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 What is a work health and safety management system? Examples of what if can help an organization?  

A safety as well as health management system is defined as a major part of the management system of a respective organization. It includes a safe as well as healthy work environment policy in an organization along with the planning process for the prevention from ill health and accidents. The line management responsibility is also involved in this process which mainly covers the following key points such as the practices, implementations, development of available resources, procedures, reviewing as well as maintaining the safety and health policy of the occupation. In the contest of organization, the policies should be on the basis of risk and uncertainty presented in the company and it will help in reflect those problems and assessment have been undertaken. 

Think of the potential risk in an organization. What would be the impact be if it occurred and what is the likelihood if this occurring? 

In an ongoing business concern different type of risk will take place. Few of them can destroy the entire firm whereas others can cause huge damage which can be costly as well as time consuming for the repairing. The impact can be occurred on the earnings as well as on the customers. After the identification of the risk in a business organization it should be synchronized along with the assessment of profitability. The risk can be very likely to occur or can be having some chances of occurring (Haas, and Yorio, 2016). The business risk can be recognized by various methods and can also analyze a specific business activity which can present challenges to the company. 

Why is it important to consult with an employee and anybody else who can have an impact on the health and safety of the organization? 

The law states that an individual must consult with an employee about the changes in the work place and it will help in substantially create impact on the health as well as safety. It is important to consult an employee representative for getting more information about the health and safety policies. Consulting with an employee have various methods and ways. The wellbeing as well as health is a crucial element in the organization. The benefits which includes such as reduction of cost, lesser the accident rates, improving the policies and procedures and the positive cultures regarding the health and safety. Consultation is a legal need and an essential part for managing the safety and health risk. The safe work place can be achieved easily when involvement of every individual in the work communicate with each other for the identification of risk and uncertainty. 

What is consultation process? 

Consultation involves a factor of taking into account and listening the views and thoughts of an employee and should take decisions before the consultation. It majorly requires a free of exchange ideas and thoughts which can easily create impact on the interest of an employee of a respective organization (Darabont, Antonov, and Bejinariu, 2017). The consultation is a double-sided process between an individual or workers which includes listening to the concern of people, seek, share as well as information. The consultation process includes various steps which are as follows: 

Partnering to assess and to answer the needed question 

Determination of approaches 

Contraction for the consultation 


Evaluation and closing 

Follow up is available. 

How can you help to facilitate agreements of individuals and parties to implement a WHSMS? 

The goal of implementing the work health and the safety management system is to recognize the risk and uncertainty with the intention of reducing. The likelihood of occurrence of the injuries in work place. It helps in providing crystal clear guidelines for the safety protocol. The WHSMS involves the process of maintaining standards of health and safety. The establishment of health and safety management policies is on the overarching framework for the safety plans. Every organization should involve detailed description about the keeping record and the hazardous inspection as well as reporting of incidence (Niu, Lu, Xue, Liu, Chen, Fang, and Anumba, 2019). This system is majorly on the basis of its own development, it involves minimizing the injuries of work place and providing key components such as safety plans, training, monitoring as well as supervision and the reporting. 

What is a policy?

A policy refers to a deliberate system of the principles for providing the guidance regarding the decisions as well as the rational outcomes. Generally, the policies are adopted by the respective governance body in a particular organization. These policies may assist in both the decision-making process. The subjective as well as the objective. In simple words, policies are the ideas and thoughts which can be used for the process of decision making.  It is a fundamental principle which is guided by the government. And the objectives are declared by the government for seeking the interest of national community.

What is procedure?

A procedure is a document which generally instruct the workers on the executive’s activity of a business organization. It will specify the sequence of step and specification for each single step regarding what needs to be done. Ideally, it is a fixed, step by step sequence of particular operations and activities along with the definite time period of start and end in the same order the procedures of repetitive will also be known as the routines. This term can be used in several industries to explain the series of step for obtaining the desire outcome. A procedure can explain the accomplishment of a particular task (da Silva, and Amaral, 2019). For instance, what will be a way to fill a form, the procedures are commonly known as the second way. 

What type of information about the safety performance of organization, Will is it compulsory about the need for collecting the reviews? 

The information about the safety performance of organization is monitoring and measured by one of these three elements which includes the safety insurance. The safety performance information tends to provide a feedback on the effectiveness and efficiency of the control system of entire work which will allow for the continual improvement which can be need. The safety performance monitoring as well as measuring refers to verify the safe environment for the workers in an organization. There are various types of information about the safety performance in an organization and it is crucially important for the respective organization. This can be recognized by the different trends and the incidence which can improve by tackled for preserving the work place by diseases as well as injuries. 

What does work place health and safety (WHS) legislation state that employers must be provide their staff with? 

