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Use of Artificial Intelligence on Heart Disease


Chapter 1: Introduction

1.1  Introduction

In case of a common heart scan, Machine Learning (MI) is an artificial intelligence, plays a very important role. It also helps in detecting other cardiac events as well. Heart disease is a major reason in the world in health care concern. Application of an automated system can help in detecting a symptom related to heart condition. Developer around the world are trying to get more data on this so they can give a more accurate and efficient prediction.

1.2  Background

Many programmers deployed themselves to create a framework trying to imitate the composition of the human brain. They created it by combining various computing elements into a major interconnected system. Because emphasizing on neuron connection will lead them into understanding how every information about body is being processed in the human brain. That will show a path to finding the root of heart disease.

1.3 Research Objectives

·       To find out the uses of artificial intelligence on heart disease

·       To find out the impact of artificial intelligence on heart disease

·       To find out the issues related to artificial intelligence on heart disease

·       To provide recommendations on issues of artificial intelligence on heart disease

1.4Research Questions

2       How to use the artificial intelligence to detect heart disease?

3       How artificial intelligence leaving an impact on heart disease?

4       What kind of issues are arising by using artificial intelligence ion heart disease/

5        What recommendation can be taken to address the issues that are occurring in heart disease?

1.5 Problem Statement

In detecting heart, problem doctor sometime may miss some slight changes in rhythm because it is not possible for a human to monitor every little thing critically. AI will come handy in this equation. AI detects sudden change in temperature or rhythm of heart. Any kind of abnormality will be exposed during examination or checkup.

Chapter 2: Literature Review

2.1 Concept of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence can be considered as the replication of human intelligence methods with the help of utilizing various machines and specially computers. Based on the opinion of Krittanawong et al. (2017), this process can be split into two sub process such as weak AI and strong AI. In addition, weak AI can be told as narrow AI and this is the system, which is mainly trained plus designed for a particular tasks. On the other hand, strong AI is also known as artificial general intelligence and this can be considered as the AI scheme with generalized cognitive capabilities of human. Few industries think that AI term is too closely related to popular culture.     

2.2 Benefits of Artificial Intelligence on heart disease

Artificial intelligence can be considered as one of the developing process in present time, this has been found that every sector is now utilizing various applications of this process to develop their sector. This is now using as well by the medical industry and with the help of using this they become able to discover helpful ways of rectifying the heart diseases. There are few benefits of using AI on heart disease and those have given below. 

Ø  Availability

Based on the opinion of Johnson et al. (2018), this can be said that this process is always available as a machine do not need frequent break like a human being. The working capability of a machine is very high companion to a person.

Ø  Day to day application

This process is useful for its data to day application while this is not possible for a person. This process is beneficial for giving time to time information about the heart condition and how much it rectifies.  

Ø  Digital Assistance

For AI machines, emotions can be classified only in the process of rational thinking. This is highly beneficial for solving the heart disease issues.

2.3 Different Issues related to AI on heart disease

AI is one of the useful techniques but there are few issues, which can be taken place to use AI on the heart disease.

Ø  Threat to Privacy

Based on the opinion of Chang et al. (2017), this process is disadvantageous as this can create privacy issues. This process increases the chances of data beaches. Therefore, this problem can take place in operation of heart diseases as well.

Ø  Threat to Human Dignity

AI is automatically started to replace human beings as this has been found that many industry utilizes this method in place of human being. Based on the opinion of Abdar et al. (2015), the prime reason of this is it can take more world load with less costing. This is an issue for medical industry if it is used for rectification and identification of heart diseases as many staffs lose their jobs. 

2.4 Process to solve AI issues

In order to solve the issues of AI, this needs to be utilized properly. There are few ways to use this properly and those have given below.

ü  Develop patient centric search

ü  Recognize exceptional prospects of target

ü  Retarget possible patients

ü  Develop a more well-organized process for heart operation

ü  Develop a new level of personalization across numerous devices

ü  Develop recommendations for customers


Chapter 3: Research Methodology

3.1 Research Philosophy

Research philosophy is also known as belief, which is used to collect data. This can be said that in data analysis, this method plays a very vital role. Based on the opinion of Shields & Whetsell (2018), this method is possible to categorize into three different sub methods such as positivism, realism and interpretivism. Based n the nature of the ongoing study, this can be said that positivism will be most advantageous for this research. With the help of using this method, researcher can become able to get the knowledge regarding how artificial intelligence can be useful in identification and rectification of heart diseases.      

3.2 Research Approach

Research approach is a helpful method to increase the quality of the research and this method can be split into three parts such as deductive, abductive and inductive. In this context, it can be said that deductive will be the most useful. This method can help researcher to collect relevant information about the impacts of AI on the heart disease. 

3.3 Research Design

Research design is mainly used to gather information on the ongoing research topic. Based on the opinion of O’Leary et al. (2016), three sorts of design are there such as explanatory, exploratory and descriptive. In this regard, it can be said that with the help of selecting descriptive design, a researcher can get many benefits. This will help researcher to get the idea of those issues, which can be taken place for using AI on heart disease. 

3.4 Data Collection

Based on the opinion of Shields & Whetsell (2018), this is the most significant part of any research because a research cannot be possible to carry out without gathering data. Two sorts are there to gather data such as primary and secondary. For this research, primary will be most appropriate. This will help to gain information from direct sources.  

3.5 Data Analysis

Data analysis is the next part of the data collection. This part helps to make the analysis of the data, which a researcher gathers for the research. In primary qualitative method will be very useful for the ongoing process as it can assist to know the opinion of direct medical practitioners. 

3.6 Sample Size and Techniques

In order to carry out the data collection process, research can take the interview of three medical practitioners. The prime reason behind it is that medical practitioners can provide many useful data and information for this research.


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