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It is a major subject to focus on, for industries today when it comes to the terminology sustainable growth of tourism. In order to sustain the up liftment of the industry, supporting responsibilities are required, which is being accomplished at a vast rate by most Tourist spots. Respecting and setting boundaries in terms of protecting the ecosystem while preventing exploitation, introducing environmental awareness and preserving the wildlife assets. 

Task 1 

1.1 Discussing the benefits of stakeholder regarding the tourism department

Stakeholders are mostly identified as the groups of individuals those are associated with the tourism sector. There are some of the stakeholders of the tourism development are the financial institution, national government, travellers and much more. From the national government of the Philippines, it helps for attaining the targets. It provides the infrastructure in order to develop the tourism sector. As opined by Xiang et al. (2015, p.245), the business organization that mostly includes the tour agencies, as well as hotels, have immense benefit in terms of providing the information of the visitors in order to strategies their plan for the development. On the other hand, the tourism association is helpful in terms of designing their activities for the effectiveness of promoting the place in the Philippines to attract the visitors. The local population of Philippines is 5 million those are working in the tourism sector that is basically helping for supporting the individuals. Moreover, there is a lack of development in terms of infrastructure so the government of Philippines has increased their rate of spending for the development of the infrastructure. While referencing the Philippines it is observed that the Proactive Stance is analyzed with the development of planning for the tourism sector.
Figure 1: Stakeholder 

1.2 Discussing the public and private sector of tourism planning partnership

In the tourism sector, the Network is regarded as the opportunity in terms of gaining knowledge while transferring in terms of flourishing the tourism sector. The public, as well as the private sector, face some of the factors those are technological progress, international competitiveness, etc. In the tourism sector of Philippines there is an opportunity of employment along with that there has been generated 227.62 billion in terms of the international tourist. As per the viewpoint of Webster and Ivanov (2014, p.140), the private and the public sector in terms of partnership planning of the stakeholders in order to find out a way for the overcoming the difficulties. In addition to that, both of them have immense importance in the development of infrastructure, rewards, risk sharing and so on. 

The advantages are that with the partnership the government can decrease the cost of the developing the tourism sector. Both public and private sectors together will automatically explore the ways for bringing out the innovative ideas regarding the development. On the other hand, there are some of the disadvantages as well. In the opinion of Razzaq et al. (2016, p.97), the government of Philippines can somehow loose the control from the partnership that resulted towards the unethical practice. There will be arising a risk in the partnership while creating a structure that resulted from the inefficiency for malfunctioning.





Task 2

 2.1 Analyzing the features of tourism developments 

The potentialities of Philippines are high and the visitors are showing immense interest to visit in the destination. There can be a conflict with the local people in terms of development that can be resulted as the negative impact in terms of the long run. The features that are required to be analyzed are the international, national, regional and the sub-regional. As asserted by Amaro and Duarte (2015, p.79), the organizations those are operating at the international level such as the Organisation for the economic and Cooperation and Development (OECD) that aims towards the society as well as the economic welfare in across the world. In the national level, the private and public sector organizations provide support to the tourism sector for the country. The regional bodies are mostly included the local communities. In Philippines local governments there is mostly included the municipalities, autonomous region, and the provinces. The sub-regional bodies are mainly responsible in terms of creating a link between the national as well as the regional level. The local sentiments can easily be understood with the help of these bodies because they are working at the grass root level. 

2.2 Evaluating the significance of interactive planning system and process in tourism developments

There occur several issues while developing the tourism sector. The issue can be environmental damage, overcrowding and the congestion and so on. The conventional planning is not properly understood and that resulted towards creating conflicts. As opined by Komppula (2014, p.365), the interactive planning system mainly brings collaboration in the participants that is helping for achieving the goal. According to the case study, the Philippines government is mainly concerned with the infrastructure development in order to boost up the opportunities for employment as well as for increasing the source of revenue. There are some of the positive sides of the planning system they are it provides a better decision from the government side that includes the people those are staying in coastal areas. The planning system suggested avoiding the people as well as the local communities those are creating conflicts. The negative side of the interactive planning system the feedbacks that are gathered from them can make the situation complex.


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