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Located within the United Arab Emirates, Zayed University could be a notable name within the instructional field around the world. it had been supported in 1998 and was named once Late Arab chief Zayed bin grand Turk Al Nahyan, the nation’s founder. among this timespan, the university has created itself as one amongst the foremost reputable organizations within the world.

At its beginning, the university tasks like finance, student registration, auditing, grading were all tired of a standard manual method. The school was employed and human resources were utilized for fulfillment of the tasks. However, it had been possible for less than a restricted variety of scholars and because the variety of scholars grew larger and larger with time, these tasks became cumbersome and weren’t being done with efficiency and on time. This created the university panel to scratch their heads and consider the simplest way out of this drawback.

Banner Web:

The solution to the above-stated drawback was picked bent be the introduction of Banner internet application. Banner internet could be a web-based utility that assists its users (students) to manage and think about their data exploitation the web. it's designed in a very method that helps students to handily read their schedule, grades and handle different connected data.

Zayed University initially enforced Banner Student then integrated different departments like finance and accounts. Banner internet is witnessed to be the simplest possibility for his or her hurdles. As declared by the Chief tutorial Officer of the University, Mr. Mohamed Abdel-Mohsen:

“For the first time, students can see what courses unit required and completed

For their degree engineer on one easy-to-read worksheet. Advising for

At-risk students are greatly improved and student tutorial dismissals

have bated because of higher designing and course choices.”

Banner internet Process:

Banner internet permits the subsequent method for the scholars through the internet:

Registration in fact

Drop Course

View current schedule

View grades

View personal data

Financial aid

Search category

Design of the banner web:

The application has been designed in such the simplest way that the students’ data is input to the system, queries square measure created to the information and output is generated.

The parts embody students, courses, grades, faculty, and tutorial personnel. the complete information is kept in very information comprising of those modules. The software package is split into the modules: Admissions, Registration, Billing/money owed due, investments, and Graduate Scholar records Banner is most typically accessed by an outsized variety of scholars via the SISWEB interface. school and personnel have a consumer software package that interfaces directly with BANNER. lecturers get admission to banners through internet-based class/grading rosters.

The University of Golden State Davis BANNER convenience runs a tough and quick of applications offered by SunGard cited as Banner. As such, many alternative faculties use comparable systems. The Banner pupil statistics device debuted at the University of Golden State Davis in 1992.

HTML has been used for all basic formats and placement of things. CSS is used for style and styling thrives to create certain international conformity and simple layout alterations on a worldwide scale. ASP, energetic server pages, is applied for all actual time content material improvement and facts commercial enterprise. Eventually, square, structured command language, is used for all data management, retrieval, and garage.

Viewing from the bailiwick purpose of reading to the BANNER system, it's maintained with the help of fifteen totally different systems: One master information server with the 60GB banner information sitting on that, two net servers for SISWEB interface, 3 AFS servers that incorporate 'banner forms' (source, possible files, and Oracle software package bureaucracy), eight machines that execute applications referred to as "citric", and one testing machine very similar to the grasp convenience.




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