The work place health and safety (WHS) act generated a legislation as well as regulation with the intention of helping in increase in work place health and safety. Along with these guidelines employers should have some of the rights and responsibilities for keeping the business record. The WHS is accountable for applying to the entire employers which can involve an individual by undertaking the business. There are some responsibilities and rights of employers for providing a safe working condition. The employers also having the authority to expect the work performance from their staff members (Panagopoulos, Atkin, and Sikora, 2017). The WHS act cover up the rights of an employers for the better understanding of their responsibilities. These rights include – 

A safe work environment 

Accessibility for the information to the potential risk 

Changes in the risk to avoid the potential 

 Participation in the inspection of work place 

Refusing the work which can create danger for the employees 

What are the internal as well as external factor which can affect the policy development and reviews? 

The factors which can affects the policy development are majorly of two division – the internal as well as external factors which has been discussed below – 

Internal – 

Innovation and knowledge – The innovation and knowledge create a new impact on the policy through catalyzing different debates or ending with the creation of awareness of new responsibility. 

Social political as well as economic contest – The prior information in the political and team development which includes openness. 

Legal framework – Some specific laws directly connects tp the chemical health, risk management. 

External – 


International agreements as well as treaties 

External media and events 

Policy requirement may differ slightly depending on the type of policy what are some general policy requirement? 

The requirements of policies can be fall in to the functional requirements5, but there are no specific rules and regulations which cannot includes the policy requirement as a specific category of the needs, it is doing with tends to help for covering all the foundations (Kaspers, Karanikas, Roelen, Piric, and Boer, 2019). Some of the ideas for policy related includes – 

User policy 

Network access policy 

Wireless policy 

Server policy and the corporate policy. 

Identify the questions you should ask when developing the WHS policy, in order to meet organizational requirement and appropriateness. 

Many organizations can feel the burden of policies as well as having small number of exposes to the uncertainty and unwanted risk which generally means the organization required to prioritize the policy which is developed or policies first. According to the rule of thumb, policies are essential while defining the value, applications as well as potential risks of a respective organization. The following questions can be prioritize the policy development efforts or it can be useful for the recognition of policies which can be eliminated together. The following questions for the prioritizing policy development are – 

Thus the communication documents execute the directions for instance the vision,, mission, objectives or the values

How critical the document for obtaining the targeted vision mission, values as well as goals 

What is the need for the written decisions directions on a particular subject topic 

What is the number of employees affected by the policies 

How can you create a policy committee to engage individuals and parties? Note how the policy group could consult and how they could help to persuade people to agree to WHS policy. 

The basic consideration regarding the engagement in the process of policy making as well as designing of public services is generally the identification of the citizens in the democracy having both the things rights as well as duties. The opportunities for the potential citizens to participate in shaping the world. The democracy distinctive from socially as well as culturally and the developing tradition (Elving, and Postma, 2017). The democracy must rest on the constitutional order through which the authority of the government. Majorly it should be accountable which will be limited for a accurate sphere of action. The government should also counterbalance by the opposition of the constitution. The adoption of the centric policy making as well as the designing of the basic commitments to the citizens as regarding to the participation by the government.

What methods could you use to request comments from the stakeholders about the WHS policy? 

An inclusive health as well as safety program intend to reduce the potential risk and uncertainties. The stake holders commentated regarding the health and safety program for a continuous improvement system.

How can you encourage people to participate in the WHS planning stage and why is it important to do this?

The employees are always the first line of degree for the defense against the safety concerns. They are on the first lines as well as the collection of lines. They are being the witness regarding the safety offenses and the mangers can catch those tricks and ethics. The participation of workers is a crucial part of managing health and safety in the organization. Creating a safe and healthy work place is not only accountability of management but also workers should involve in a vital manner. Employees are facing occupational safety and health while improving through the incentives (Brubaker, and Wilson, 2018). There are various benefits for the people to participate in the WHS planning stage such as less accidence as well as rate of sickness, reduction in the risk or cost. It is important because by involving at the planning stage workers will be able to identify particular reason for the actions and find absolute solutions for the end result. 


Outline communication consideration when consulting with individuals and parties about the WHS plan. 


The procedure of WHS communication and consultation majorly aims to make sure about the WHS management system should confirms with the needed laws as well as return to work SA’s performance standard for self-insurers (PSSI) in a respective organization. This procedure intends to provide a separate system which helps to the worker in the consulted decisions regarding the safety and work health. It will also make sure about the consistent communication practices which are placed for the WHS matters. 

The core components of the WHS communication and consultation processes are recognizing the type of information which are required for the communication and the effective implementation in the organization. it includes both the factors internal (policies, changes to the work place, procedures and the performance indicators) as well as external (essential notifications for the safe work SA and office of technical regulator, changes in laws).  The communication is majorly relevant information in an accessible as well as usable in a timely manner (Azizi, Bastan, and Ahamdvand, 2017). 

What are some examples WHS implementation requirements? 

