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Executive summary

In this study, the role and the importance of the hospitality industry within the travel and tourism industry has been discussed. The impact of the integration within the hospitality industry has also been given. A business plan regarding travel and tourism has also been provided. The UK has been able to gain a higher profit from the sector of travel and tourism and they have also been expected to gain more advantage from this industry. Therefore, the discussion has been done upon the growth of the travel and tourism industry. The issues that have been affecting this industry have also been provided. Various skills regarding the entrepreneurs of the travel and tourism industry have also been evaluated. A start up plan has also been provided at the end of the study regarding travel and tourism. 

1. Introduction

The industry of tourism is considered as the main medium through which a travel agency aims to gain satisfaction from its valuable customers. The paper focuses on the purpose of hospitality in the industry with regard to tourism.  Hospitality in the travel industry aims to target to modify the hotels or accommodation and develop eagerness amongst the travellers. The paper has helped in analysing the statistics that aims to figure out the trends of a tourism destination and the paper also emphasises on the upcoming trends of tourism. The paper also focuses on the features of the destination and shows how these features tend to affect tourism. The study discusses the issues that attempt to affect the density of tourist spots.  The integration under the travel industry and hospitality enterprise have also been discussed in this paper. Overall, the paper attempts to focus on the characteristics of the tourism industry and gives the ways of its development in the field of UK. 

2. Background 

The report aims to give an emphasis upon the travel industry and shows how the travel agencies in the UK have obtained its development by pursuing hospitality to a large extent. The characteristics that are essential for the development of a tourism agency have been mentioned in the assignment. The paper also helps in giving an analysis regarding the influence of hospitality under the travel enterprise. The integration of hospitality and tourism agencies has been thoroughly discussed in this paper. The background of the study helps in providing an insight upon the features of travel destination and shows how the population of the tourists' spots get affected by the travel enterprise. The background is comprised of the recommendation that helps in providing to get rid of the obstacles faced by tourism industries. 

3. Discussion on different aspects 

A. Understanding the scope of UK destinations

Analyzing the main tourist spots

The sector of travel and tourism has been contributing a lot to the increase in GDP over the years 2012 to 2018. The GDP has been increased to 75, 1 billion within the year 2017. There have been many famous places in the UK which are London, Edinburh, University Towns of Cambridge & Oxford. The number of people visiting London has been approximately 11 million in the year 2005 and has been able to reach to 16 million people in the year 2016. The beauty of the river Thames has also been very attractive to the tourists. The famous parks such as Hyde Park and Richmond Park have also been very popular amongst all the tourists. People visiting the university of Oxford and Cambridge have also been near about 14 million in the year 2017. Approximately 37.9 million visitors have been reaching these places till the year 2018 and thus the UK have been able to gain £ 22.9 billion (Visitbritain, 2019). 

There have been various famous tourist spots all over the world, such as Paris, Rome, Phuket, Barcelona, New York City, Dubai and many more. 15. 79 people have been visiting Dubai and they have been able to achieve the US $64 billion in the year 2016. Nearly 4.2 million tourists have been visiting Rome and there income has been approximately 27 million in the year 2017. [Refer to the appendix for data and graph] 

Analyzing the statistical data to understand the trends of tourist spots  

The UK has already been able to gain approximately £ 22.9 billion and they have been expecting to gain near about £ 57 billion in the upcoming years. During the year 2017 UK have been able to rank seventh according to UNWTO and has been able to gain 2.8 % of the arrivals from all over the world. In the year 2018, the UK along with Germany and France has been ranked as the top 3 tourist spots all over the world. London has been achieving the highest number of tourists till the year 2018 which have been nearly 54 % of all the visitors.

B. Understanding the features based on social, cultural and physical contexts

To analyze the cultural, social and physical features of the   tourist spots 

Social features of tourist destination: Tourists always want to set a destination for travelling where they are able to experience the social features of that visited community. Based on (ttra.com, 2019) it has been found that 15% of tourists prefer checking social features of a place before determining tourist destination. If the society of the visited place is considered as a harmful one, the tourists will not visit the destination for a second time. Social features hold responsibility in increasing the number of tourists in that particular place. The economy of the visited place also affects the visitors such as if there resides child labour, the mentality of tourists get affected as the mentioned labour is considered as a crime. 

Tourism tends to affect the authority of human beings in a particular area. Building an interaction with the tourists, the community of the place get a chance to enhance their conventional values. 

In addition, the visitors also get influenced by the behaviour of the community they have visited. The financial gap of society becomes diminished with the influence of visitors. For example, the prevalence of impoverished society is submerged by the presence of rich people and the tourist of the particular place helps in reducing this economic indifference of the society.  Canavan (2016) opined that the number of crimes in society reduces the number of visitors as the visitors can also get captivated by the crime of the community for example, if there is a ubiquitous influence of the drug in a certain tourist destination , visitors would not likely to visit the place. 

Cultural features of tourist destination: The effect of culture is regarded as a key medium for the development of the number of tourists in a tourist spot. The culture of tourist spots is comprised of the region, presence of historical place and the history of architecture.  Presence of culture helps in generating the numbers of visitors as the tourists always long for knowing something new from the visited place, the history behind the erection of the architecture helps in developing the demand of the tourist destination. For example, in the UK, the presence of the Roman Bath attracts too many tourists in every year as the mentioned place holds a history and there remains a culture for the presence of this architecture. 

