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 Part A

Is the WHS Management System appropriate for the company? Give reason for the answer.
WHS is implemented across Australia and is useful  to protect and safe guard all employ ees  ii orking in an organisation. How ever. workplace health and safcty management sj stein is not at all appropriate for VTI Group Mining and Minerals because a safety standard is slipping someu here. As opined bj Ackerinanii ct al (2014), this is leading to the concern of › various types of injuries liLe the u orkers of VTI Group Mining and Minerals are lifting heax’y bulk blocks of coal manually frotn the mine and lifting those blocks to the coin eyor belt E cii the crane and truck dri ers along » ith other staff are handling hazardous materials that are injurious to health
VTI Group Mining and Minerals also failed to keep systematic Workplace health and safety records that mean the company' is not fully sure about the health and safetj performance neither the company is sure about the u’orkplace health and safety compliance.
Define and explain relevant legislation for Workplace health and safety.
Legislation for Workplace and health safeh is model Work Health and Safer Act 2011 & W‹›rk Health and Safety Reffulation 201. 7. All thc business must comply ii’ith both thc law’s in order to ensure that the health and safety of the » orkers are maintained »'itIiin the organisation. As stated by Xiang. Pisanicllo & Hnnscn (2G 14). the main aim of this act is to proi’idc protection to the ii orkcrs and all thc pcrsons ii ithin the organisation from getting ham or hurt by hiring dntj lioldcrs » ho » ill bc cliininating or inmiinir.ing the risk This act also helps to proc ide effecti e and fair rcprcscntations. coopcration and consultation
The model WH S act encouragcs thc employers and unions of the organisation to adopt a constiuctii c rolc in order to promote improi ed WHs practices Model WHs lai s contain model WHS regulations and inodcl Codcs of Practicc All thc thrcc clcmcnts sct ont thc principles for hon’ Workplace hcalth end safctj managcmcnt rcgnlations must monitors and cnforccs thc
compliance  the jurisdictions of WHS la» s.
State 4 changes  that need  to be made in the existing  policy and  procedure related to WHS
Four changes that need to be brought in the existing policy and procedure related to WHS are:
Development in the WHS policies and related procedures
Dei’elopinent of the policies u ill help to proi’ide commitment to safety and health to the u’orkers. As a result the employees u ill feel encouraged to u’ork cooperatii’elj.
Consultation ii itli the u orkers in order to resold e the issues that are related to WHS
Management should consult u ith the u’orkers about the u orkplace health and safety
The m• • s• inent of  the  company  must  monitor  the  u orkplace  conditions  and  health  of  the u orkers
+Providing training and information
The company should proc ide training on the first aid to their employees
The employees must be taught hon to operate the equipments of the u’orkplace
+Implementations of strategies to control risk
linplementii s risk control strategy mill help to reino e the haxards or can substitutes the hazards
xx ith less or i’cin lou hazardous materials
Identify individuals responsible for WHS and define their responsibilities
Diitics and Responsibilities for Workplace Health and Safer' are legislated in Work Health and Safer’ Act of 2011.
All the employ ees ii orking in each organisation has certain roles and certain responsibilities that thej need to perfonti in order to deli er health and safety workplace
WorLcr/HSR: This people directly faces job hazards and thus ha› e  aluable  information  and knou ledge. expertise along u ith have the motif ation to bring or nnproi e the existing health and safety. They along u'itIi their colleague u orks together to proiiiote the u orkplace health  and safety (Scliulte ct aI. 2014)
WHS Adx isor/ Practitioner: They are responsible to ensure that all the managers. u orkers. leaders. representatii es of health and safety are » ell educated and ha e the ability to understand
all their responsibilities, They also ensure that safely and health if all the employees within the organisation.
Middle Manager: The main role of the middle managers is like a guide, he/she acts as a role model as well as a leader in an organisation. The main responsibility of middle managers is to motivate the employees to perform & achieve all the challenges & rewards. They are the real motivators who drive the engagement, commitment and performances of the employees.

