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Human resources management refers to a set of activities which are organized by the organization in order to maximize employees working performance in the business organization. Human resource management represents managing of employees in the organization. According to assignment context and scenario I am newly appointment as a HR trainee in Hilton Hotel in the UK (Beech & Chadwick, 2006). This report will going to discussed on different functions and purpose of human resource management, recruitment and selection process,  positive employer relationship, important of employees relationship of organization success, employees law etc.

P1.1 - Role and purpose of human resource management 
Human resource management activities are the process of all human resource recruitments of employees for the organization. It helps to develop an employee’s high level of performance in the organization.  Human resource management includes various types of activities such as employee’s recruitment and providing training to all new employees in order to achieve goal and objectives of Hilton Hotel Stratford. The main purpose of Human resource management is to hire knowledgeable and skillful employees and train them perfectly so that they can keep a good contribution to the organization (Moutinho, 2008). HRM also reduce external recruitment because it makes optimum utilization of existing staffs or employees in the organization.  The role of human resource management is not only maintained of existing staffs and employees but also HRM plans for unpredictable changes of organization activities.  HRM is a cost-effective method for the business organization. Human resource management helps to manage employees in the organization. HRM helps to hire right and talent people for the right post at right time in the Hilton Hotel Stratford. It is very important for the travel and tourism industry because the environment of travel and tourism keeps on change which is unpredictable. Human resource management is mainly concerned with increasing knowledge, skills and performance of employees in order to practice and employees perform effectively in the Hilton Hotel travel and tourism industry. The role and purpose of human resource management are discussed below: 
Identification of employee’s recruitment: HRM identifies and forecast of recruitments number of employees of staffs at Hilton Hotel Stratford. Human resource manager of Hilton hotel hires employees after identification of target employees. The HR manager of Hilton Stratford uses some methods such as recruitment and selection processes which help to select right and talented people at Hilton Hotel Stratford. 
Monitor employee’s performance: The HR manager monitor all existing employees’ performance level of ending specific time period at Hilton Hotel Stratford. The HR manager also tries to increase employee’s awareness about industry goals and objectives of Hilton Hotel Stratford. If the HR manager finds out the employee’s performance has not satisfaction level then manager tries to remove employee’s problems. 
Asses the recruit training needs of employees: After monitoring of employees performance level is not very good then manager finds out employees training needs which are required to improve existing employee’s performance level. 
Motivation program of employees: The employee’s performance level can decrease for the lake of employee’s motivation. For point of view, the HR manager arranges different motivation programs in order to motivate employees of Hilton Hotel Stratford. 
Manage relation between employees and management: The HR manager also tries to ensure good relation between employee and management team because it is very important to achieving organizational goal (Nickson, 2013). The gap between employees and management relation create the big problem. 
Reward and appraisal of employees: The HR manager o Hilton Hotel Stratford provides reward to employees for their best performance level.  It may be the financial or nonfinancial reward. The employed motivate by getting reward. 
The welfare of employees: The HR manager ensures employees welfare by providing the best environment and workplace to employees. It is also one of the motivational activities. 
P1.2 - Human resource plan based on an analysis of supply and demand 
Basically, the plan is a continuous process which helps to find out both current and future requirement of employees at Hilton Hotel Stratford. The plan is a very vital part of human resource development. This plan helps to organization take completive advantages. This plan also helps to decrease the level of employee’s turns over from the organization. The external and internal both change factors influence on Hilton Hotel Stratford to preparing good human resource planning. There have five steps includes in the human resource planning. These five steps are discussed below: 
Assessing of Human resource: The HR manager represents on the business organization activities. The manager also represents employees practice in the organization. The assessment process of HR mainly starts with Hilton Hotel Stratford environment analysis. This employee’s assessment analysis includes both external and internal factors. The manager uses SWAOT or PESTLE techniques for assessment employee’s performance (Riley, Ladkin & Szivas, 2012). The HR manager monitors employees performance level for measuring Hilton Hotel Stratford productivity level because employees performance are directly related with industry productivity level. This step involves skill and inventory of employees and job analysis process. 
Forecasting of demand: This process includes identification demand and supply of HR in Hilton Hotel Stratford. It is demand forecasting analysis of the future need of employees in the respect both quality and quantity. This planning process main purpose is to meet future employees requirement for gaining organization goals and objectives of   Hilton Hotel Stratford
Forecasting supply:  It mainly focuses the supply chain estimation of human resource. This estimation refers to the future need of employee’s recruitment and source of manpower. There have two type of sources of employees recruitment one is internal source such as promotion, job rotation, transfer and enrichment and the external source such as fresh candidate hire at Hilton Hotel Stratford
Matching both demand and supply: This step of HR planning mainly focuses on bringing of the future of forecast both demand and supply of employees at Hilton Hotel Stratford. It includes a matching process for bringing both demand and supply in the balance position. The business organization can reduce existing employment in the shortage condition. 
