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Background Of The Company

Volkswagen cluster of America (VWoA) is that the operational headquarters of Volkswagen cluster (an automobile company in Germany) in North America. VWoA is liable for manufacturing and stigmatization of Audi, Bugatti, Volkswagen, Bentley, and Lamborghini. According to the company’s annual report (2008), Volkswagen had initiated twenty operational facilities with the target of providing safe, attractive, and environmentally friendly vehicles that would be able to set world standards and contend with the world competitors.

In order to realize a competitive advantage and increase its market presence, it had been necessary to adapt to the knowledge technology system age which might introduce the business operations. Volkswagen is taken into account to be the leading automotive manufacturer within the world with a significant market presence. VWoA had already adopted the technological advancement however was facing challenges because of inadequate IT workers as most of them were outsourced. The IT human resources were conjointly curtailed from the interior workers of Volkswagen that restricted the operation of the IT department of VWoA. alongside the matter of IT staff, the
company conjointly round-faced the challenge of inadequate and scarce budget and funds to hide the cost of the IT comes that are planned by the corporate. VWoA conjointly started facing the issue of prioritization of the IT activities alongside the business activities that tacit that the company needed strategic allocation of budget (Austin, Ritchie, and Garrett, 2005).

The objective of VWoA is to manufacture cars with appreciable fuel potency at associate degree affordable worth with constant evolution. Volkswagen of America has been with success dominating the automotive business and has conjointly gained recognition in terms of midsized and emerging vehicles at a coffee worth. This success of VWoA is often attributed to the competencies in producing capabilities and business methods alongside development. Although the marketplace for VWoA is taken into account to be quite competitive, nonetheless the corporate has maintained a competitive edge over most of its rival brands. However, the corporate had conjointly experienced its share of the boom over the past few decades with sales dramatically declining in the 1960s. This was the amount once VWoA invested with capital so as to enhance the business conditions however its revenue wasn't commendable. the corporate then contemplated on the information technology that may facilitate the VWoA to get over the money adversities. During the amount of the Nineteen Eighties and Nineteen Nineties, data technologies gained the limelight however VWoA was skeptical regarding the advantages of the knowledge technologies that semiconductor diode to the minimum exploitation of a similar. This became every one of the key reasons behind the challenging part of VWoA that undermined profitableness and operational capabilities. Business system alignment then became the crucial link between the operations of Information Technology and also the business objective of VWoA. it had been rather necessary for VWoA to consistently perceive its business objectives then comprehend the alignment of the knowledge technology. Dr. Uwe Matulovic UN agency is that the Chief Data Officer (CIO) of the VWoA, has round-faced challenges concerning the IT system however was able to bring back the organization on target by managing IT priorities. Despite managing the IT priorities, VWoA has been still facing problems from this new system which might be analyzed within the next section.

Analysis of Issue

Shortage of Funds for IT projects 

The IT comes of VWoA square measure looked as if it would be high-level business architectures that were controlled by the IT department of VWoA referred to as Business method Technology and Organization (BPTO). Matulovic revived the economic condition of VWoA through the implementation of the IT solutions nonetheless within the growing market, it didn't understand and influence some of the aspects of the strategy. One such facet and also the most vital element of managing IT priorities square measure the budget constraints. The funding and budget allocation of the VWoA square measure conducted by the chief Leadership Team (ELT). once analyzed, the multiple IT projects of VWoA, it had been noticed that the corporate was facing challenges in funding these projects (Mahnič, 2008). The management of VWoA continually created a call regarding the budget of the comes even before they evaluated the project proposal. In different words, the management of VWoA wouldn't act unless any discrepancies within the project evolved. Although, budgets or funds square measure thought-about to be restricted so the money goals square measure earned thus firms
should be versatile in estimation. VWoA had repeatedly underestimated their IT project funds which yielded less come-on investment.
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