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A survey had been conducted on the travelling experience of the consumers, who has recently returned from their trip to Australia. Besides, interview questions were also formed for the tour manager, who was endowed with the responsibility of organizing the trip. The intention of conducting this survey was to gather information regarding the experience of the travelers, visiting the country. Besides, the travelers were also questioned in order to get an insight into their satisfaction level of visiting the country. Moreover, it was also conducted for the tour manager  for building a loyal consumer base.
The following set of questionnaire had been intended for the travelers, who had just returned from their trip to Australia.
What is your gender?
What is your age? 
What made you to choose Australia as the destination for your vacation?
Was your trip organized by travel agency or online booking service? 
Which things did you consider as decision-making approaches while organizing the trip?
What are the attractive places to visit in Australia?
Are there any historical and educational places to visit, which are informative for students? 
How far do you agree that the travel experience may be useful for the next trip in your upcoming future? 
How far do you believe that there are the places of public interests in Australia? 
How long do you agree that development and further engaging activities can be significant for further attachments of targeted consumers? 
 How has been your traveling experience in Australia?
Which places or things did you find most striking in Australia?
What things did you buy from Australia?
Do you consider Australia as one of the ultimate shopping destinations?
Do you recommend Australia as an ultimate travel destination?
The next set of questions mentioned below had been intended for the tour manager.
Did your consumers really enjoy their trip to Australia, organized by your agency?
Are the facilities, provided by you made their traveling easier?
Did you delight your consumers during their stay at your hotel?
How do you train your employers in delivering services to increase the satisfaction level of the consumers?
Do you strategize in accordance with the feedback of the consumers?
Data collection method
As implied by its name, the process of data collection can be best described as the process of collecting data from all the external sources that are relevant to the report topic. It is pertinent in generating the answers to the questions that arise, along with evaluating the hypotheses and scrutinizing the generated outcomes. According to Chiappero-Martinetti et al., (2018), there are two distinct ways by which data collection methods can be classified, such as primary data collection and secondary data collection. In brief, primary data collection methods can be classified in two different ways – quantitative and qualitative data collection methods. As opined by Thomas and Welsh (2018), quantitative data collection methods can be calculated by various ways through the utilization of arithmetic formats. For instance, it can be obtained by the implementation of methods such as questionnaires, correlation and regression methods, close-ended interviews etc. In order to conduct the research on tourist experience of Australia, the method of questionnaire has been selected. The methods that are selected are surveys, which were conducted on 150 tourists (quantitative) and 5 managers employed under the tourism industry (qualitative). Quantitative methods are generally considered much cost-efficient than the alternative method, and less time consuming in nature. Qualitative methods do not usually have an arithmetic perspective towards data collection (Johnston, 2017). This type of methods is pertinent in interpreting the topic in a deeper manner. The qualitative data collection methods are generally conducted through the process of questionnaires, interviews, observation, case studies etc. Quantitative data collection methods have a larger sampling size than the qualitative data collection methods. In the other hand, the outcome of quantitative method is dependent variables, whereas the outcome of qualitative methods is more based on accounts. 
Data Analysis
Data analysis can be considered as the primary component of business intelligence and data mining. This is also the key to obtain the insight, which leads business decisions. Organizations analyze data from one multitude of the sources utilizing solution of big data management. Moreover, solution of consumer experience management uses data analysis for transforming data in actionable insights (Silverman, 2018).  Data analysis includes asking questions regarding what happened, what is happening? in addition, what can be happened? There are two type of data analysis and those are such as qualitative data analysis and the quantitative data analysis. This can be told that in case of qualitative researches, the researcher conducts data analysis by based on focus groups, interviews and the experiments. Data analysis is effective to identify common patterns in responses and analyzing critically all of this to accomplish research objective and aims in a well-organized process. According to Conesa et al. (2016), this can be told in case of quantitative studies includes critical analysis and the interpretation of numbers and figures. In addition, this attempts to search rationale behind emergence of major findings. Data analysis methods in absence of primary method of data collection can include discussing the common patterns. 
To carry out this data analysis, researcher has taken the survey of 150 respondents and interview 5 managers. The surveyor developed 15 questions for the respondents and the interviewers developed 5 questions for the respondents. There are two type of data collection method and those are such as primary data collection and secondary data collection method. In this research, the research has been chosen primary data collection method. 
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