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 Strategic Communication

1. Introduction

I am a professional manager based in Hong Kong, currently working as a management partner overseeing services, operations and procedures of a Hong Kong based firm to ensure its organisational efficiency by leading, directing and implementing organisational policies and strategies to achieve corporate goals. I have used a Hong Kong based organisation, U Select to base this assignment/study to evaluate the significance of domestic, national and international media in dealing with the inter-organisational policy and strategy. U Select, also known as U Select by Tesco, is a chain of supermarkets in Hong Kong operated by China Resources (CRC) in partnership with Tesco. (CRC took an 80% share and Tesco took a 20% share in Hong Kong.)  In Hong Kong, U Select is currently competing with the following major market players in the industry: -

Fusion, P&S International – Waitrose products, often their basic range, at grossly inflated prices.

M&S – good quality, but consumers are paying nearly 100% over UK prices.

Wellcome – awful quality, awful quality, especially meat and fish products, but expensive for expat goods.

U Select caters for the market-niche; it stocks many fine goods, and prices are on par with UK prices, taking into consideration of the prevailing exchange rate. It stocks many of the Tesco wine selection with extremely good value compared with local wineries such as Soho Wines and Wineracks and its supermarkets are relatively well stocked. 

The strengths and the weaknesses of media, the importance of media in influencing the opinions of the stakeholders, customers and the public at large have also been evaluated in the study. The influence of the pressure and political groups as well as media owner's perception on the inter-organisational policy and strategy has been assessed in detail.  

There are challenges and pressures that are faced by the media and the ways to exploit media’s constraints and time-critical requirements have been evaluated in detail in the study. Media can be important to establish a positive image and convey the right messages to the right group of people at the right time to help implementing the right inter-organisational policy and strategy.  

2. Identify range of relevant media, domestic, national and international media according to the category (AC 1.1)

For U Select, the range of different media varies according to the territory in which they work. The domestic media range includes the local locations in Hong Kong where the media report. The PRC or the People’s Republic of China has an influence on the local Hong Kong people mainly.  An instance of this is reporting in Hong Kong as a city or at most its neighbouring cities such as Shenzhen and Guangzhou and not beyond that scope. This type of media consists mainly of the news that happens within their territory of influence. They are responsible for changing the outlook of the people within their boundary (Skovmand and Schrøder, 2016). Such media are in the form of print media, electronic media and audio-visual media. In the retail markets, the organisations receive a tough competition from the competitors. Similarly, being one of the most influential retail chains, U Select also receives a tough competition. Therefore, it is essential to promote their products as well as services to the common people (Maier et al., 2014). The positive influence these media have on the inter-organisational strategy is the building of an optimistic image of the organisation in the people. The negative influence can be the wrong reporting of the news that may create a disappointment among the individuals regarding the organisational strategy (Maier et al., 2016). The range of the national media ranges from a local to the state media within China. The public and professional journals provide information that is written by professional writers as well as authors. They contain several arguments of different authors regarding the topic. The trade journals and newspapers provide detailed information regarding the topic. The newspapers are also used by the organisations as a means of communication with the public. 

The local, national and international broadcasting TV channels are open to the giant mass and therefore, U Select uses the broadcasting channels to promote their respective products through advertisements. For U Select, there are plans to appoint the documentary makers who are famous worldwide for spreading morale and knowledge to the public. The documentary makers range from blogs and media to filmmaking. They will be helping the organisations to produce an innovative advertisement that attracts customers. The in-house magazines from competitors and suppliers present their products as well as services to the giant mass and thereby extend their profit margins. To cater for the modern generation, the social media are also used widely for the promotion of the products as well as service in a cheap price. The internet has also been a great source of information for the people worldwide with the news that are published on the social media and the internet, impacting partners, opinion formers, stakeholders, customers and the public.

The public journals are read by the complete public and impact each organisation that falls under its purview. The professional journals are read by business and marketing professionals that intend to affect the organisation and the economy. Businessmen and investors who invest in the stock and share markets read the trade journals. Therefore, these journals affect the overall population that affect the market of different organisations. Their reporting highly influences the people of a nation particularly Hong Kong/China regarding the organisational strategies of an organisation. In Hong Kong/China, the people rely to a certain extent on these media for getting the precise information to them. The international media operate throughout the world; they report on the news of any organisation, the stock prices, profit-loss and other information throughout the world (Silverblatt and Zlobin, 2015). This is one of the most influential types of media in the world, for instance the CNN News. The social media are also considered as an international media that affect the image and the inter-organisational policy and strategy of U Select. 

Media has a significant influence on the products as well as services that are offered by U Select. The social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have several influences in the growth as well as development of U Select. Moreover, the management of U Select can receive feedbacks from their respective customer that can bring fruitful outcomes in the development of their products and services. According to (   ), it is extremely beneficial for the management of an organisation to communicate and present themselves in the social platforms to reach a massive audience in a cheap cost.





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