the use of substances that are addictive. Theyhave been an increase in the intake of drugs by those who has an addictive personality which could be acquired or it could be genetic. Substance use is one of the major reasons why there has been a decline in a healthy workforce in all countries and drug trafficking is rampant in all the countries. The major reason the drugs have not been controlled fully in the different countries is due to the fact that there is rampant corruption

Business Proposal Final

Business Proposal Final Rating:

Executive Summary The report involves critical examination of the Green Light product – the first ever LED lighting system that glows with the help of kinetic energy sourced from human effort integrated pedals systems with the lamp. Report takes through the journey of converting a dream in to that of reality by means of application of thinking systems to the proposed business idea. The inception of the report outlines the environmental and health well being rationales for the outcome of such a business idea by offering the Green Lighting systems to all the commercial lighting serv

CPPDSM3019B Communicate With Clients As Part Of Agency Operations

CPPDSM3019B Communicate With Clients As Part Of Agency Operations Rating:

Instructions for completing and submitting this assessment The information and resources that can assist you in answering the questions in this assessment can be primarily sourced from the learner guide and supporting resources for ‘Communicate with clients as part of agency operations (CPPDSM3019B)’, located on your eLearning platform. You may also be required to conduct some independent research. When completing your assessment: • ensure you read each question carefully and answer all parts of the question • type your answer in the space provided • ensure you respond to t



Introduction Excise taxes on tobacco have made a significant change in the dependable variables with the revenue sources. There are considerable things that have to be paid attention towards the tax and the public health objective. Apparently it is important to have a concern towards the improvement of health of people so as to reduce the level of disease in the economy. The economic condition of the country has a significant factor to be considered such as health of the people in the country. A prominent instance is been carried along with the approach of having a success towards inc

The Global Logistics and Total Quality Management of Whole Foods Market

The Global Logistics and Total Quality Management of Whole Foods Market Rating:

Introduction The global logistics within the supply chain mainly denotes the connection of the internal functions of an organization with other similar organizations around the globe for the purpose of conducting business activities. Proper understanding of the global logistics within the supply chain management is vital in the world where individuals and organizations are interconnected. As stated by Dablanc et al (2014), this supply movement of goods and services require proper problem solving skills which are required for the transaction of the goods and services within the world.

Case study of eCourier

Case study of eCourier Rating:

Executive Summary In this case study project of eCourier system, the implementation of the 24/7 same day courier delivery project is discussed in details. In this report, the methods of implementation and requirement of the project is critically analysed. This will also consist of the management of the stakeholders along with the proper communication with stakeholders. The risks and uncertainties of the project will also be discussed along with strategies of risk mitigation. Lastly, the role of the project manager in this project is discussed.

Sports R US Inc Performance Evaluation

Sports R US Inc Performance Evaluation Rating:

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Executive summary: Qantas is one of the largest and renowned aircraft organizations in Australia. It provides the various facilities to the customers and earns the huge revenue which has been increased from last few tears. In this annual report f 2017, the broad discussion has been made. Therefore the researchers could be able to understand the certain research. The report shows the analysis of the financial statement from which we can reach a decision very quickly about a company. The further information is about ratio analysis to identify the Working Capital Ratio, Quick Ratio, De



I first and foremost take this opportunity to thank our Almighty Father and God for His strength and guidance throughout the four semesters at this institution and throughout the course of my project work. My work would be futile if it weren’t for His grace which knows no limits. It’s with lot of happiness I am expressing gratitude to all our participants, for their timely and kind help, guidance and for providing me with most essential materials required for the completion of this project. This inspiration up to the last moment has made thi

Management of Operations

Management of Operations Rating:

1.3 Importance of capacity management in managing operation of an organization The primary responsibility of capacity management is to make sure that existing and future capacity and performance aspects of the business requirements are delivered in a cost-efficient manner. On the other hand Gilpin and Reber (2014) stated that capacity management is mainly concerned with the proper IT capacity of an organization and making the best use of it. Some important functions of capacity management are, Reduce Risk: Capacity management has the capability to find out whether there are ample amou

Business Law

Business Law Rating:

Task 1: Report Application of the Main Principles Affecting the Legal Relationship between Organizations and Consumers Introduction Case Study Ben’s car was old and the costs of repairs were increasing which is when Ben decided to buy a new car. In a magazine he saw an advertisement of a Blue Passat Model 1.8, according to the advertisement it was 2 years old and had only 1 owner.It also had 6 CD changers alloyed weeks and had driven for 18500 miles. The sale price was only GBP 10,000. The next day, Ban visited the car dealer but was informed that the car was in a showroom which was

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