Senior/ Executive Manager: They give directions of incorporating WHS laws in the existing business channels in order to develop strategic planning, resource and financial planning and also to measure the performances.

CEO: They are responsible to create mentally healthy workplace by ensuring that proper diligence framework so employed as well as embedded within the organisation. They are also responsible to ensure that WHS laws are strictly integrated and maintained in the organisation.
Identify human resources and financial resources required by WHS
Human Resource required to manage WHS
In an organisation human resource are needed for implementing as well as managing Workplace health and safely practices on the ongoing basis. Training must be given to employees providing information about what are their health & safety responsibilities. Implementation of policies for personnel management is necessary in order to make sure that everyone knows about their responsibilities.

Financial Resource required to manage WHS
There will be involvement of cost for implementing as well as managing Workplace health and safety practices on the ongoing basis. The main budget allocation should be done for the training programs.
Who would be responsible for approving identified Human and Financial
CEO of the company along with finance manager and human resource manager is responsible for approving all the identified human as well as financial resources.
Part B
List the changes in the WHS legislations in Western Australia and Queensland as compare to Victoria
Western  Australia & Qnccnsland has adopted  the modificd  i’crsion  of WHS  lcgislntion  model
» Whereas  Victoria  has kept  the e misting  OHS la» s that are  consistent  along » itli   harmonized
» Workplacc hcaIth & safct› la» s in inaior arcas
Refer to Appendix 1

Reprt of all amendments in the WHS policies and procedures, relevant to respective WHS stated legislation
Resohing all issues related to health & safety
Consulting u with all the employ ees on the u orLplace health & safet Monitoring the conditions of the u orkplace and health of the u orkers Providing training to the employees and also proi’ide information’s to them
Explain how the proposed WHS management system will meet the respective legislative requirements
The proposed WHS management system u'ill help to identify the risk or hazards. As result it will completely reinoi’e all the hazards or risks from the ii orkplace this u ill As opined bi Zohar. D. (2014), Super isors u'ill dci elopinent strategies for risk  assessment  u hich  will  help  the Company to dci elop a better coitnnitinent to safetj and health  As a result, the employ ees  will feel encouraged to u ork cooperatix ely.
Manager u'ill consult north the u orkers u ill help to resold e the issues that are related to WH S. Hence Management should consult u ith the u’orkers about the u’orkplace health and safety by monitoring the u orkplace conditions and health of the ii orkers.
This process u ill help to build mentally healthy u orkplace. Ensuring that all the u orkers & the employees are safe u ithin the organ isation.  bi  proi’iding  training  on  the  first  aid  and  gii’ing knou ledge on lion to operate the equipments of the » orkplace u ill ensure that the employees will safely use thc cqnipmcnts by minimizing all the risks Thc ii orkers along ii’ith their colleague’s » orks together to promote » orkplace health and safetj
How to ensui e that the proposed WHS management systems meet all the organisational requirements
In order to ensure that u orkplace health and safetj management si stein meets all organisation re quirements following processes can be taken into account:
Safety Audit
Workplace Inspections
Incident Ini’cstigations
Obscri’ations and complaints
Asscssing Hazards
Task 2
Devetop hazard management procedure for Western Austratia and Queensland
Hazard management proccdure for Qiicensland and Western Australia are as follow
Step 1 : Identify the hazards or risks that are ix’alking around Western Australia and Queensland this can be done by checking the instructions and the data sheets
Step 2: Assessing all thc risks

This includes checking or measuring the illness or injury’ that can occur
The chance or the likelihood that someone can suffer froiii the injutr or illness Step 3: Apph Methods in order to control the risk
This can be done froiii the highest level protection & reliability to lowest Step 4: Rci’ieii’ing the control measures
Reviewing all control measures can help to identify that thc control measure of highcr ordcr can be reasonably participle or not

