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Task 1

Central, Trait, central, Solomon Asch, Central, Cold, Central, wiser, Peripheral. Primary, start, primacy, last, short, primacy, recency, serial position curve, stages.

Based on the definition of social psychology, stereotype is considered to be a fixed and over generalized belief related to a particular class or group of people. The term stereotyping infers to a person associated with multiple characteristics range and multiple abilities that are assumed to be incorporated within multiple group members.

The different types of function are:

Social Function

Cognitive Function

Cognitive Function

Social Function

Cognitive Function

The ABC model of attitude formation is shown below:

Task 2

Prejudice is considered to be an attitude that tends to trigger multiple abusive actions within an individual. A wide range of social largest define discrimination as an action associated with multiple actions collaborated in a cumulative manner. So, in terms of concept discrimination and prejudice are highly different from one another based on their respective ideas and theories. Prejudice can be considered as a process that leads to the outcome of a result known as discrimination but cannot be considered as the single factor responsible for discrimination (Morrison et al. 2019). An individual can harbor prejudice without the presence of discrimination especially in cases the persons are mindful of their own prejudice by taking multiple proactive steps. 

Multiple studies have revealed that children between the ages of 6 to 10 in the corporate are able to infer the individual c.in in a grammatical manner. The children are much more aware in a broad case where stereotypes tend to increase with respect to age in children that are academically stigmatized in different ethnic groups (Morrison et al. 2019). The development of stereotyping is highly involved with the mental growth and perseverance of children as they are capable of engulfing multiple surroundings based on the primary vision.

Based on the Article You Just Don’t Get Us! written by Vázquez et al. (2018), multiple findings have been received based on performing different experiments. the findings clearly suggest that receiving different overly positive evaluation is considered as cognitive jarring in multiple recipients for displaying a compensatory form of prejudice and discrimination. The self-verification theory clearly represents unexpected positive feedback about differences in group encounters between multiple people for questioning the veracity of identities. In order to reaffirm the identities, the different persons derogate and get discriminated against by multiple out-group members. The presence of instruction along with cognitive resources is highly prerequisite in terms of engaging multiple self-verification processes. In addition to that implementation of mediation analysis mainly represent compensatory activities that are emerged due to different positive evaluations. 

The fear of threatening mainly derogate outgroup members for reaffirming multiple validities within the knowledge system. Along with that different mechanisms are responsible for underlying the compensatory prejudice and impacting negative impact on different individuals. The self-enhancement theory is not able to explain effects on multiple individuals and participants containing the lowest team highly fail for displaying a compensatory form of prejudice (Vázquez et al. 2018). Along with that, the implementation of self-enhancement theory does not receive a positive evaluation that deteriorates the mental condition of different individuals.

The assassination of Martin Luther King in 1968 mainly prompted Jane Elliott for creating the famous Blue eyes brown eyes exercise. Through the simple example, Jane wanted to conduct the experiment of anti-racism on the individuals that are all white and studying in 3rd-grade classrooms. Jane mainly wanted to make her people understand the feeling and practical example of discrimination. The experiment was mainly conducted by splitting the students into two groups based on eye colors. Thereafter she told them that students with brown eyes were highly superior to those individuals that are blue-eyed (Jane Elliott, 2021). 

The brown-eyed people are much smarter along with civilization and better than the blue-eyed people were conveyed to the students. The student started to internalize and accept multiple changes along with the characteristics they are arbitrarily assigned. At the end of the class, Jane observed that the students are changing rapidly and she was highly fortunate for those changes (Jane Elliott, 2021). This has generated a high range of positive energy for different individuals that were against the practice of prejudice and discrimination prevailing in the current society.

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