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Traits in Travel and Tourism Assignment Help


Self-assessment of Entrepreneurial Skills and Traits in Travel and Tourism

a) Self-management: ability to self-manage your personal and entrepreneurial activities effectively.
b) Planning and Organisation: being able to plan a task or simple project and effectively organise resources and activities to achieve your goals and objectives.
c) Communication and Interpersonal Skills: being able to express your opinion and communicate effectively with others, including with people at different level and with ability.
d) Numeracy: basic understanding of numbers and calculations as well as its application.
e) Managing Time Effectively: being able to identify and prioritise activities to meet deadlines and/or complete a job on time as planned.
f) Leadership and People Skills: being able to lead and influence others with people skills.
g) Research and analytical skills: ability to gather, analyse and interpret information and data
h) Travel and Tourism skills: ability to understand activities involved in people motivation to travel and buying travel and tourism services and products, including package holidays.

a) Entrepreneurial: visionary and imaginative person who is interested and motivated to undertake entrepreneurial activities and willing to try out something new, either in business or in a job-related environment.
b) Risk-taking: Willing to take risk, particularly financial risk, with new ventures to satisfy your curiosity
c) Self-sacrificing: willing to sacrifice your creature comfort in order to achieve you entrepreneurial goals.
d) Creative, inventive and innovative: being able to think differently and project new ideas in the field of science, art, business and entrepreneurship.
e) Ambitious, confident and tenacious: with specific goals with determination, perseverance and hard work to achieve.
f) Curious and discovering: questioning and investigating mind.
g) Charismatic: being able to present a pleasant and acceptable personality.

Self-assessment of Entrepreneurial Skills and Traits in Travel and Tourism
Entrepreneurial Skills   
Planning and Organisation   
Communication & Interpersonal Skills   
Numerical Skills   
Managing Time Effectively   
Leadership and People Skills   
Research and Analytical Skills   
Travel and Tourism Skills   

Entrepreneurial Traits   


Risk-taking and Self-sacrificing   
Goal-oriented & Achievement-driven   
Creative/Inventive & Innovative   
Ambitious and Confident   
Motivated and Hardworking   
Curious and Discovering   
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