All this can be donc by controlling from the highest position to the loii’cst or from thc hicrarchy of the control
Eliminate: Eliminntc the risks totally from the organisation
Substitutc: If rcmoi’ing of risks coinplctcly from thc organisation is not possible thcn  must replace the risk i 'itli the less haxardous material

Isolntc: Can tn’ to isolate all the hazardous practices from the people
Engineering  control:  Can  adopt various tools and equipments in order to minimize haxards
PPE, Last but not thc  lcast  it  is  nccessan  for  the  training  &  proi’iding  cffcctii’c superb isioii
Identification of ristt and preparation of ristt control measures Development of risk managemcnt procedure
The risk management procedure to be adopted bj VTI group for operating in coal fields can be enlisted beIon :

Identification of risk
In the first step, the risL that is related to operating in coalfie lds is to be identified. While operating in coal fields safety risk related to handling hazardous materials and manual lifiing of coal blocks are to be prioritized. Based on  the risk identification mechanism  the consequences that are related to the risk are measured

Analj zing the risk
In the second step. nature and consequences that are related to u orkplace safety are assessed so that the potentiality of risk over the acliieveitient of desired goals and objectii es can be measured easily.  In this process. the risk related to safety  mechanisms  in coal fields  that are affecting  the  i ision for sales enhancement are analysed and are res istered in the risk res ster.

Ranking the risk
In  this  step  risk  ranking  as  per  the  sei’eritv  is done  so  that  risk  control  measures  could be
prepared easily. Unsafe hand •s of hazardous materials and manual lifting of coal blocks are ranked  as  per  the  risk  severit  .  Based  on  the  ranking  the  acceptable  risk  level  required for rcmoi’ing the risk sci’criti arc analyscd by follo»’ing thc guidelines of Quccnsland Coal Mining Safetj and Health Act 1999 (safe» ork.sa go au, 2016).

Review and monitoring risk
In thc last and most i’ital stcp. thc company prcparcs a risk-monitoring plan b; consulting ii’ith the employ ees As per the WHS act reinoi ing the risk bj pro iding better protection and rci’ieii’ing thc cffcctix’cncss by tnLing corrcctii’c actions helps in mitigating the risk easily.
Explaining the hierarchy of control
Controlling the risk and ranking the risk based on the sei’eritj  helps in preparation  of hierarchy  of control u here methods for controlling the risk are rei ieu ed. As per the Workplace and Safetj Act the hierarchy of control is dii’ided into three let els:
In the first let el. hazards that are related to coal fields are identified and an appropriate u’ay for reducing risk ink olves complete elimination of risk Eliminating the risk is easier and coin enient, therefore. in the first phase focus is gis en on risk elimination.
In the second let el. substitutes related to hazardous risks are identified that helps in ininiiiiizing the risk found in the company Safetj control mechanisms like, engineering  controls  (bj introducing cranes for lifiing heavy loads) helps in reducing  the  risk  arising  due  to  manual  handling of coal blocks (safeu ork.sa go au, 2016).
In the third level. personal protectix e equipment liLe gloi’es. aprons and faceinasks limits the exposure to hazardous materials. This hierarchy of control not only reduces the risL  brit also iinpro ises the risk mitigation plan as per the set erity of the risk.
Ensuring the suitability of the risk management process in controlling the risk
In the hicrarchy of control. stcp by stcp assessincnt of risk short’s that aficr idcntification of the root because control measures are implelnentcd. This suggests that the idcntification. measurement of risk magnitude and rei iewing the risk helps in controlling the risk thereby reducing the chancc for new’ risk. Applicability of siibstitiitcs. usage of cngineering controls and use of personal protectii e equipment limits the exposure of hazardous materials. Using signs for ii aming employees further ensures that existing risk can be controlled thereby reducing the chance of new’ hazard. According to Reason (2G ltd). applicability of National Mine Safety.
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