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HI6028 Taxation Theory Practice And Law

HI6028 Taxation Theory Practice And Law Rating:

- An antique impressionism painting Helen’s father bought in February 1985 for $4,000. Helen sold the painting on 1 December 2018 for $12,000. (2.5 marks) 2- Helen sold her historical sculpture on 1 January 2018 for $6,000. She has purchased the piece on December 1993 for $5,500. (2.5 marks) 3- An antique jewellery piece purchased in October 1987 for $14,000. Helen sold the antique jewellery piece on 20 March 2018 for $13,000. (2.5 marks) 4- Helen sold a picture for $5,000 on 1 July 2018. Her mother purchased the picture in March 1987 for $470. (2.5 marks)

National Transportation Assignment Help

National Transportation Assignment Help Rating:

The “National Transportation Safety Board” is an agency that was established with the core function of investigating all the aviation accidents followed with the provision of reliable recommendations. The recommendations provided by the agency were relatively meant to improve the safety of the aviation industry. The NTSB has an outlined investigation process that is followed during the entire task of determining the cause of the accidents prior providing the curbing measures.



The current world of business features stiff competition that leaves organizations utilizing various strategies to endure reduced pressure. Among the strategies employed by larger organizations is that of going global, which entails presence in multiple nations. This move calls for the use of global teams as a strategic human resource solution (Kerber and Buono, 2004). By definition, the term global teams refer to the creation of a workforce comprised of people from different geographical, temporal, and cultural backgrounds, who are then distributed across nations where the company ope

BUMGT5980 Managerial Decision Making

BUMGT5980 Managerial Decision Making Rating:

Within an organization, there are several employees, who are working for the betterment of the organization. The management as well as the employees has to work accordingly in order to resolve complex situations within an organization (Parker et al., 2018). The concept of biases enables an individual to make the managerial decisions and mitigate the problems based on several scenarios in the real world. The report will be covering the three concepts i.e. bounded awareness, framing as well as emotions with reference to Simon’s quote:

Statement of Advice Case Study

Statement of Advice Case Study Rating:

You are an authorised representative of a full-service licensed dealer group, Mentor Financial Planning Pty Ltd. Dennis and Donna Barker have come in to see you to ask for your assistance to plan out their next seven years and then help them settle into retirement. Donna (aged 53 – DOB 15/07/--) and Dennis (aged 52 – DOB 23/07/--) have been married for 29 years and live at Lot 3 Wattle Road, Hurstbridge, Victoria. Their only child, a daughter, Megan, is financially independent and has two children. Donna works full time as a business development manager for Best Marketing and h



Capital gain refers to the overall increase in the noncurrent assets’ value. It is evident that any form of capital gain offers a higher value of return, upon being sold in the marketplace, to respective buyers. Generally, capital gains are associated with funds and stocks, because of their inherent cost instability. Occurrence of a capital gain can be seen on any security that is sold for a higher price than the amount of money that was paid at the time of the purchase. When an asset that can activate a taxable event, is sold, there is an occurrence of realized capital gain and loss



The purpose of this assignment is to identify an appropriate methodology for our research topic related to ‘Effectiveness of cloud computing in an organisation for effective communication. This document is structured as follows. First a review, analysis and summaryof the existing methodologies reported in the collected literatures will be given. Then, the methodology to be used will be proposed to solve the selected research problem (Mackey & Gass, 2015).

Data Analysis and Design

Data Analysis and Design Rating:

1.1 Critical Comparison betweenDifferent Data Models and Schemas Hierarchical Model:The hierarchical information figure organizes records in a tree structure. There is a hierarchy regarding father or mother and baby data parts. This structure suggests up to expectation a report perform the bear iterating information, typically within the child information parts. This wholly gathers the situations on a particular file together as much a file type. File types are the equivalent concerning tables between the R models, or together with the individual files being the equal concerning rows.

HLSC111: The Person, Health and Wellbeing

HLSC111: The Person, Health and Wellbeing Rating:

Consistent with adult learning principles, the teaching and learning strategies used within these modes of delivery will provide students with foundational knowledge and skills relevant to professional health care practice. These strategies will also support students in meeting the aim, learning outcomes and graduate attributes of the unit and the broader course learning outcomes. Learning and teaching strategies will reflect respect for the individual as an independent learner. Students will be expected to take responsibility for their learning and to participate actively with peers.

A Comparison of Ralph Emerson and Henry Thoreau’s Writing Styles

A Comparison of Ralph Emerson and Henry Thoreau’s Writing Styles Rating:

Over 120 years after his death, Emerson is regarded as one of the most quoted and read American authors of all time. His uniqueness comes from the vigor with which he expressed his ideas which went a long way in helping him capture his audience’s attention. There was newness to his style and ideas which have helped him garner the respect of contemporary readers from all walks of life. By and large, Emerson based all his work on various idealistic philosophical concepts and expressed them with a lot of conviction.

Innovation Management at Apple Company

Innovation Management at Apple Company Rating:

Apple is vulnerable to competition because of the recent change in the management. The new CEO has introduced quite a few new changes that are difficult to adjust to, which may make the company weak before other big corporations. The changes have also led to misunderstandings among the employees when it comes to execution of tasks. Competitors can take advantage of this situation by hiring high-quality employees from Apple. To overcome this vulnerability, Apple can involve its employees into the decision making process to keep their interest in the job.

Chinese Fireworks Industry

Chinese Fireworks Industry Rating:

Fireworks industry is one of the most challenging industries that are dominated by China, Liuyang factory being one of its biggest manufacturers. There is no doubt that fireworks industry has been in existence for a very long period now and it is continuing to grow. In the present day there is a considerable demand for fireworks in the entire globe, if were Jerry Yu, I would have accepted the offer. There are various reasons why anyone should invest in fireworks industry because of its profitability. Liuyang factory currently dominates the entire Canadian market

Fundamentals of Petroleum Geoscience

Fundamentals of Petroleum Geoscience Rating:

The purpose of this exercise is to get an understanding of the fundamental processes behind making a contour map, and to appreciate how such maps are used to interpret the subsurface. This exercise also tests out your understanding of one of the key components of the petroleum system, namely the Trap. We will achieve this by a simple example of a hand-drawn contour map of depth to the top of a reservoir sandstone.You should also gain from this experience a greater appreciation of the importance of having correct and reliable datasets – as in this exercise,

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