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The matter of visitor behavior and management is essential for the identification of the key areas and spots that are visited extensively by the visitors and foreigners. The report has been formulated based on the location of Genting Highland in Malaysia (Abdullah, 2016). The report consists of the overview of the destination that includes the geographical location, unique selling points, and visitor experiential components along with the identification of the key stakeholders who are highly responsible in order to promote and manage the sustainability of the destination. The analyses of the primary motive of the customers are evaluated in the report. The additional analysis of issues related to the environmental, political, ethical or cultural issues are delineated in the report along with identification of the primary competitor of the destination has been identified. The required recommendation for the destination is also provided in the report.

An Overview of the Destination, including Geographical Information, Unique Selling Points (USP’s), Visitor Experiential Components and Identification of the Key Stakeholders Responsible for Promoting and Managing the Sustainability of the Destination

The destination of Genting Highland is an integrated hill resort in Malaysia that is famous for its natural attraction and has been renovated with the development of hotels that formulates as a great spot of tourist attraction (Azmani et al., 2017). The Genting Highland is located within a distance of an hour drive from Kuala Lumpur which is approximately at a distance of 35 km. The destination is an extremely popular weekend getaway that also includes the access to highways and roads along with the service of cable cars to roam around the place. The unique selling points (USP’s) in the destination of Genting Highland are the Awana Horse Ranch, the exotic service of hotels and luxuries that can provide a luxurious time to the people. The theme parks and the exciting night life at the destination are also extremely profitable areas in terms of unique selling points in the destination (Grismer et al., 2016). The food and temples at the Highland along with the exotic spots of view from the hill station also constitutes of the areas’ unique selling points. These aspects also constitute the visitor experiential component due to the Highland’s soothing environment and climate along the exciting attraction in the area. The hill station is highly chosen by visitors to encounter the beautiful nature and attraction at the Genting Highland. The Highland is also surrounded by a number of attractive spots and destinations that can help the visitors to spend a lovely weekend with friends and family. 

Visitor behaviour and management












Figure 1: Genting Highland

The key stakeholders of the destination are pertained to maintain the sustainability of the place as a valuable attractive location (Kasim et al., 2017). The investors, employees, government and regulators, joint venture partners along with the suppliers and service providers including the local communities are significant stakeholders who are applicable to maintain the sustainability of the destination. These investors are highly responsible for the regulation of investment decisions and financial stability of the destination. The stakeholders are responsible for maintaining the proper environment at Genting Highland and the visitors and local community is also highly engaged with the achievement of the safety measures and stable production rate of resources in the area. 

Analysis of the Three Main Motives for Tourists to Visit this Destination

The city of Highland in Malaysia is a beautiful place for attracting the attention of tourists. There are more than a few motives for tourists to visit this beautiful city and capture the city at its best.

The main attraction for the tourists is the weather and environment of Genting Highland, Malaysia. Many tourists enjoy sampling local market food, trekking and picking strawberries in very comfortable weather. The temperature of Hyland is cool which attracts some tourists. In this environment, strawberries are reliable (Khoo-Lattimore, Prayag  & Disegna, 2019). Many people visit Genting Highland, Malaysia for the cold weather. Another attraction of this place is the mini-parks where everyone can visit and enjoy the cold weather.

The casinos in Genting Highland are another attraction for visitors. The casinos are open all the time. The majority of the visitors going up the mountain are mostly there for betting, as it is the only legal casino in Malaysia. The First World casinos have already closed down. They opened the latest casino at Sky Avenue that is simply the most popular one now. The inside of the Sky Avenue casino is attractive as they have LED ceilings (Diaz-Christiansen, López-Guzmán & Pérez-Gálvez, 2016). The image on the monitor alters the entire instance and looks extra higher than the old casinos. The exterior of the casino, individual observe enormous LED screens all over as well. They are advertisements and so on.
The third attraction for visitors in Genting Highland in Malaysia is Sky Avenue, which is the newest portion of Malaysia, and it is a large place. This place organized to request some big food chains such as Burger & Lobster and Din Tai Fung (Shezan et al., 2015). In Genting Highland, there is a street all full of cafes and restaurants on the ground floor. There is also some food places present in upstairs and some outdoor on the top floor.

Identification of any Environmental, Ethical, Political or Cultural/Social Issues that may Impact the Success of this Destination in Attracting these Visitors in the Long Term 

The destination has been identified to be an extremely famous destination for people to spend their holidays. However in spite of the favorable weather condition and the environment at Genting Highland, the destination is facing certain issues that can be effective in harming the success of the destination (Khoo & Ahmed, 2018). The destination of Genting Highland is facing certain issues related to the economic decline in the revenue of the business stakeholders. This issue has arrived due to the its contract agreement with The Walt Disney and 21st Century Fox as the destination and the attractive theme parks have not maintained the code of conduct in the contact. As a result of this mishap, the destination has faced immense rate of loss and has been subjected to pay an additional economic cost of RM 5 million (Perera, Donnie & Vasu, 2016). This has therefore resulted in the 23 % loss of the destination and is highly influential in creating the greatest issue that the destination has faced. Due to this disagreement, Walt Disney is highly interested in ending the whole contract with Genting Highland that can be detrimental for the destination. This issue can be highly influential in decreasing the economic growth and can therefore impact the success of Genting Highland in attracting the visitors in the long run for the Malaysian hill resort. 

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