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In travel and tourism sector legal and regulatory framework covers several aspects that govern the travel agencies, airports and travel organizations. It involves environmental protection, consumer protection, health and safety, company law and employee rights. The visitors are protected from the legal and regulatory framework that safeguards the interest of customers. In addition, the legislation and ethics in travel and tourism industry have corporate social responsibilities having the objectives in contributing for making a better society. The present assignment gives will give an understanding regarding the legal and regulatory framework of travel and tourism sector. Besides, the regulations relating to health, safety and security will also be evaluated. Moreover, it will give an understanding regarding consumer protection legislation along with the role of business ethics in travel and tourism sector. 

TASK 1: (Refer to Leaflet)

1.1 Explain the legal and regulatory framework of travel and tourism sector 

The legislation involves the following:

Development of Tourism Act 1969: It is introduced by the British Tourist Authority which mainly focuses on co-coordinating the tourism industry.

Transports Acts 1980 and 1985: The termination of licensing law which impacts tours and coach route is within act 1980 whereas, 1985 is the route system which allows for the operation of private buses.

The regulations are:

Strategic Rail Authority: Divided railway station into rail tract and rolling stock companies
Civil Aviation Authority: It is about updating regulation and laws related to airspace and safety in aviation (Schegg and Stangl, 2017).

1.2 Discuss surface, sea and air transport law in relation to the carriage of passengers

Surface Law:

Carriage by railway Act, 1972 is for loss of luggage

The International Carriage of Passenger by Road Act, 1979 is for protecting the passengers

Sea Law:

The Athens Convention, 1974 protects against the damage that is suffered by passengers 

The International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) functions fire fighting skills and fire protection

Air Law:

The Five Freedoms Agreement of 1944 regulates landing and flying across territory

Compensation Schemes (EU) 1997 ensures in raising protection standards.

TASK 1: LO1 Understand the legal and regulatory framework in the travel and tourism sector


The assignment aims at the understanding and the analysis of the legal connotations and moral issues that prevail within the sector of travel and tourism sector. The legal regulatory framework in relation to the operational activities of the travel and tourism business is presented in this assignment. The significance of this framework in relation to the effective execution of the operations in relation to the different industries of travel and tourism sector is exemplified here by choosing a tour operator and agency of UK. The issues that are faced by the organizations operating in this industry related to the legal obligations and legislation of the country will be critically presented here. This is going provide the reader a clear view about the ethical which may arise while operation in this industry. The mitigation of these issues with the employment of the regulatory framework is also analysed through this essay. A leaflet on the contract legislation and customers' legislation is also provided within the assignment.

Task 2


As a manager of Thompson Holidays (TUI), in order to prepare training material for the staffs of this travel agency, the impact of the (Tui.co.uk. 2018). The training material includes the evaluation of the principles of health, safety and security legislation which must be known to the staffs in order to execute the operational activities in relation to the business and provide the services and the facilities to the tourists with legal responsibilities.

2.1 Evaluating the impacts of the principles of health, safety and security legislation

The particular organisation operates in the UK therefore the tourist retail agency has to operate following European legislation where the acts in relation to the health, safety and security are evaluated hereafter.

Health and Safety at Work Act 1974: According to this act, is also known as HSW or HASAW that is one of the most important acts in the legislation of the country (Holt and Allen, 2015). This act is mandatory for all employers running their business within UK irrespective of the type of industry. The act ensures the practice of health, safety and welfare at work along with the reasonable workplace practices. Therefore, it is the duty as well as the responsibility of TUI to ensure the safe and secure environment for the employees while providing them healthy circumstances as well. This particular act also covers the organisational health and safety legislation (OHS) (Legislation.gov.uk. 2018). In implementing these acts, the executives of the local bodies are responsible who monitors the implementation. However, in order to keep aligned with the legislation while operating the travel and tourism sector, it is very important to go for the propagation of the organisational policies that are aligned with that of the national legislation (Holt and Allen, 2015).

Occupiers Liability Act 1984: This particular act is directly related to the safety and security of the visitors of the particular country where TUI is headquartered that is the UK (Legislation.gov.uk. 2018). The act alludes to the responsibility of caring about the visitors of the country. It indicates to the liability of the persons in terms of occupiers of the premises that is not only suffered by the persons but the visitors as well. The suffering may be in terms of any injury that alludes to the requirement of the health and safety assurance of the visitors within the country (Holt and Allen, 2015).


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