Action plan: It is the last step of the human resource planning process. This step is too concerned with the shortage and surplus of HR Hilton Hotel Stratford. For applying human resource process, there need some activities such as recruitment process, selection process, skills development, training process, and motivation (Prideaux & Cooper, 2009). The action plan is controlled by manpower for checking the HR planning is matching with objective and policies of Human resource. The HR manager of Hilton Hotel Stratford does the update of the action plan if he needs action plan changes.       
 2.1 State of employees relationship
Human resource management covers the dimension of work to be done by the employees with respect law. From point of view, HRM involves employee’s relationship. ER is a very vital area where procedures of employees work to achieve organizational goals and objectives. For achieving the organizational goal, some activities are very important such as good bonding between employees and employer, good productivity and customer’s satisfaction. An effective employee’s relationship is an important document of implementing certain ways to boost up employees through leadership and motivate them (Laws, Prideaux & Chon, 2007). The big advantage of good employee’s relation is to remove all type of conflict between employees and employer, resolving all type of critical problems in the organization. 
According to the case, context and scenario the travel and tourism industry of Hilton Hotel represent much working practices are focused on the basis employee’s relationship.  A positive relationship has been exemplified in certain ways. Leading employment right where employees must be trough contractual right. The bad relation between employees and employer may be created for some activities such as the termination of the contract of employment, gender discrimination, work time regulation, bad working place, and environment etc. 
The present state has been reviewed with an ideal relationship. Hilton Hotel is one type of hospitality service industry in the UK. This service industry maintains ideal customer’s relation by providing good service to them.  For creating an ideal relationship, The employees of Hilton hotel maintain a lot of customers’ by creating positive relationships with them, influencing, motivating and providing the best facilities to the customers.  
The management team of Hilton hotel has been noticed the proper state of employee’s relationship. The HR department of Hilton Hotel has been separation contractual and statutory employment right. The HR department also has been successfully enforcing employee’s right place. They also monitor employees within very consciously. They also ensure a good working environment, work time and discipline for their employees. 
The HR manager of Hilton hotel has been taken many strategies for creating good and an ideal relationship between employment and employees (Thrift & Kitchin, 2016). The employees can share their opinion. They also can participate in the industrial decision-making process.  The employee’s joined in the organization decision-making process. It has a positive site. The discount, e-mails, offers and free coupon can also be given to them. At the same time, employees have trade union institution, this union can bargaining with management for the injustice of employees. This union also plays a vital role to create positive relationships between employees and management team of Hilton hotel.
P 2.2 - Employement law affects the human resource management
The law is set of instructions or rule and regulations which are implementing in the organizational activities. The law is made by the government by the UK. The Government of UK is responsible for imposing and putting the law in practice with the support organization. The organization of UK follows these laws for operating its business activities and manages its human resource in the organization. 
The HR manager of Hilton Hotel follows employment act for recruiting and managing employees who work to do all activities in the Hilton Hotel Stratford. The employment law of prevailing at the UK ensure of employees progress (Olsen & Zhao, 2015). The employee law started from wages and salary rate. This law ensures minimum amount wages and salary which must provide to them. The law also provides working time. 
According to the National minimum wages Act 1998, the employees are paid for twenty-eight days with the completion of working hours is not more than forty-eight hours. From 1 April 2018 was £7.83 per hour for workers who are aged 25 and £7.38 per hour for workers who are aged to 21 to 24, and last £5.90 per hour for workers who are aged 18 to 20 in the UK. According to the working time Regulation Act, 1998: It is said that the HR department gives logical leave to their employees. This Act also ensures to workers the right to minimum daily rest period and weekly rest period.  According to the equal opportunity Act, 2010, the HR department of the organization must remove sexual harassment and victimization from their organization. This Act encourages employees the identification and elimination of all type of discrimination from the organization (Swarbrooke, 2014). The organization also need to equal Act in its new branch where employees are protected from all type of discrimination, sexual harassment, and ages.   All type of discrimination is the unfair treatment for the organization. So it is a very important task to remove it from the organization.  
Above the discussion, it can say that it is a very important task for the HR manager to follow all Acts in order to run the operation largely of Hilton Hotel in the UK. The government of UK should develop law and regulation because it helps to minimize their liability in related human resource operation.  The human resource manager of Hilton hotel will be able to solve any critical human resource related problem by the implementation of these laws.
P 3.1- job description and Perosnal specification
The job description refers to the total responsibility and role of the related job of a person. For the specific job, the person specification refers to person skills; knowledge, qualities, and capabilities of an individual to performing and complete their duty in an effective manner. The term job requirement is quality of work performance that must need to achieve organizational goals and objectives (Gustafson, 2012). There have different types of posts such as receptionist, HR trainee, HR manager, banquette manager, waiter, marketing manager, and chef. 
Job description and personal specification of HR manager in the Hilton hotel are given below:   
Job post: Human Resource Assistant Manager.
