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1.0 Introduction: Strategic alliance is one of the most rapidly growing trends in the construction sectors. Bierly and Coombs (2009) marked strategic alliance as an effective method for neutralising the competition and also ensure sustainable future business prospects. Gulati (2009) argued that strategic alliance is an agreement for sharing common goals that would benefit all the parties to the agreement. Dussauge and Garrette (2008) explained the nature of strategic alliance by comparing it with joint ventures which is a more stable form of alliance. Hofstede (2008) described that a



Introduction In today’s scenario each and every person wants to start its own business. As shown in the given scenario Freddy Patel wants to start its own business and want some relevant information regarding its financial activity. In this research report all the sources of finance which are available for a sole trader Freddy Patel is discussed and it also includes analysis of their implication to the new business which is going to be started. In this report the significance of the financial planning will be assessed and the required sources which are necessary for taking a proper



2.1 Introduction Social networking has become extremely popular among people of all ages. The popularity of internet and improvement of technology have expedited the growth of the popularity of social networking. Social networking is synonymous with the term virtual community which means group of people who meet and talk to each other over internet without being in person. The growth of social networking is phenomenal regardless of any geographic location (Bridge and O'Neill, 2012). Social networking is based on a platform that is called social media which has led to emergence of many

Aspects of Advertising and Promotion in Business

Aspects of Advertising and Promotion in Business Rating:

Introduction Marketing communication is considered as the complex and elementary part of the marketing effort of an organization. It is considered as marketing strategy which is used to approach the target market through several communication types. It includes direct marketing, PR activity, advertising, branding, etc. It is considered that advertisement and promotion is a useful strategy that can be used by any organization in order to deliver several benefits. The main objective of marketing communication is to enhance the demand of products and services and attract large numbers of

Chinese Hospitality Industry Dissertation Assignment

Chinese Hospitality Industry Dissertation Assignment Rating:

Introduction The overall research findings based on data analysis are presented in this chapter. The structure adopted by the researcher focused on the achievement of the research’s core objective of investigating the factors influencing employee performance in the Chinese hospitality industry. This core objective was achieved by analysing the impact of job stress, manager’s attitude and organisational structure on employee performance in the Chinese hospitality industry. The analysed questionnaire based on the research paper objectives is attached in Appendix 1. Bendat & Piersol

Corporate Governance Role of Auditors

Corporate Governance Role of Auditors Rating:

Introduction Corporate Governance is usually looked upon as a process or system related to management of an entity. Similarly overlooked is the contribution of auditors to the corporate governance. The essay evaluates the corporate governance role of auditors. Initially it defines and illustrates the term corporate governance which is followed by a consideration of the different processes and others included in auditing, the work of auditors. It is succeeded by defining of the role that auditors play in the model of corporate governance. Finally the essay concludes on a conclusion on

Business Management

Business Management Rating:

1. Research aims as well as objectives Aims: The respective aim regarding this particular research paper is to understand the importance of employees within an organization. With the intention of sustain the overall growth induced from the aspects in the global competitive market; it is quite compulsory for the respective management concerning the entity so as to focus upon the Human Resource Planning of the organization. Objectives: Objectives of this researcher paper are:  To understand substantial interest regarding human resource planning and succession planning within the

Literature Review On Diabetes Treatment Technology

Literature Review On Diabetes Treatment Technology Rating:

A: Diabetes treatment technology (DTT) Diabetes has emerged out as one of the most of threatening health crisis in all over the world. The rapid urbanization, conversion of nutrition and the continuous increase of the sedentary lifestyles has caused the disease to be epidemically spreading all across the world. With the rapid increase of the disease, there has been also rapid increase for the treatment of the disease. Like most of the medicine, the treatment of diabetes has changed a lot over the years due to the advancement in technology



In any organisation, in terms of getting success, there is the main contribution of the manager of the project along with that the management office. The success of a project mainly depends on a proper project management office and project manager. Performance is mainly remarked as the dependent variable. The implementation of project management is aligned with the project management office to achieve the success in an organisation. In this introductory chapter, there is the description of the background of the study and the charcoal industry of Jordan.



The business concept is to open jewellery shop in the city Kazipet in the Warangal district of India and sell specially designed jewellery made of pearls and bead sets. In the view of Wongpreedee, Kiratisin and Virutamasen (2015, p.65), jewellery is considered as one of the attraction among the women, in India. Jewellery is mostly significant to women, as it enlightens the grace of women and has also become a signature statement for most of the women in the society. Furthermore, in the recent times men has also been attracted to wear elegant pieces of Jewellery such as bracelets, chai

The Business Environment

The Business Environment Rating:

Growth of business is totally dependents of the environment. Gradually effect of external environment in every kinds of business is increasing. As a result, it is creating different types impact over the organization. Generally, business environment of a particular organization is dependent in four parameters and that are customer behavior, competitor strategy, government policy and regulatory and public opinion. All those parameters are directly or indirectly related with the business. Customer behavior suggests the marketplace of a particular organization.

CPPDSM3019B Communicate with Clients

CPPDSM3019B Communicate with Clients Rating:

This project requires you to undertake research on real estate agencies. You can either complete this project directly by researching a particular agency, or you can gather this information from your own personal experience dealing with real estate agents (as a client or customer), or via interviewing clients and customers who have recently dealt with a real estate agency (for example, people in your social or family network who have recently dealt with a real estate agency, such as by being a tenant, landlord, buyer or vendor, prospective buyer or prospective vendor).



Executive Summary: The study provides an effective marketing plan for British food Plc Company to enter or expand their business in the market of China. The British food Plc Company produces several types of the juice and other fruit products in the market of U.K. and tries to expand their business in the market of China. A SWOT and PEST analysis helps to review the exact position or condition of the British food plc company and also helps to analyse the different marketing opportunities in the market of China to expand their business in the future scenario. The overall formation of

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