Physical features of tourist destination: physical features of tourists spot is comprised of the geographical position of the particular place. Based on the view of Glover et al (2019), it can be stated that the presence of soil and climate affect the tourism industry as these are the main features that affect the journey of the tourists of a tourism destination. Presence of beach or mountains in an appropriate climate helps in enlarging the number of visitors as the visitors are likely to visit a place in order to get rid of the hustle of daily life. For example, the presence of Brington in the UK attracts many tourists every year due to its convenient climate and presence of soothing beach.      

C. Understanding the features of destination that   have been affecting their requests to tourists

Comparing the appeals of the leading tourist spots with the   developing spots

The leading tourist spots hold uniqueness in order to gather tourists every year as the tourist spots pursue the hospitality management to a large extent for welcoming its tourists. The social culture of the leading tourists’ spots remains reverent and this aspect holds an opportunity for accumulating a large number of tourists. The society of the leading tourist spots seems to fulfil the demands of the customers as the visitors always long for such a place where the presence of society is considered as a reverent one. On the contrary, the up growing touristy spots lack in possessing a healthy society and the aberrant ambience decreases the number of visitors. Therefore, based on the view of Mason (2015), it has been stated that in order to develop the tourist spots, the respective spot has to develop its social culture at an initial stage. For example, it can be stated that Stonehenge in the UK has succeeded in attracting a large number of visitors due to its occurrence of historical background and respectful culture.  Therefore, the mentioned place in the UK is considered as a leading visiting spot as it helps in reducing the obstacles of society.

The leading visiting spots consolidate hospitality management in its accommodation for the tourists. The presence of good-rated hotels helps in gathering visitors from where they can visit the historical places of the leading spots. For example, the Tower of London has been succeeding in gathering a larger number of visitors as the authority of the leading place has arranged a good accommodation system for the visitors. In addition, based on the view of Litvin(2018) it can be stated that the upbringing visiting spots have to pursue hospitality management in order to spread its popularity of the respective place. 

Ways by which the characteristics of a tourist destination affect their appeals

Geographical factors of tourist destination: The geographic features in a tourist spot attempt to gather the tourist every year as the presence of different geographical ambience, the destination spots can increase the number of visitors. Many travellers are eager to visit historical places in order to develop their knowledge regarding the background of the visited place. Geographical factors are involved with the population of the visited place and their customers or region. The geographical features tend to affect the presence of the visitors as the economy if the place gets affected by the presence of tourists. With the help of tourism, the development of the economy of the tourist place can be improved as the gap between impoverished and rich society thwarted by the appearance of tourists.

Socio-cultural factors of tourist destination: The lives of the community in the tourist destination are revolved around the socio-culture factors of the tourists' destination. Interaction between tourists and the community of the visited place helps in removing all the prejudices regarding any kind of superstition as the communication helps in growing intelligence amongst the community of the visited destination. The presence of contradiction between two cultures the negative sides of the community unfold and the culture of the tourists helps in decreasing the social gap in the respective community. 

D. Issues that can affect the popularity of   tourist spots 
Analysis of the issues that have been affecting the tourist   places

Tourism that has been used as a political medium: Tourists spots that are used as the medium of politics soon reduced its popularity as in the tourists' spots three lies political hindrance. The emergence of politics can create altercation amongst the tourists and the community of the respective place. Myanmar can be set as an example for this issue as the mentioned place has been affected by the external and internal factors with regard to politics and as a result, tourists are not likely to gather there for the lack of security. 

Development of nationalism: the threat of autonomous nationalism in a tourist place can be an obstacle for the improvement of the tourist spots. Due to the prevalence of nationalism, the temporary war within the community of the destination is likely to begin every time and as a result, the respective place loses the opportunity for developing the number of visitors. For example, in Australia, due to the emergence of fundamentalism with regard to religion, there has been an attack upon the tourists of the country.  

Lack of human right: if a tourist spot is revolved around child labour, drug addiction, prostitution, tourists are not likely to visit the demanding tourists' spots as these lack in the human right and affect the preciseness of the visitors. The lack of rights in human beings within the place does not develop a communication with the visitors and the rest of the community of the place and as a result, the respective place loses a decrease in the number of tourists. 

Economic:   the economy of the tourists' spots affect outs an impact upon the tourism of the palace. If the tourist spots possess high economic structures, the country can afford a large amount in maintaining the infrastructure of the tourist spots. Therefore, the visitors have to pay a levied currency before visiting the tourist spots. Therefore, there lies an issue regarding the affordability of the tourists. For example, Europe possesses an issue with regard to the affordability of the visitors before entering into the tourist spots of the country.  

Terrorisms: terrorism hoods a responsibility for the hindrance of the number of visitors in demanding tourists spots. Visitors seem not to visit the place by putting their lives in a deplorable condition. For example, in Kashmir, terrorism is taking place now and then and as a result, though the tourist spots are highly demanding, the place faces degeneration in the number of tourists.

According to the views of Mason (2015), vertical integration has been considered as the integration when a particular company has been feeling important to expand their business. At this point the company has been thinking to do their business in a joint venture by combining with various supply chain levels. There have been two types of vertical integration, which are the forward vertical integration and another have been the backward vertical integration. During the forward vertical integration the focus of the company has remained at the initial stages of controlling the supply chains and the backward integration has been taking place at the end of the activities of the supply chain.

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