Thatcher’s Mandate

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Thatcher’s Mandate


Thatcher’s Mandate
During the election in 1978, Labour was still frontwards for some opinion polls, however the winter of dissatisfaction revolve the British citizens against the Labour party (www.bbc.co.uk).  The final victory of Margaret Thatcher was more of a refusal of Labour party that an acceptance of Thatcher’s politic. 
One of the most successful achievement of Thatcher’s mandate was the repossess of the Falkland Islands from Argentina in 1982. At the same time, England assisted to a great development in the public reputation of the government and of the Teacher herself. Furthermore, Thatcher’s leadership changed the course of the country and in addition the knowledge of what a United Kingdom prime minister can accomplishes and how. Thatcher provided the fall of the Berlin Wall, which began a n important renovation of the central and eastern European economies. 
Thatcher strong and decisive leadership was appreciated for being non scared to stand for her values and ambitions. Thatcher’s major contribution was in economic policies, with her attention of upgrade in competitiveness and the adaptability of labour articles markets. Thatcher truly agree in privatisation and her followers credit her by changing in positive the British economy. These create the base for the structural regulation programmes used by IMF and World Bank evolve countries in 1090s and 1990s. 
Most of these policies may are effective in United Kingdom or in develop countries, they likely to be less effective in develop countries with less institutions and ability. The same happened with her experience of eastern Europe that showed the lack of success of privatisation programmes when markets are small and have less institutional ability. Also, Thatcher’s worry about competitiveness did not pay any attention in development problems such as social justice, equity and inclusiveness.
However, British opinion did not like Thatcher, but the particularity of the British votes system and the division of the non- Conservative vote among the Labour and Liberal-Alliance parties gave the opportunity to the Conservative party to win over 60% of the seats in the Parliament.
Referendum proved that the citizens did not supported Thatcher’s politic values. In the article ‘The Crusade that Failed’ professor Crewe reported the weak of support of the Thatcher’s politic regarding programs on ‘tax-spend’ and substitution of a dependency culture with an enterprise culture, where people were pushed to work and earn money without have access to various benefits like it was before. Instead there was a higher consent for a more equal society and for social and unified resources of welfare as contrary to the Teacher’s idea of citizens looking after themselves.
However, Labour party did not satisfy this discontent, as British opinion did not trust them on the economy of defence and was in general perceived as ‘weak and divided’.
Labour Party 
The Labour Government between 1945 and 1951 approved various measures which is called the welfare state. The welfare state refer that the government takes on the obligation to looking after the well-being of the entire population during the whole life, recognising possible needs and deal with these.
This important measures were planned to support citizens ‘from the cradle to the grave’ and these measures represented the most effective measures that any government had taken in social reform. Social reforms tried to handle with the ‘Five Giants’ which William Beveridge recognised in his article in December 1942. The ‘Five Giants’ were Want, Disease, Squalor, Ignorance and Idleness. 
However, in 1948 the ‘Five Giants’ were under a serious attack.
The National Assistance Act supported financially employed in times of sickness but the programme was attacked for the high number of officials who were needed to function the scheme and did not implement those people of society who were not in work.
The National Health Service dialled an accumulation of untreated people issues, with health professionals having a large amount of patients who were previews unable to afford any treatment. 
The Government introduced the 11+ exams as selection procedure to access for the small numbers of places at grammar schools. This decision was unpopular and created division among the population.
During the Labour government poor housing and homeless was still a big issue.
The Government then guaranteed a ‘safety net’ which helped all sectors of society ‘from the cradle to the grave ‘opposite to the ‘Five Giants’. In 1950 when Rowntree examined social status in York found that poverty had gone down 2% in contrast to 36% in 1036.

In more recent election in 1983, Labour party slowly came to agree some of the Thatcher’s policies, such as sales cheap shares in privatising utilities or cutting direct taxes. Furthermore, Labour agreed the importance to prioritise economic stability, low inflation and borrowing, and encourage private businesses.  


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