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Assessment a pair of and Assessment three area unit to be completed mistreatment the Case study situation made public in act a pair of.

Assessment 2: you're to complete the subsequent tasks supported by the discussions and learnings from conference control along with your assigned team.  Your work ought to be documented providing a minimum of 6-8 acceptable references in APA vogue submitted separately and can be marked separately in step with the rubric.

Part One:

Project Name / Team / Description

Working as a team you're to
Agree on an appropriate team name, list all team members, and supply their contact details in a very professional-looking document.
Provide an outline of the project on that you're operating.
Complete a project description. this could be written clearly and in brief in order that anyone unacquainted with the project will totally perceive the objectives.

Team Charter

After your team united on a team name and known all of the contact details of your team members, address the subsequent points and gift them in a very professional-looking document:

Skills and data Inventory – List the precise data and/or skills that every team member will contribute to the project. this might be technical data, communication, or leadership skills.


Roles and Responsibilities – outline roles and responsibilities for every team member. this will be outlined for the whole project or may be shared or may be turned.

Team Communications 

Meeting Times & Location – Agree on reciprocally convenient times and locations to convene to figure on the case assignments.
Define however the team can communicate with one another and share data. Also, specify however conferences are going to be documented and wherever subsequent resources are going to be kept for easy access.

Team Rules & Expectations

Discuss your previous experiences of operating in groups, each positive and negative. what's the team goal?

Team Values – Discuss as a team what values area unit necessary. Develop an announcement or itemized list that summarises these values.

Code of Ethics – supported your team values, produce an announcement that summarises a code of ethics to guide your team's moral behavior.

Rules and Expectations – Build a collection of rules and expectations that every member of the team shall abide by. contemplate team choices, conflict, absence from conferences, associate degreed an individual’s lack of contribution for instance.

Signatures – Get every member of the team to sign the team charter. this can indicate associate degree understanding and agreement to the principles and expectations as per the points higher than. 

Part Two:

Learning Cycles

Learning cycles offer structure to your team conferences and responsibility for after you and your cooperation outside of the meeting schedule
Firstly, before your next meeting, assign roles to the team. There ought to solely be 2 central roles – the organizer and also the scribe:

Organizer – organizes the meeting by writing down the team’s concepts then distributes them to the team for feedback.

Scribe – documents the concepts and action points going forward.

Note: Roles ought to be turned for every meeting and assigned in the order that everybody on the team has equal responsibility.
Using peer learning and reflections, document your understanding of the project at this time in time in a very table format. 


Note: it is probably going at this early stage of the project that you simply can write down only a few facts. you'll have some additional assumptions and possibly a bigger list of inquiries to be answered. get answers to your queries, and show the iteration of learning cycles as you gain a deeper understanding.




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