Job location: London 
 Job time: 8 hours 
 Salary: Salary is given by negotiate 
Job Summary: As the assistant HR manager, he/she recruits the right people and the right place. Hilton Hotel is a travel and tourism industry so it needs to recruit different times(Albert & Albert, 2013). So HR manager recruit of these needed people in Hilton Hotel. 
Job responsibility: 
Receive CV from the candidate and check this CV very attentively. 
 Select and recruitment process manage 
Send mail to the selected candidate 
 Sent mail to employees who are working different department
 Providing training to employees 
 Maintain attendance sheet to employees 
 Preparing employees ACR and sent to   HR manager. 
Explain organization rules and regulation to new  employees
Personal Specification: 
The candidates must complete Bachelors degree from any reputed university in human resource management 
  Need a minimum 2 years experience to the related job 
The candidate age should be below 3
  The candidate must have good language knowledge both English and French. 
 The candidate must have good communication skills. 
The candidate should have a friendly and supportive manner.
Others benefits: 
Give monthly mobile phone bills. 
   Every year 15% salary increase 
  Give commission 
Give honorable  
P 3.2- Compare the selection process in two different service industries 
This part of the report is going to compare Hilton Hotel with another hotel. This report has chosen travel and tourism Hilton Hotel is not a completely different business. The human resource recruitment and selection process vary from organization to organization. 
The selection process of the hospitality industry is given below:  
Screening test: Hilton hotel has a training center for the selection of its employees. Hotel management hires the fresher applicant after schooling of the applicant(Fear & Chiron, 2010). The corporation does aptitude test of applicants to measure their skills for screening talent applicants. 
Training: After the screening test, the hotel management of Hilton hotel arrange training program for its selected applicants. The organization provides different knowledge about the organization. This knowledge is very important to become an effective manager. The managers of enterprise teach different things to applicants such as communicate with customers to fulfilling their needs. 
Interview: At the third and last steps, the organization arranges the interview for it applicants for checking applicants skills for the hotel manager. Interviewers ask many questions to the selected applicant to justifying their skills and knowledge by giving different hotel cases on hotel management.  After tasking interview, the applicants are selected at the related position who bear positive result in the Hilton hotel industry. On the other hand, the corporation is directly final interviews for experienced applicants in the UK. 
The selection process of Rosewood London: 
This hotel is given more important for selecting applicants through the aptitude test. The test is there to check applicants’ aptitude, skills, and general knowledge. In this situation, the HR management gives a single topic. This topic is discussed to the applicant in order to measure test. This test finds out communication skills to applicants (Erling, 2011). In the next steps, the final interview comes which is done by the department head. After ending the interview, the HR manager selects applicants. 
P 4.1-  Contribution of training and development activities to the effective position. 
Training is very important fact in the any type of business organization. Training is one type of process of organized activity that provides important information and instruction to employees. It helps to improve overall performance to employees. The proper measurement of training of employees is needed to perform in the workplace in an effective manner. For arrangement effective training program, the HR manager set up adequate link between training program and induction. The HR manager of Hilton hotel does not arrange an effective training program for their employees without setting adequate link. The HR manager needs to arrange training program for their human resource for many causes. These causes are discussed in below: 
Performance Improvement: Training program plays a very important role to improve employee’s performance level in the workplace. The HR manager of Hilton hotel arranges various type training programs to their employees. The HR manager gives more emphasis factor on employee’s weakness (Frantzreb, 2015). It may be big barriers of organization goals achievement. The various training program helps to remove this weakness to employees. It is very important that employees must be satisfied to do work in the organization. They will get work satisfaction when they get proper training. They will do work more efficiency in order to complete task if they become satisfy of their work. 
To increase productivity: The employees of Hilton hotel will complete their duty in an effective manner when they get proper training from their trainers. Training program helps to increase employee’s knowledge level. It is very important to increase productivity in Hilton hotel. Motivate training helps to increase employee’s performance level according to their job profile. Training and development program helps to increase level of customer’s satisfaction, performance level of employees, company growth rate etc. 
For new employees: Training and development program are very important factor for new employees in Hilton hotel. The main purpose of training and development program is toward new employees about organization objective and goals and culture. Training and development is very important program for new employees to increase confidence level in Hilton hotel. 
To increase satisfaction level: The HR department of Hilton hotel has to interact with employees and other staff member to increase employee’s satisfaction level. The HR manager knows about employees problem in working place whey manager interact to them (Craig, 2017).  The HR manager will aware of their problem and try to find out the appropriate solution of problems. Employees become satisfied when they get appropriate solution about their problem. It plays good role to increase employee’s satisfaction level. 
Finally and above the discussion, it can say that human resource management plays a good role to run business organization activity an effective manner. Human resource management involves many important activities such as recruitment, selection processes training etc. The HR manager identifies the requirement of human resource in the business organization. Training program helps to increase productivity level, employee’s satisfaction level and employee’s performance level.   
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