Implementing a work health and safety training in the organization tend to provide a consistent approach for the identification as well as provision for the activities of WHS training and development. The mandatory training may apply to the entire workers of the organization including students and the volunteers. Some of the examples about the WHS implementing requirements includes- 


Tailor the policy of the business firm 

Clarifying the obligations specifically 

Making the policies realistic 

Publicize policies and procedures 

Training and development for the employees in the policies and procedures 

Consistency in the implementation of policy 

Regular review of all policies and procedures 

Reinforcement of the work place regarding the policies and procedures. 

For a communication to others in the work place, outline what is involved with one of the above WHS implementation requirements? 

The communication plays a crucial role in the work place and regarding to the WHS implementation. It will help in assessing the online resources and also intend to provide discussions with the supervisors or the WHS in the organization. There are different forms of communication regarding the health and safety information such as the WHS resources includes the WHS internet site and the WHS performance measures (Nikulin, and Nikulina, 2017). The health and safety information is communicated through various key points such as on the notice board, through the conferences and meetings, on the safety signage. 

What consultation process do you use in implementing the plans in your work place? 

The consultation process intends to provide a recognition regarding a opportunities and give a appropriate assessment for takin the decisions, make sure about the new ideas for the efficient and effective work in the respective organization. This is an active process that organization management disclose formal as well as informal communication channels in between the stakeholders and the organization. The best practices involves – 

Implementing effective consultation mechanism 

Maintaining a culture of consultation 

Cooperation in the work place 

Regularly seeking opportunities 

Informed decision making as well as appropriate implementation of views and ideas 

Minimization of disputes. 

The WHS Act 2011, sets out a consistent frame work that must be complied with in order to secure the health and safety of workers. What specifically does it do? 

The work health and safety act 2011, intend to provide a frame work to prevent the health, safety as well as welfare of entire workers in the respective organization and the others connected to NSW workplace or the working activities. Majorly it focuses to prevent the people from the uncertainty and injury of risk such as making sure about the health and safety at work place, controlling the use of explosive or the dangerous substances (Domingues, Sampaio, and Arezes, 2017). The employers are accountable for protecting the health and safety of their employees or the other people who might be influence by their businesses. 

What do work place inspection help to identify? 

The work place inspection majorly focuses on the prevention of incidence, uncertainty, illness and injuries in the work place. The inspection of work place intend to provide the identification of hazardous risks and uncertainties and also helps in taking corrective action. The safety and health committee also may provide help in planning, conducting, reporting as well as monitoring inspections. 

What needs to be in place for you to measure and evaluate the WHS performed? 

For measuring the success of WHS the crucial element are such as the health and safety inspections, near miss reporting, providing the training achievements and following the appropriate procedures (Furci, and Sunindijo, 2020). There are few steps for measuring and evaluating WHS performance. 

General evaluation (step 1)

Documentation evaluation (step 2) 

Worksite evaluation (step 3) 

You may need to have consultations about how you measure and evaluate the WHS performance. What would you need to check? 

There are no solitary measures for the good health as well as safety performance. The measures majorly hold the most waited accident statistics. This a common tool and technique for measuring the safety in the work place. The measures and evaluating process for the WHS performance should involve following key points such as general evaluation which is generally refers to the indication regarding the improvements and initial step for self-audit. The second step involve the evaluation of documentation (Esterhuyzen, 2017). The big companies will share the documents on a digital platform as they are dealing along with a wide range of staff members. 

How can the mathematical and problem-solving strategies help wen measuring and evaluating the WHS performance? 

The model is one of the most multi criteria decision analysis as well as it is also applicable for resolving the problems regarding one decision criterion. The general outline about the AHP model which represent the necessity to understand the process of selection as well as measuring and evaluating the performance in the work place in a respective organization. 

What strategies can you and your organization employ to develop a continuous improvement culture? 

The first and foremost need for the commitment regarding the improvement by the workers in a respective organization. It is a constant determination for the improvement. For the continual improvement the employees are required to have a look on the potential improvements and for the effective services (Farr, Laird, Lamm, and Bensemann, 2019). Few strategies which will help for a development of continual improvement culture such as – 

Appropriate training for the employees 

Utilization of constructive criticism 

Proper reward system 

Promotion of structure of reward. 

How can you elicit feedback to assess the effectiveness of work health and safety practices? 

There are few methods to elicit feedback which are as follows – 



Suggestion boxes 

Meeting and conferences 

One to one session 

Feedback forms. 

Give some examples solutions (at least 3) for improving WHSMS. 

Some of the example solutions for the improvement of WHSMS are as follows – 

Abolishing the requirement for a procedure. For instance, removing a risk by utilization of high-risk task machine. 

Making changes in the procedures with the intention of improving the clarity. 

Checking out the proper understanding of the staff members regarding the procedure (Fargnoli, Lombardi, Puri, Casorri, Masciarelli, Mandić-Rajčević, and Colosio, 2019). 

Checking out the capability of staff members to fulfilling the requirements of procedures. 

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