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Workplace Diversity Management



There are many common misconceptions in leadership that affect the day to day operations of an organization that relates to the workplace diversity and unfair treatment.  Workplace diversity often means that the specific groups of people are to be treated in a certain way which makes the leadership and the perceptions of the leader important in regards to fair treatment.  In this way how the leaders should approach the different diverse groups at the workplace is a topic that has many misconceptions that require closer inspection (Lynch, 2017). The following misconceptions are the most common ones in the workplace about diversity and fair treatment of the employees that affect the leadership principles most. 


It's an exceptionally normal confusion that to advance diversity and uniformity in the work environment, the leader basically needs to treat everybody the equivalent. All things considered, this appears to be a sound judgment approach. Each worker, paying little respect to their age, sex, sexual orientation, religious convictions, race, et cetera, basically gets a similar treatment, and that makes everything reasonable and standardised with. However, this is untrue as the various needs of the specific diverse groups at work require different things that the leader should specifically incorporate in their leadership approach (Page, 2017). For example, the need for a Muslim worker to perform his daily five time prayers needs to be considered specifically in timing their breaks which is not required for other groups so their needs are specific to their work groups can be unfair of the leaders do not accommodate their needs specifically.  Which make the equal treatment a common trap that can make the leader make unfair decisions for specific workers as the needs of the workers are also diverse and cannot always be incorporated in the standard equal treatment policy set by a leader (Boehm & Kunze, 2015). 

There is another common misconception about team diversity that each team should be culturally diverse. The main basic misinterpretation about group diversity is the conviction that an assorted group implies that its individuals comprise of people from various cultures. While all socially various groups are, truth be told, differing groups, not every single different group are just socially assorted (Boekhorst, 2015). The teams need to be formed based on needs irrespective of the specific diversity factors that are not limited to being culturally diverse. The skill set required for the members of a specific team based on their duties and responsibilities that needs to present in the team member selection where any other factor like culture gender, religion needs to be ignored in face of the work requirements and experience and professional skill of the individual (Riccucci, 2018). Therefore, this leadership strategy that ensures each team should consist of the culturally diverse groups is a misconception that often influences the decisions of the leaders which is unnecessary and often compromise the teams’ effectiveness as a whole. 


The fact remains that the diversity policy is only the first step of developing an organizational culture which is a necessity of the organisation and the leadership practices, therefore, needs to be developed based on individual preferences which can be affected by these misconceptions. Therefore, it can be understood the misconception about the diversity can affect their leadership practices in a negative way which limits the organisational capability of using its full potential of the workforce. 




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